How To Be A Good Boyfriend – 15 Best Relationship Tips For Guys

how to be a good boyfriend

What are some qualities of a good boyfriend? A lot of guys always complain about women being too difficult to love, but the truth is that women are the most emotional and easiest gender to love, they don’t require much.

Over the years I’ve studied different women and it keeps on arriving at the same spot, they all want a similar thing, they don’t want much, most women don’t even care about your money, they just want you to pay attention to the little details. We’ll be pleased to share some things that women want you to do for them to win the good boyfriend award.

Honestly, if you really love them, they probably won’t believe words, they want you to prove it to them, and I know the questions that spark up in your head when you hear “prove that you love me” is ” HOW?”, it’s very simple, to please a woman, and this is how to please your girlfriend?

1. Care for her.

Your girlfriend just wants to come home to someone who asks her how her day was, someone who honestly wants to know all the silly details of her time at work, someone she can share that funny incident that happened at work, just listen and laugh when she laughs.

2. Suprise her often.

Get her clothes, shoes, buy her flowers, buy her food from her favorite restaurant, buy her ice cream, the little things matter to girls, you shouldn’t wait till you save to take her to a fancy restaurant when you can get her, you can buy her cheap delicious food at the local restaurant, what goes through her mind as you bring the food is, how lucky she is to have you as her boyfriend.

3. Include her in your activities.

Even if you’re out with your boys or you’re at work, just call her to ask how she’s doing, and when you’re back tell her what happened when you were out.

4. Be honest.

Always tell her the truth, don’t give her reasons to doubt you, it’ll make her go crazy if she ever thinks she can’t trust you anymore and the relationship will not be the same if a lie has soiled the once peaceful and happy relationship, so always tell her the truth no matter what it is.

5. Spend time with her.

During the weekend, you both can just watch movies on your laptop and eat food and cuddle and sleep, nothing makes a woman feel loved than having to stay in her man’s arms while sleeping. Make out time for her always include her in your schedule, make her feel important and loved.

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6. Reassure her.

Always tell her how much you love her, and how much she means to you, shower her with praises, tell her how you cherish her, how precious she is to you and it’ll keep her happy for the day.

7. Always forgive her.

Always see her as your little baby, who sometimes doesn’t know what she’s doing, always forgive her, don’t bear grudges, just correct her softly and forgive her and then give her a hug to reassure her that you still love her regardless, treat her like a baby don’t be too harsh to her, try and be reasonable.

8. Speak her love language.

What I mean is for you to learn her love language, know what she expects from you as her boyfriend and do it, if she likes gifts then buy her gifts, if she loves surprises then surprise her, if she loves the public display of affection, then hold her hand whenever you two are out, hug her randomly, if she loves hanging out with you, then plan a dinner date, she’ll love you to the moon and back.

9. Don’t be afraid to criticize some of her decisions

Always be your partner’s best friend always tell her when she’s wrong, don’t hide her mistake just to make her temporarily happy, she might find out outside and she’ll feel humiliated, so criticize her mistakes and correct her immediately.

10. Be patient.

One of the virtues you must possess is patience, being patient in teaching your partner, and in learning from her. Your understanding of giving certain things some time to come into full form will play a vital role here.

11. Make her feel free around you.

Even if the reason why she’s mad doesn’t make complete sense to you, don’t get mad at her for saying what’s on her mind, just apologize when she’s mad and hug her, if you get mad when she’s saying what made her mad then she’ll just learn to stay on her own and stop talking.

12. Make her laugh.

Make jokes and make her laugh, research has shown that most women fall in love with funny men more than cute guys, so tell her jokes and make her laugh like crazy and brighten her day.

13. Make her feel safe.

Always make your girlfriend feel that her safe place is in your arms, always tell her how beautiful she is, bring her emotional peace, be her superhero.

14. Help her.

Always help around the house, when she’s in the kitchen making food, help her open the jar of salt, talk to her keep her company, help her do some chores, don’t turn your girlfriend into a house help because you’re too lazy to help out.

15. Be a giver.

Even without her asking, sometimes just give her money to get her hair and nails done, give her money for shopping too, give to her, don’t always wait for her to ask because she might not necessarily know how to ask you to give her money, just be a natural giver.

This honest suggestions have worked for a lot of people, the first step is to read and understand what we’ve said then go home and start practicing all we’ve taught you to your girlfriend and she’ll give you her all because she won’t be able to hide the fact that you’ve made her the happiest she’s ever been.

Just treat her like she deserves and she’ll happily give you her world when yours is falling apart.

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