How To Be The Man Every Woman Wants

Several relationship problems often leading to breakups, have made a lot of people especially the men to ask questions like; “what do women want?” “how to be the guy every girl wants to sleep with”, “what every woman wants from her partner” and many other questions pertaining to what it could be that every woman wants in a man.

Previously, we shared a post on 5 things every woman wants in a man, today we’re going to take a look at an epic one on how to be the man every woman wants.

As always, I keep saying that women are a mystery to men, there are always several instances where men tend to study the kind of woman you’re. Most men today are afraid of approaching a lady as they’re just being sceptical if they could have all the traits a woman wants in a man.

In a more subtle way, is it even possible to be the man that every woman wants, is it possible to possess all the traits that women want in a man?

If you’ve been searching for qualities of the kind of man every woman wants, then search no more this post is specially baked for you.

I’m a woman, who have being in a relationship for several years, so many years by I still remember jumping from one relationship to the other.

Although I’m bold enough to let you know it wasn’t my fault anyway, I was young and desperate that a little thing could get me excited.

Over the years, I have seen men who’re nice and handsome but missed a lot of the things every girl wants in a relationship.

Honestly speaking, I’m not talking about my own experience alone, I have other female friends who have shared their opinions with me regarding what every girl want from her boyfriend or husband.

This is to say that this post encompasses personal opinions and also opinions backed with quality research regarding the things every man who wants to get into a relationship should have to attract any woman of his choice.

Let’s dive in…

17 Ways to Be The man Every Woman is Looking For

1. Be real

There’s no need trying to impress a lady by being someone else, no matter how hard you’re battling with life to become a successful person do not pretend to be what you’re not.

Although there are women who’re easily enticed with the fake lifestyle some men live today, this doesn’t work for every woman, that’s why you have to be real by being yourself. I can assure you that a lot of women out there prefer men who’re real and true to their voice.

When you think you can’t be the man every woman wants by being real, you’re getting it wrong. Even when you use those tactics to get a lady, with time she would probably discover you’re not who you said you’re and that becomes the end of the relationship because you’re not her type of man.

2. Your reasoning ability

In most cases, women tend to fall for your reasoning ability. When a woman talks about wanting a matured man for a relationship, she doesn’t really mean she’s looking for an elderly person to date.

When you’re able to handle different situations appropriately including the ones a woman can throw at you deliberately to evaluate what your reactions could be, then you’re mature man regardless of your age.

Dating a matured man simply means dating a matured mind and when marriage is in the discussion, a woman considers a mature mind for that, as marriage is not a thing for any immature mind. It really sucks to have one…

A good way to become the man every woman wants is to re-evaluate your reasoning ability, decision making and way of handling issues that may arise in your relationship or daily interactions with different people.

3. Be contented

Appreciate the fact that you’re a man who should be happy for what he has and not often worried about things he’s yet to have.

Most women don’t like a man who’s not contented with what he has as such men can easily be lured into a lot of silly things just in the pursuits for more.

If your man is never happy for what he has and appreciates them, you’re probably dating a fake man because he would try to cover up even when things aren’t alright.

4. Be responsible

Every woman wants a man who takes responsibilities.

If you want to be the kind of man every woman wants, you honestly have to be a man who doesn’t run away from responsibilities no matter how bad it turns to be.

Most times when you talk with a lady about getting into a relationship with you, she’s pushed to learn if you can be there at her beck and calls, Can you stand by her side even when things go wrong in the relationship like unwanted pregnancy etc. will you deny being the father of her baby or will you accept it as your responsibility if you suddenly got her pregnant.

Pregnancy here is just for example purposes, think about other unforeseen circumstances that are likely to make you leave a relationship with her.

5. Handle your insecurities

Insecurity in men is one of the most difficult things to handle when you’re insecure and careless about it.

An insecure man is a dishonest person, a better way to move past this is by admitting it. When you fail to admit your insecurities, they keep surfacing in your relationship with women and will ruin it in the long run.

It is very pertinent to note that your insecurities alone as a man will make you ineligible for the type of man every woman would want to be with.

We all have flaws, the earlier we notice and accept we do, the better and the more attractive we could be.

6. Don’t be too desperate

To be the man every woman wants, do not be too desperate about anything including winning a woman’s heart.

Being desperate about making a woman your own, will definitely make you lose her someday.

When you keep running after a woman than required, it becomes awkward and they’re forced to know why you keep coming after them despite all the disrespects. With this in mind, they will begin to think you’ve ulterior motives and will move fast away from you.

7. Be the man

Be the man and not a melodramatic girl trapped in the male body. Women love men who have confidence, if you’re less confident you would probably be losing a lot of women coming your way. You’re the man, you’re strong and should be more confident than a woman.

Men who are sensitive and confident are the type of men every woman would like to date. If you want to be the guy every girl wants, learn to get rid of possible characters that can make a woman doubt if you’re man enough.

8. Be ambitious

Every man is born with the potential to be great one day hence there’s life and he’s on the right track it will come into being. But this is not just as easy as it sounds, you have to show great concern to achieve this.

