12 Ways To Fix Marriage on The Brink of Divorce

How to Fix Marriage on The Brink of Divorce

How to Fix Marriage on The Brink of Divorce – Have the problems, fights, and issues in your marriages increased so much to the extent you think the only option is divorce?

If this sounds like you, then this amazing article is for you.

Your marriage is fixed because you are in the right space.

The couples must undertake actions to preserve, nurture, and grow a marriage. 

It might seem impossible to maintain a partnership but nothing is impossible with God and the efforts taken to fix issues when one is found.

Some couples have this conviction that it is healthy and wise to go for a divorce.
Could this be a good idea? No.

Divorce is the formal stopping of marriage and should not be employed in the marriage.

No marriage is beyond fixing, even at the brink of divorce; it can be fixed.

For instance, there is one marriage in which their issues of marriage became too bad to the extent that all they could think of is divorce. The husband tried his best to make the woman understand the ethics of marriage but all to no avail. 

Angrily, the woman went to a professional marriage counselor or therapist to report her husband.
After many interrogations, the counselor asks her to go to her husband’s house and fix her marriage.

If you want to enjoy your marriage with your partner and avoid divorce, proactive principles to prevent divorce should not be taken for granted.

How to fix your marriage at the brink of divorce.

Every unhappy marriage shouldn’t end in divorce provided that the partners are willing to fix it.

How to fix your marriage at the brink of divorce includes:

  1. Commitment.
  2. Remain respectful. 
  3. Apply communication skills. 
  4. Share financial expectations.
  5.  Give out space. 
  6. Have night dates. 
  7. Tolerate each other. 
  8. Forgive your partner.
  9. Seek assistance. 
  10. Make your marriage the top priority. 
  11. Avoid doing things that cause a problem.
  12. Talk to God in prayer.

1. Commitment.

Marriages on the brink of divorce should commit to their marriage efficiently.

Discussing the notion that you might be better off outside of your marriage can put a major strain on your relationship.
even if you never voice those thoughts. 

Having that notion in mind is disastrous. The thought alone might bridge any effort you would like to pursue to save your marriage from divorce.
It breaks your motivation to try to improve your marriage.

To battle the hazard to your marriage, the couples should agree for a long time that divorce is not an alternative. 

Commitment will assist you to concentrate on what to do to make your partnership healthier and enjoyable instead of brooding about what life might be like outside your marriage or how to live effectively after the divorce.

2. Remain respectful and honor your spouse.

Some husbands think that the wife only must respect them. But it’s not factual. Both should respect each other.

No matter how long the marriage could have lasted. Remain respectful and honor each other. 

Changes are constant but adapting, appreciating, and understanding those changes could alter the success and health of their marriage.

Jot down the best qualities of your spouse just to remind yourself of the most compassionate, caring, loving, and wonderful person you married.

This will go a long way if you remind us of the main reason you fell in love with each other. The bond will unite again.

Commitment also enables you to intonate how appreciative you are of your spouse’s characteristics and well-being.

Both hands should commit to each other. Fill in every space.

These slight attitudes are like farmers on a farm. You can’t cultivate yam and harvest tomatoes. So, be sure you are doing things that honor your partner for who he or she is.

3. Apply communication skills.

As couples whose marriage is on the brink of divorce. How long do you communicate?

Previously, when smartphones and social media didn’t exist, there were peaceful marriages, let alone now that we are in civilized days.

Communicate to your spouse. Open up. Don’t keep secrets. Open conversation about your life, frustrations, visions, goals, interests, depressions, and feelings go a long way to foster intimacy in marriage. communicating 

Communication allows you to listen to your partner voice their thoughts.
Don’t allow financial issues or anything to prevent you from communicating with each other. 

If you are married, don’t feel comfortable discussing your marriage with an outsider when you have a spouse who is willing to listen to you.

4. Share financial responsibilities

No law states that the financial responsibilities should be carried by the man alone.

Disagreement over finance has destroyed so many marriages.

Couples frequently carry various goals about money in a relationship. 
Each partner can find it hard to see the financial situation from the other person’s viewpoint.

Reaching an agreement on how financial responsibilities will be handled is a very important component of a healthy, peaceful, and successful marriage.

To save your marriage over this, differentiate between needs and wants.

It is in the hands of the couple to check on the one to take care of before the other.

When both couples share in financial expectations, no one is over-labored. This is why both couples must be engaged in one thing or the other to be helpful financially when needed. 

It gives room for entertainment, gifts, vacations, and other activities that will improve your marriage.

5. Give Each Other Space

Spacing in this context means granting your spouse the opportunity to do certain things at ease. It helps to work on the spouse’s issues of marriage.

One of the difficult aspects to keep in an equilibrium state in a marriage is the quantity of time to spend together. Too much can feel like strangling while too little can be inferred as ignorant or inattentive.

