10 Ways To Fix Broken Marriage Biblically

How to Fix Broken Marriage Biblically

How to Fix Broken Marriage Biblically – Are you currently experiencing warnings that might lead your marriage broken, and you are curious about how to fix it?

Well, if this sounds like you, just feel relaxed to learn more, we’ve got you covered.

This text will go a long way to solving your problems. It is concerned with how to fix broken marriages biblically.

Broken marriages are disastrous. It should not be allowed.

Both couples should try their possible best to get it fixed because the consequences are more than the advantages if it even has any.

It tends to bring emotional dilemmas to the children as they grow up without their parents. Not only that it brings blasphemy and back-biting to Christendom and it causes great damage to the couples involved.

The Bible is against broken marriages that is why it should not be encouraged.

Before I go further, let me give you at least 12 symptoms of broken marriages.

Symptoms of broken marriages

They are as follows:

  1. Commitment barrier. 
  2. Infidelity.
  3. Constant conflict. 
  4. Substance abuse. 
  5. Financial problems. 
  6. Unrealistic expectations. 
  7. Stress. 
  8. Anxiety. 
  9. Busyness. 
  10. Reduction of love and care.
  11. Lack of sexual passion. 
  12. Communication barriers, etc.

Immediately you start noticing all these, the marriage is about to be broken.

To save the marriage, there are several strategies to apply.

There are varieties of ways to fix broken marriages but as a Christian, you should take biblical measures.

According to Matthew 5 vs 32, it says “But I say to you that everyone who divorces his wife, except the reason of unchastity, makes her commit adultery; and whoever marries a divorced woman commits adultery”.

Why is it called adultery?

Matthew 19 vs 6 says, ” so they are no longer two, but one flesh. What God has joined together let no man put asunder”

These biblical passages encourage us to detest divorce just like sin.

Every marriage has ups and downs.

There are no perfect people in a perfect marriage. 

How to fix broken marriages biblically

Without God’s ability, it’s not easy to fix a broken marriage. All you need to do is to surrender your marriage to God. 

Believe me, marriage goes through difficult periods. Through the power of faith and miracles, you see the marriage getting restored.

The following are the nine ways to fix your marriage biblically.

  1. Make God your marriage priority. 
  2. Pray always. 
  3. Accept correction. 
  4. Forgive your partner. 
  5. Love each other even during hard times.
  6. Be appreciative. 
  7. Be intimate with your partner. 
  8. Get help from a Christian counselor.
  9. Avoid negative friends.

1. Make God your marriage priority.

In your marriage, try to make God the priority of your marriage. Create space for Him to take over.

In this context, you and your wife are expected to study the Bible together, and go to church together. Allow the Spirit of God to take its supremacy in your marriage.

Desiring the spiritual gifts together which include love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, humility, and self-control. 

These spiritual gifts are quite vital in marriage. Both spouses should try to get it through consistent communion with God.

These will help you solve your marital problems or steer your union with more love and forgiveness.

This is one of the reasons why a believer should marry a believer. If you don’t marry a believer, as you are, he or she will not understand the benefits of spiritual gifts.

According to 1 chronicle 16 vs 11. The Bible brought a pattern we should follow if we want to fix our marriage.

That quotation describes how you should pursue a relationship with God even as married couples.

“Look to the Lord and his strength, seek his face always”.

The Bible encouraged us to stir up our marriage by making God the priority of our marriage.

Never let work or responsibility make you forget to make Him important in your marriage.

God is a jealous God, whatsoever you do without acknowledging him first, He won’t be pleased again.

2. Pray always.

The Bible encouraged us not to be ignorant of the devices of the devil.

John 10 vs 10 told us that ” The devil always comes to kill, steal and destroy” but I came for you to have life abundantly”. 

The devil will never get tired until his mission toward your family is executed.

So to overpower him, you need to pray earnestly. 

Every marriage should know the efficacy of prayers.

1 Thessalonians 2 vs 18 says ” Pray without ceasing” You need to pray always to destroy the wishes of the devil in your marriage.

Tell God about your spouse and your marriage consistently. Stir up your prayer life.

Any challenges you find your spouse in, pray for him or her. 

Pray for God’s blessings, protection, favor, grace to scale through difficulties, testimony, miracles, etc.

Prayer of a righteous man availeth not.

As you pray consistently, you see God working tremendously in your marriage.

Remember, God sometimes answers prayers in diverse ways. So as you pray, do not expect a specific answer.

For example, you might be asking for the fruit of the womb and God gets a job for your husband first before blessing your marriage with kids.

God is a wise man. He knows what works best for us only when we pray always in our marital homes.

3. Accept corrections.

Being the head of a family who provides everything in the family should not make you refuse corrections. 

Whenever you are corrected, receive it with warm hands. Don’t attack or abuse just because you are the man of the house.

No one is beyond correction. We are not flawless. 

Any godly marriage that wants to fix it should be able to accept correction at any given time and take responsibility to work towards the correction.

For example, you went on a business trip without the awareness of your wife.

You stayed there for a week. On your return, your wife was angry with you.

She asked you why you could go on a business trip without her awareness.

