What To Say When Your Boyfriend Ask What You Want Him To Do For You

What To Say When Your Boyfriend Ask What You Want Him To Do For You

Have you usually been confused about what to say when your boyfriend ask what you want him to do for you?

Relax, I will show you how to deal with it in this article.

Sometimes you may feel on top of the world when you have a caring and supporting boyfriend. But it can be a bit difficult to pinpoint exactly what you want them to perform for you. It’s always wonderful to share with your partner what makes you feel appreciated, whether it’s a big occasion or simply a regular day.

So, in this article, I will discuss some responses to the problem, “what to say when your boyfriend ask what you want him to do for you.”

What To Say When Your Boyfriend Ask What You Want Him To Do For You

  1. Surprise me with something special!
  2. Give me a back rub.
  3. Make me breakfast in bed.
  4. Take me out to dinner.
  5. Take me on an adventure.
  6. Write me a love letter.
  7. Make me a playlist of our favorite songs.
  8. Take me dancing.
  9. Hug me.
  10. Take me out to see a movie.
  11. Buy me some flowers.
  12. Take me on a road trip.
  13. Buy me a special gift.
  14. Make me a special dinner.
  15. Give me a massage.
  16. Plan a romantic evening.
  17. Take me out for ice cream.
  18. Cook dinner for me.
  19. Compliment me.
  20. Spend time with me.
  21. Give me a foot massage.
  22. Surprise me with a romantic date.
  23. Treat me to a day at the spa.
  24. Write me a love poem.
  25. Sing to me.
  26. Take me to the beach.
  27. Listen to me when I need to talk.
  28. Take me on a picnic.
  29. Take me for a walk.
  30. Take me out to a show.
  31. Read to me.
  32. Take me on a hot air balloon ride.
  33. Make me a playlist of songs that remind you of me.
  34. Take me on a helicopter ride.
  35. Bring me breakfast in bed.
  36. Make me dinner.
  37. Give me a bear hug.
  38. Ask me out on a romantic date.
  39. Buy me a special gift.
  40. Make me a card.
  41. Make me a scrapbook of our memories together.
  42. Take me to a place I’ve never been before.
  43. Spend a day just doing whatever I want.
  44. Give me a surprise kiss.
  45. Take me to a theme park.
  46. Tell me why you love me.
  47. Take me on a shopping spree.
  48. Write me a love song.
  49. Take me out for a romantic dinner.
  50. Give me a surprise gift.
  51. Buy me something special for no reason.
  52. Take me on a romantic getaway.
  53. Give me a romantic kiss.
  54. Recite a love poem to me.
  55. Take me out for a day of fun activities.
  56. Buy me a special piece of jewelry.
  57. Make me a special dinner.
  58. Give me a surprise present.
  59. Take me sightseeing.
  60. Make me breakfast.
  61. Take me to a scenic spot.
  62. Hug me and kiss me.
  63. Take me to a concert.
  64. Take me out for my favorite dessert.
  65. Take me on a romantic cruise.
  66. Bring me a cup of coffee in the morning.
  67. Take me to the park.
  68. Take me to a romantic theater.
  69. Take me out for a romantic lunch.
  70. Give me a goodnight kiss.
  71. Take me out for a romantic night on the town.
  72. Make me a romantic dinner at home.
  73. Take me out for a night of dancing.
  74. Write me a love letter.
  75. Make me a surprise picnic.
  76. Spend time with me doing something special.
  77. Take me to a special place.
  78. Give me a back rub.
  79. Take me to the zoo.
  80. Give me a surprise kiss.
  81. Buy me a special gift.
  82. Take me out for a romantic dinner.
  83. Give me a bubble bath.
  84. Take me to a carnival.
  85. Give me a romantic candlelight dinner.
  86. Take me to a romantic location.
  87. Take me for a drive.
  88. Take me for a romantic walk.
  89. Give me a shoulder massage.
  90. Take me to a museum.
  91. Take me to the aquarium.
  92. Take me for a scenic drive.
  93. Take me for a romantic boat ride.
  94. Hug me.
  95. Tell me how you feel about me.
  96. Make me a special breakfast.
  97. Surprise me with a romantic gift.
  98. Take me to a romantic restaurant.
  99. Take me to a theme park.
  100. Kiss me on the cheek.

