What To Text A Girl First – 12 Things You Should First Text An Unknown Girl

how to text her first

Eventually, you got the number of that gorgeous girl, and now you’re torn in between texting her rightly and texting her to reply.

She could be the girl you saw on Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook and now you want to slide into her DM, but don’t know how to do it.

First I have some questions for you. I should go on? Ok, thanks!

Is this someone you want to text, a person you want to be friends with? A relationship? Or maybe friends first to ask her out later?

Friends? Yes.

Relationship? Yes.

Friends-relationship? Yes.

Great! However, you have to put the right foot forward.

Why should you know how to text a girl? I will answer that for you.

It is because there’s a 50-50% chance of you failing or succeeding. And you do not want to fail right? Yes? Awesome!

If you do it right, she responds, and if you do it wrong… It’s safe to say “It was nice knowing you for a second”. Detect the sarcasm.

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1. Introduce yourself.

You read that right. Introduce yourself once you’ve picked up your phone and set to text that lovely girl that got your attention. Just because you met earlier doesn’t mean you should text like these below.


“Hi remember me?”

“Hi, have you gotten home?”

Most men do this, just because you met earlier doesn’t suggest she will put a face on it, for the record you’re nameless. Messages like that are quick to ignore. She could’ve met a few other persons that day. Or do you expect a reply like “yes I do remember you” When you’re a nameless person? Or maybe reply “Yes I have gotten home?” Why should you even ask that as a first text? If she does have to reply, then it’s right for her to tap into her Twitter account and tweet “Y’all I have gotten home”.

Introducing yourself it’s the first and safest text to send if you want it to end well. Texts like:

” Hi, Abby. My name is Josh we met at the mall. Pleasure meeting you”

“Hi, Abby. How are you? “

You choose to be funny, you can try this one.

You–“Knock knock”



She–“HoneyDew who?”

You–“HoneyDew remember Joshy? The cute shy guy you met at the Mall?”

Don’t worry she would be replying to that text with a smile on her face.

She can also be the girl whom you’ve never spoken to, now you want to slide in her DM.

Texts like, “How’s your day going Abby?”

“I saw you’re wearing Jonas brothers merch on your recent post. I love them too. What’s your favorite song on their new album?”

2. Patience.

Wondering what patience has got to do with this one? I will let you in on that. You texted her for the first time and didn’t get a response. Look at the text below.

“Hi Abby, my name is Josh”
“Hello, how are you?”
“How was your day?”
“Are you ignoring me?”
“I hate snubs”

Looking at the text above, what do you think Josh has done wrong? Even if Josh got the first text right, I think that the rest of the bugging messages that came after that have dented it all.

You intend to get this girl to talk to you, not force her to do so. Not assuming if she was busy. Frankly, getting snubbed hurts, but you should see it as one of those things and move on. What happens in a case like this, is on a scale of 1-10 you’re on 11 of being ignored or even blocked.

So when you text her, wait patiently for her response. If lucky she will respond.

3. Learn her interest.

This also aids in getting her to reply to you on your first trial. Maybe she made a post or one of her recent posts saying “Why do people look at me crazy when I talk to my dog”

You can reply to her privately saying.
“I don’t give a care in the world what people say when I talk to my dog. Am I to ignore him when he asks me a question”

This is a good way to get her to reply to your first text.

4. Smart texting.

When you’ve introduced yourself and got a response. I want to remind you that you’re still trying to get comfortable. Now why would you send texts like these;

“K, good 2 know”

“Deff that “

“Wow, that’s cray?”

Huh? Got a short finger sweetheart?
I would ignore texts like that too.

Rather, use these below.

“Ok, good to know.”

“Definitely that”

” Wow, that’s crazy!”

To think you had to remove “z” in “crazy” to say “cray” it’s a big red flag for first texts.

5. A serious mister.

Texting a girl for the first time and sounding like the professor who told me to get to my point and not consume his time.

This is not a good choice to approach. Try to put a little humor into your texts. If it is so hard, send her memes. This has never been delivered wrongly.

6. Calm your horses.

This can be linked to being patient like I said earlier. Most men when texting a girl for the first time drop messages like “New series of Power just premiered, wanna come over and see it with me?”

No, you’re not going to pounce into inviting her to your place, just because she replied “Hi, Josh. I am doing great. How about you?”

When you choose that as a go-to first text, be ready to join the rest of the guys at the bench who left trying.

7. Compliment her.

You probably saw this one coming. Girls like compliments as much as you like them too. And if you choose to go ahead with this one, you’ve made the right choice.

It can be her personality, her style, her unique views, and her opinions.

Texts like:

“As a guy, I may be having a liking to aesthetics because of you.”

“Your quick wit is on point.”

“I like that you carry yourself with confidence”

8. The quick to call.

I have seen and heard this “Never ask a woman if you can call her.” When that can be accurate to a significant point. It is good to point out, that it’s right you inquire when she has free time to talk. Calling a girl whom you’ve just begun texting it’s a no, so don’t bother even asking her “if you can call her?” It is important to see that she certainly wants to talk to you. Before you take a step of asking her if you can call, or dial her number.

9. Games.

When the girl has begun responding to your texts, It is safe to immerse her in a game. It can be an online game, or a pick number kind of game, where you take turns to ask each other questions.

10. Movie suggestions.

I know this one is safe because it worked for my friend. After having advised him on how to get the new girl he met online to respond to his text. We optioned to engage her with this question which got them talking for a very long while. He asked her to recommend an interesting series to see.

When she gave him several ones to go for, she went ahead to choose one for him. He asked her why she thinks he should see that particular one. Luckily she gave her listed reasons why she made a better choice for him. With time he’d come back to ask who her favorite character is, and why she thinks a certain character deserves better or worse.

Great news, they’re both together now. And won’t stop reminding us all, how they both met and what led to them being the perfect match.

11. Avoid a one-word reply.

You are texting her for the first time and you retorted to asking the boring questions that result in her giving you a one-word reply. Like, “Yes” “No” “Sure” “Maybe”.

Shaking my head aggressively. Engage her in an open question where she replies in detail. Texts like:

“What is your favorite Tv show”

“What do you think people automatically assume about you when they look at you”

Otherwise, she will get bored and ignore you.

12. Date.

Focus on your goal, what happens when you get her number, get to text her, make her laugh, make her want to talk to you. At the end of it all, when you’re sure you’ve succeeded. You can go ahead and ask her out, not right when you slid into her DM.

Have you followed the rules applied, it’s time to move beyond texting.

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