When your spouse needs to vacuum or has a night out with friends, grant them the space.

Assist help with some home chores that could stop him or her from doing so.

The clue is that you both make efforts to spend quality time together while also allowing each other the space to have an outside community.

Allow your husband to go out and vice versa.

Make each other feel at home.
Don’t impose staying at home with each other. It will trigger issues in the marriage.

6. Have night dates.

This method works effectively because this is the type you are free to sort out your imperfections.

Go on night dates. It is a good principle to follow if you want to keep the flame burning in a marriage is to continue courting your spouse.

Going out on dates should not stop after marriage. Do it continuously.

Endeavor to create time for a date night every week even if it’s just to get soft drinks or cook a new recipe together. 

Many couples have reported that small, thoughtful gestures help them feel as if they are newly married.

Play love Games like trying leaving your partner little love notes where they will find them, making them coffee in the morning, or buying their favorite snack at the grocery store.

7. Tolerate each other. 

Marriage is the coming together of a man and woman from different families. 

You didn’t grow up together. Don’t expect anyone to behave like you. Don’t get offended over minor things.

Exhibit the spirit of tolerance.
Adapt to certain things. Everything shouldn’t bring issues to the family.
No matter anything, tolerate each other.

Tolerance in marriage is the secret of many marriages that are living peacefully and healthier in marriage.

Some marriages broke apart for being hinged on the irreconcilable difference. 

The couples were unable to understand and accept their differences and cannot even tolerate one another. 

Tolerance promotes the recognition, awareness, and the capacity to welcome and work with this in mind that is important to the survival of their marriage. 
Even though we need to learn to tolerate each other, the ideal in any marriage is for couples to move from tolerance to acceptance and this is where thriving begins.

8. Forgive your partner 

As a couple, living a life of forgiveness is very bad. Learn to forgive each other.
No matter the offense, don’t allow it to get into you to the extent that you prefer divorce to forgiveness.

No one is without stain. We are all humans. Whenever your spouse offends you and apologizes, please find a vacuum to forgive her or him.

For example, when your spouse disobeys you and engages in some of the things that are not appropriately needed in the family and apologizes humbly, try and forgive and forsake. 

A wife might forget that her husband is coming home earlier but she hasn’t prepared any meal for him. Once he comes home, try your way to talk about it before he asked for the meal.

He might be annoyed but bear it. Don’t attack him by saying if you must cook.  The man will leave the house angrily and might not return that same day.

How the offense is presented will trigger forgiveness and your home will be at peace.
This will enforce love and understanding among couples.

9. Seek assistance.

Marriage is not a do-or-die affair. Seek help when needed. Once the issues of your marriage become so tough.  Seek assistance. You can talk to your parents about it or you can seek professional help.

Don’t accept any kind of advice. Negative advice doesn’t sort out my imperfections, rather it brings family crises.

No matter how bad the family has become, separation is never the best option because of the children’s emotional and social life.

10. Make your marriage your priority.

If you want to remain married, make it your priority.

Take it as something that you cannot afford to lose.

Should your spouse be your priority? Yes. Putting your spouse first is one of the keys to a successful marriage. Your kids will spend about two decades with you and they are out on their own leaving you with your husband.

Having a great marriage doesn’t happen by accident. Marriage expects you to put active effort to glide together, not drift apart. 

Making your marriage a priority is not impossible. You can, by doing the following: 

  • Solve marital issues quickly. Let it not take much time.
  • Children are gifts from God but they are not who you got married to.
  • Employ efforts to keep your home happy.
  • Denounce anything that will affect the peace of your family.
  • Do what is right.

By doing all these, your marriage will come back to normal.

11. Avoid doing things that would cause problems.

Do you want to fix your marriage that is already on the brink of marriage, avoid whatsoever that would bring quarrel?

Pursue the goals of the marriage together.

For instance, if the husband hates eating stirred food. Learn to cook always provided that he provided it.

Don’t try to force him into eating it.

Or your wife dislikes keeping late nights or sleeping outside your matrimonial home. Don’t do it.

In case all these happened because of certain situations, don’t hesitate to render apologies.

12. Talk to God in prayer.

The prayer of a righteous man has great power in its effect. God loves unionism that is why he doesn’t play with marriage.

Whenever you are confused about what to do to fix your marriage. Call on Him, he will answer you. 

This is one of the reasons you are to keep God in charge of your marriage so that in difficult times, He will grant you assistance.


Marriage is different from dating or courtship. It demands much effort from both husband and wife to keep the love on.
Once one abandons it for only one person, it becomes heavy.

It is not easy to live with a person from another family background for years.

That is why marriage needs love, patience, and tolerance.

Divorce is not the best option. Fix your marriage. Be appreciative, admit your faults and be apologetic.
Never keep your family faults too long before they can be fixed. 

By doing so the harmony and love in your marriage shall rekindle.


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