It is true that being ambitious works like a charm in making a woman like you as every woman would want to have a look into the future and see what have you for years to come. It is still pertinent to note that being over-ambitious can ruin your love life.

9. Physical appearance

Does physical appearance matters? In most cases, the answer to this question is left to be whatsoever you take it to be.

Honestly, different women have different choices of man to date when we talk about men’s physical appearances, the height, body size and muscles. Some women are attracted to men with six-packs, if you’re this type of man, it becomes a plus for you to women who fall for it. Whereas it is something other women worry less about.

However, if you’re a tall man and cute guy, dress decent and smell nice and have also got a nice tune it is a credit to you.

Athough your physical appearance is determined by nature, you can still workout to enhance it to what you want but have to sick medical advice on which exercise type os suitable for you.

10. Be adaptable

If you want to be a man for every woman, try to at least be resourceful in adapting to changes, be curious in tune with the current world, influential, open mind, think ahead, make things happen, to see the bigger picture, think outside the box, resilient, have a positive approach on life and career prospects.

Adaptability is an attractive quality every man should have to attract a woman. By doing this, you’re actually becoming the guy every girl wants to be around with.

11. You’re caring

To attract a lady, you don’t have to buy the whole world for her, if that’s what you can do, I’m not against it. But how’s it even possible to go for that?

The little things matter a lot just in case you’re unaware.

Little gestures mean so much to almost every woman you know. Women like men who can throw surprises at them, no matter how little it is physically, it is big in their hearts especially when it is coming from a loved one (YOU).

12. Love and romance

Show her the love that she deserves, remind her every time of how much you love her, get the good things she would always like to have and give her enough romance to make her feel good.

Don’t be a boring man in the bedroom, be able to give all that a woman wants from a man in bed including deep dirty sex. Make the bed a nice place for memorable moments, trying out something new isn’t a bad idea too hence it offends no one.

A romantic man should at least once in a while write love letters and keep them at strategic places that will surprise his woman, like; under the pillow, on her dress, or wallet etc.

13. Decisiveness

If you want to be the guy for every woman, you must learn how to be decisive in life. This is by far one of the major items on the list of qualities to look for in a man.

Women are easily attracted to men who can make decisions, especially on the spot. Because you’re decisive and lead the way often, you will be surprised to know the number of girls who are willing to stay around you.

The brutal truth is that to be the man every woman wants, you have to be able to take charge, plot and plan to make things happen, and be a great problems solver at that not just after what every woman wants from a man in bed.

14. Resilient and smart man

A man who has a general knowledge tends to win women’s heart easily because he has experience about life and relationships and can be a purpose-driven being.

This can also mean that you’re a man who is street smart and book smart, a man who’s capable of bringing out the best in people.

15. Appreciative

The best way to attract women is to be kind and appreciative. That’s if you want to be the guy every woman wants, if you’re unable to recognize her kindness, humility and generosity, then you’re probably going off the track to being the man for every woman.

Appreciation alone, forms a major part of what every girl wants in a relationship. She wants her efforts to be appreciated, always support and compliment her, she will end up doing more amazing things that will spice up the love in the relationship for a deeper connection.

16. Be a supportive man

Obviously, a man who supports a woman’s idea is the type of man every woman wants in a relationship.

If you’re the man who’s able to find out when someone is on the right track, give moral and financial supports, you’re absolutely great and should be considered a lovely partner.

Your ability to help her see different potential paths to meet her goal in life makes you an outstanding man for the relationship. By supporting and encouraging her and not trying to control her or change who she’s.

Give your advice when it is asked for, and see her figure out the rest on her own.

17. You’re not a kiss and tell

Life itself is not a bed of roses so do relationships.

Whatsoever the case might be, I believe the both of you to a greater extent can handle it amicably without involving a third party or taking complaints to people who are not part of the deal.

Talking around about your partner has never solved an issue, but talking to your partner will always help address the issue. Show her how safe she’s with you by not being a “kiss and tell” man.

If you’re able to prove to her you’re the man who doesn’t discuss your sensitive relationship life with her to others, you’re simply the man for her because she will feel secure that anything shared with you is private and cannot be compromised.

Bonus: Video on how to be the man every woman wants – 5 factors to attract a woman

Over to you

Additional male traits that will even make women chase you include the following; invest in yourself (personal feel and your career), challenge but support her, don’t be a needy man, your humour for emotional stimulation, social status, nice look and ample knowledge of who she’s, will definitely help you know what she really wants.

However, it could be hard to say exactly what women really want because different types of women exist, but trust me this is a deep post on what every girl wants from her boyfriend/husband.

The major thing that makes a man attractive to women is knowing at least a few of the things that every woman wants in a man, and this happens to be the best way to attract a woman.

What do you think makes a man more attractive to women?

If you’re a man, what are the things a woman have ever told you she needed the most from you?

Feel free to share with us using the comment box below, on what actually do girls want in a relationship.

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