How To Make Your Ex Miss You Over Text

How to make your ex miss you over text

Sending text messages to your ex is one among the most convenient ways to make your ex miss you but this can be challenging as many people both men and women often come in with a wrong start.

Uh!, not just even with the wrong start, you might equally don’t know what to text your ex-boyfriend when you miss him.

On this post, you will learn the art of sending text messages that will make your ex miss you and want to come back. The text messages contained will place you on the right choices of what to text your ex after no contact.

The fear of texting an ex

As a relationship expert, over the years, I have had my fair share listening to people’s complaints and questions on how to get back an ex through text.
“I don’t want to call my ex, I still need him but I will text instead. Yet I’m still sceptical about texting my ex, what should I do?”

Most people who have broken up but still interested in getting back their relationship with an ex, are sometimes emotionally high that they become less logical and texting your ex could lead to losing him.

I understand the fear of texting an ex which could be that your ex might not reply to your text quickly or even at all. It doesn’t cost a life to text your ex, and shouldn’t be something you will be afraid of. I honestly recommend you expect the following possibilities while getting prepare to text your ex: (1) Your ex will reply your text (2) Your ex won’t reply to your text messages. Now that you’re aware of such possibilities, are you okay with it? If yes, then you’re ready to win back your ex through text.

Things to note before texting your ex

Texting an ex to get back together isn’t as easy as it sounds, but it is possible. To make sure you’re not sabotaging anything through text messages, here are a few things not to do when trying to bring back an ex through text message.

Do not spam your ex with text

There’s no gain sending a million text messages to your ex in a row. It is a bad practice in getting your ex back through text. I’m yet to see where spamming an ex-girlfriend/boyfriend worked out for someone who wants to get back together through text.

Don’t text your ex because you’re lonely

Missing someone isn’t enough reason for getting back together, make sure it is a good idea for you to get back together on the wheel of love and if there would be an improve relationship now in this phase.

Don’t be too emotional

If you really want to get your ex-boyfriend back through text, then don’t be overly emotional. Avoid texting to inform him of how you’ve been in a bay emotional state like “I’ve been crying since you left me“, there are much other texting acts considered overly emotional, I hope you now have a clue.

Don’t text him when you’re drunk

I know you don’t want to end up regretting why you texted your ex? It is as always a bad idea to text an ex when you’re drunk. Text only when you’re conscious of what you’re doing so you don’t mess things up.

Be honest with yourself

Do not text when you’re not sure getting back together is a good idea, and something you really need. It is ridiculous to want your ex back when you’re not sure if this is really what you want.

Steps To Text Your Ex And Get Him Back To You

1. Observe the NO CONTACT RULE

The NO CONTACT is the best of all getting back with an ex rule. There’s no call for a rush that you would begin to think your ex who just broke up with you will slip into the hands of others like: “will my ex leave during no contact?”. You will rush and end losing him, so take some time to heal.

During the no contact period with your ex, stop in entirety several mean or methods of communicating him. Do not text, email or call him even on special occasions like; promotion at the workplace, birthday or trying to remind him that today was supposed to be you guys’ anniversary if you were together.

The no contact period of at least four weeks will give your partner the space to miss you. During the no contact period, you both can examine and decide for good what the relationship can be when you finally come back together.

2. Text to send after NO CONTACT

After no contact with an ex, what’s the first text to send to him? You have been in no contact with your ex, let’s say 4 weeks and he didn’t try getting to you through text or calls? Here’s what to send to him first.

Avoid generic texts when you’re texting him for the first time after no contact period. Make sure the text you send to him, is something intriguing.

Generic text like; “Hello what’s up?” “how’re you?” texts are odd. A better way to reignite a connection is by bringing up a shared memory or an interesting part of life that will appear intriguing to him.

Intrigue text has to do with fun-filled activities you recently engaged yourself in after break up and no contact, it will leave your ex wondering what your looks will be now you just told him about your fitness exercise; “now she runs?” who could be her instructor? Is her fitness instructor male or female or who could she be hanging out with? is she always at the gym with a guy? Trust me all these and more running in his mind will make the text to him draw him back to you.

3. Use Nostalgia text

The most efficient way to invoke powerful emotions in him that reminds him of every moment you both have ever shared in the past is by sending him nostalgia texts.

Remind him of interesting highlights of when you both were together that will make him miss you. Be precise about what you want to use in your nostalgia text it can be something only you both understand, something unique and powerful to trigger emotions for ex reconciliation.

Below is an example of a nostalgia text:

I just bumped into the store and saw ……. it reminded me of you, remember the time when…… that was really amazing.

There are more twists you can add to it but I’m well pleased you have a clue of what to send to make your ex miss you over text.

4. Use the “smile” text

This type of text to an ex is very pertinent to your success, don’t get it twisted.

According to a relationship expert “Brad Browning”, he suggests that you send a “smile text” to your ex, to reel your ex in emotionally with something interesting and positive.

“Smile texting” is never for the purpose of popping up dramas or to make things flush into chaos. You’re simply determined to establish rapport and connection. Love, attraction and romance etc. are things that will join the queue later on.

Example of a text to an ex using the “smile text” formula as suggested by Brad Browning.

“I just stumbled upon my old copy of Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince and it made me think about you for the first time in a while… and it put a smile on my face!”

Brad Browning – relationship coach

Questions on getting back with an ex over text messages

Should I call or text my ex?

Texting is usually the best means to communicate with your ex. You must not have a complete face to face interaction with an ex before you could communicate across how you feel.

Texting your ex will give you the ample time to reply when you’re free to do so and also get a reply from them when they think its fine to text back to you.

Getting back your ex through text messages will allow you to analyse the text sent by your ex and then figure out the best ex text message replies to give.

What happens after 30 days no contact rule?

Severally, people have sought to know if the do-day no contact rule is all but a scam, here’s what relationship Hub has to say;

In as much as the 30-day no contact rule gives room for both persons to rethink and find out if it is a good idea getting back together, the 30-days no contact rule can also be otherwise of this fact.

When do guys start to miss you after a breakup?

As you may wish to know when a guy starts missing you after a breakup so you will know when to send him a text, a month or two is enough for a guy to start missing you after a breakup. Guys who don’t miss you within this period need more time to do so. However, this is not true for dumpers.

There’s never a way I can skip this question “when do guys start missing their ex?” it keeps surfacing each time I discuss getting back together with a number of persons. The previous paragraph has an answer to your question. But how much more it will take for guys to start to miss you after a breakup, no one knows.

Bottom line

On this post, you have seen what to text your ex-boyfriend when you miss him. Whether you need your ex badly or want to make your ex-boyfriend regret breaking up with you, the truth is that he will take out some time to know if it is really a good idea for both of you to come back together. What will happen next, depends on his decisions. If he’s finally back again, then the best text to send to an ex as described have saved your relationship, if it didn’t work out between the two of you, it does not signify the end of the world.

Yes, you can pull yourself together, and discover your very inner self to become healthier and happier in life when you have tried all you could to bring him back.

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