Then she asked you not to do that again because it’s not good.

As a godly husband, accept the correction. You can go ahead by giving her reasons why it happened that way.

Do not abuse or beat her up. Or you ask unnecessary questions like 

  • How dare you question my movement?
  • When did you become the husband of the house?
  • Do you know how I suffer to provide everything for this family? Etc.

Those questions are very annoying and it triggers hatred in the marriage.

No matter what, be humble and accept corrections.

4. Forgive your partner.

Forgiveness is a very vital tool in a marriage that should be implemented in a godly marriage.

No matter how bad your spouse offended you and apologise, please forgive and forsake.

Jesus told was in the Bible ” Forgive one another as God forgives all our trespasses” ( Colossians 3 vs 13)

This implies that forgiveness should be unconditional and release resentment completely towards your spouse.

Learn to have a forgiving spirit amongst each other.  

Don’t conclude by saying that till death tears you both apart that you will never forgive each other. Let go of the pain you’re holding against each other.

5. Love each other even during hard times.

The first spiritual gift is love and just not being found wanting in marriage.

Love each other even during hard times. Love doesn’t come easily, it might feel easy in the beginning, but after spending years together, you begin to find the love you want.  

Love is the unconditional affection you have for your spouse. 

Keep loving him or her even in hard times.

Love is patient. Love is integral. It doesn’t count errors. It is passionate. It accepts corrections.  

Once you apply this principle, you see your broken marriage getting fixed.

Ephesians 5 vs 28 says ” Husbands ought to love their wives as their bodies”. This applies to all spouses. 

You don’t initiate hatred simply because you have a broken leg, or simply because issues of marriages are increasing.

Let love lead amongst you too.

6. Be appreciative.

In any marriage, appreciation is very necessary. Tell each other what you appreciate each day. According to Ephesians 5 vs 20, we are told to “Be thankful”.

Know how to appreciate each other daily.

Always say the following things:

  • Honey, thank you for showing me so much love.
  • You’ve been the best thing that happens to me.
  • My life would have been messed up if you didn’t get to meet me.
  • Thank you for showing me so much care and affection.
  • No one can stand the chance to replace you in my life.

This appreciative statement has its way of restoring those bonds of love and trust in your marriage. 

It is also a way of making your spouse feel special and giving feedback about things you like.

By doing so, they are encouraged to do more.

Appreciate any little thing he or she does. 

Don’t expect him to buy an expensive car or jewelry before you send gratitude to him.

7. Be intimate with your partner.

Intimacy can never be over-emphasized in a relationship or marriage.

I Corinthians chapter 7 vs 3, 5 says ” Do not refuse one another except perhaps for a season that, that you may devote yourself in prayer, but come together again, lest Satan tempts you through lack of self-control.

As a couple who wants to fix their broken marriage biblically, develop intimacy with your partner or spouse.

The husband should display his profound marital duty to his wife, likewise the wife. Do not deprive each other. 

Set priorities that would always bring you, people, together. Work on your sexual life.

Sexual intimacy keeps you both physically and emotionally healthy.

According to research, marriage is happier and more enjoyable when the couple is healthy and satisfying.

Implement cordial relationships and have mutual love.

Spend much time together to discuss love. Remind the good times spent together.

Send love cards to each other.

Organize intimate gatherings where you are left alone. 

Play love together. Have good times to discuss the issues in your marriage.

This intimacy will go a long way to restoring the lost bonds.

8. Get help from a Christian counselor.

Any time things get so bad in your marriage, never keep silent. Speak up.

An adage says that a problem shared is half solved.

Once the problems or the pitfalls of the marriage become heavier than you can imagine, seek professional help.

As a couple, I recommend Christian marriage counselors.

Discuss everything with them.

Don’t go along. Go as a couple.

Try as much as possible to apply what you are told to do to fix the brokenness once you get home.

Ephesians 6 vs 1 instructs us to “Obey our parents in the Lord, for this is right”‘ so whosoever that happens to be the counselor, be it a pastor or anyone. Apply obedience.

Don’t love the counselor more than your wife or husband. He or she is only there to settle the issue not the other way round

9. Avoid negative friends.

Friends are good to keep but beware of the kinds of friends you keep.

If you are married, avoid mingling with wives who left their husbands because they refuse to be submissive or admit their faults.

That kind of friend has no positive value to add to your marriage.

They will advise you negatively to destroy your marriage as well.

The husband or wife should not accept any friend whose mission is to tear them apart.

Matthew recorded that a good tree can never bring forth bad fruit just like the bad fruit won’t bring forth a good one.

Detest unhealthy relationships for it increases the problems of issues that trigger the brokenness of the marriage.

In summary

The Bible is a book that comprises guidelines that would help fix the brokenness of your marriage.

Frequent study of the Bible gives you insight concerning those guidelines.

There is no need for divorce. No marriage is without issues. 

Your ability to fix it is what matters a lot.

Shun anything that won’t add any positive value to your marriage.

James 4 vs 7 says “Resist the devil and it shall flee from you”.

Let your marriage have God as the foundation and you see your marriage becoming sweeter than ever before.


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