6 Ways to Express What You Want to Your Boyfriend

1. Tell him directly.

To effectively and openly communicate your wants to your boyfriend, telling him what you want is a good method to express it. This approach enables a fruitful conversation and makes it apparent to your partner what you desire. It also promotes mutual respect and understanding between you and your companion.

2. Show him through your body language.

You can communicate with your lover without using words by using body language to convey your desires. It may be an effective way for you to convey your sentiments and goals through nonverbal communication. It can convey desire, zeal, affection, and more.

Making eye contact and smiling while you speak is one technique to use body language to communicate to your boyfriend what you want. This will make your feelings clear and show him that you are at ease and self-assured when expressing your desires. You might also try illustrating your point with touch.

To demonstrate that you want him to get your argument, place your hand on his shoulder, arm, or hand. Leaning in and maintaining an open posture will assist you to indicate that you are interested in hearing his point of view as well by using open body language.

3. Speak to him using “I” statements

When communicating with your lover, using “I” words can help you effectively communicate your wants and feelings without placing blame or accusations on him. Instead of pointing out what he did incorrectly, you put more emphasis on your own needs and feelings by employing “I” phrases.

As it avoids assigning blame to either party and instead allows for an open and honest debate, this can aid in the development of a better dialogue. Additionally, by allowing each person to express their viewpoint and be heard, “I” statements can foster a higher degree of understanding between the two parties.

For example, you could say:

“I would appreciate it if you could be more understanding when I’m feeling overwhelmed. I need your support and understanding to work through difficult times.”

4. Ask him to do something that would make you happy.

A wonderful method to express yourself is to ask something from your lover that would make you happy. By doing this, you are communicating to your partner that you value their viewpoint and that you want to see them happy as well.

As you convey the other person’s value to you, you are also conveying your own needs and desires. Any healthy relationship must have this component, and doing so can make your bond stronger.

5. Create a list of needs and wants

A fantastic method to let your boyfriend know what you need and want is to make a list. It enables you to express your wants and desires concisely, clearly, and in an organized way, which can help prevent misunderstandings and misinterpretations.

Making a list of your needs and wants can also make your boyfriend more aware of what you anticipate from him and give him a place to start when trying to fulfill your needs and desires.

6. Be specific and clear

Making sure your boyfriend understands what you are asking for in detail can help you communicate your desires to him. It helps to guarantee that all parties are on the same page and gets rid of any chance of misunderstanding.

Being specific and clear also helps to convey your respect for your boyfriend’s views and your concern for his comprehension of your requests.


In general, it might be challenging to find the right words to use when your boyfriend asks what you want him to do for you. To keep a healthy relationship, it’s crucial to be open and straightforward about your needs and desires.

Your partner can help make your relationship more rewarding by understanding what would make you the happiest if you communicate clearly with him.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some good things my boyfriend can do for me?

Some good things your boyfriend can do for you include spending quality time together, showing you affection, helping out with chores, and doing thoughtful gestures.

What do I say when my boyfriend asks what I want him to do for me?

When your boyfriend asks what you want him to do for you, be honest and express your needs and desires. Explain what would make you feel special and appreciated.

How can I make sure my boyfriend knows I appreciate him?

Make sure to show your appreciation by expressing your gratitude, doing nice things for him, and letting him know how much he means to you.

What can I do to make sure my needs are met in the relationship?

To make sure your needs are met in the relationship, be sure to communicate your needs and expectations openly and honestly. Additionally, make sure to listen to your partner and be willing to compromise.


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