10 Sure Signs He Is Cheating On You

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Most men have formed the habit of cheating, that women no longer trust even the ones that are very loyal, and don’t want anything to do with someone who’s not their partner. However, how to know if your boyfriend is cheating on you, can come off as something that is absolutely impossible, but this is not so when you already know the right things to put in check.

Some men don’t consider cheating on their partner a big deal. They’re all wrong and there’s nothing as peaceful as having one faithful partner to whom you’re faithful. Cheating can cause you to loose your peace, you’ll be restless because you don’t really want to be caught so you’ll have to do a lot; lie, hide, keep a lot of secrets just to make sure you’re not caught.

How to know if your boyfriend is cheating

1. Your boyfriendd does not want to hand out with you.

One of the sure signs that your boyfriend is cheating is the fact that he wouldn’t want to always hang out with you because he wouldn’t want other girls to see you. He wants all the other women in his life to think that it’s only them that are in his life.

2. He keeps you a secret.

He doesn’t want people to know about you, like I mean it’s different when he wants your relationship private, but it doesn’t mean people shouldn’t know you guys are together, so the reason he is be keeping you secret might be because he’s trying to protect the feelings of another woman, so the best you should do is talk to him about it and hear what he has to say about it.

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3. Sudden care about yoour location.

He suddenly wants to know where you are, what you’re doing and who you’re with so, you might think he’s saying it because he genuinely care’s but it might be because he doesn’t want you to be around where he wants to hangout with who he’s cheating with.

4. He doesn’t give you access to his phone.

If he’s always on his phone, but never wants you to touch his phone and his extra protective of his phone, that is because he doesn’t want you to see who he is texting, probably because his cheating with whoever it is. He’ll go everywhere with his phone, even the bathroom, he doesn’t care he just doesn’t want you anywhere near his mobile phone or laptop.

5. Indicates he doesn’t have a future with you.

He doesn’t talk about the future with you and even when you bring it up he just answers you in a dry tone, like he tries to avoid it or he says we’re too young we should take our time, but you can clearly see him making plans for his future alone, not including you, this means that he’s either cheating or he doesn’t love you, either way it’s only advisable to end the relationship.

6. He cares about you more than before.

This might sound very stupid but research has shown that when a man is cheating, he will suddenly start caring about you more than before, the reason not because he loves you, but because he feels guilty about what he did to you knowing you didn’t deserve it, so please just be careful when your carefree partner starts being really caring, it might not necessarily be genuine.

7. He doesn’t want you to meet his family.

When your boyfriend doesn’t want you to meet his friends and family,it might be because he has another woman he’s showing off to them as his girlfriend, he’ll not talk about his friends with you, when you talk about meeting up his family, he keeps on postponing the topic, he’ll loose interest in talking to you immediately you bring the topic up.

8. He’s always busy and never had time for you.

He never calls you and when you call he gives you flimsy excuses as to why he hasn’t been calling, and when you talk about meeting up, he tells you he’s really busy. This could be a sign that he’s seeing someone else with his spare time, No man is too busy for the woman he loves.

9. He gets irritated with whatsoever thing you do.

He suddenly starts being angry at you for no reason, things that you would do before, y’all will just laugh it off. He no longer finds it funny, he yells at any slightest provocation, gets pissed even at things he shouldn’t be pissed off at. This is a very sure sign that your boyfriend is cheating on you, and he actually wants you to understand that by showing you this sign.

10. He avoids conversations.

He doesn’t want to have conversations with you because he’ll run out of things to talk about as he has run out of love for you, so it’s best for him to keep to himself, not talk to you, because alot of guilt is in his heart, so when your boyfriend doesn’t want to talk to you about every crazy part of his day and when you ask he just answers you “cool, nothing much” and you try to be persistent but he shoves the conversation aside, then he’s definitely cheating on you.

In conclusion, if you’ve read this piece and you think you can relate to some of this things in your relationship then you and your partner should seriously talk about it.

However, if it turns out he’s cheating then I promise you all you have to do is to find peace with that fact, end the relationship and move on. Because there’s nothing to remain in the relationship for, it’s just better for you to leave with your dignity intact, and please never blame yourself because it’s not your fault, he decided not to see the diamond he lost, because he was busy being too ignorant.

You’re not the problem, your not bad at relationships, you’re an amazing person and you’ll definitely find someone who’ll be very happy he has you because, he knows he has won a prize by being in your life.

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