How To Get Over Someone You Still Love

get over someone you still love

It can be really painful when a relationship ends. We all deal with failed relationships differently, with some people appearing to get over somebody quickly while others appear to take a very long time. 

If you think you’re one of the many people who takes a long time to get over a separation, you’re not alone. We’re usually promised that after the initial shock and anguish wears off, everything will be fine.

Is this, however, the case? It’s okay if getting out again appears to be exceedingly overwhelming or not even on our horizon.

It’s quite normal to feel sorrowful and cold for a while; and besides, this is a mourning process that must be completed before we can begin to recover.

It’s very acceptable to be grieving over a connection at any time, whether you’re just starting or have been together for months or years.

Your bitter sentiments and thoughts are leading you along the path to recovery, so don’t feel bad if you’re still experiencing them.

It simply indicates that you are still recuperating, which is a positive thing.

Allowing yourself to heal while adjusting your perspective to one of healing are just a few of the measures you can do to assist you to go in the right way.

How would you get over a failed relationship?

1. You have the right to cry and experience suffering. 

A shattered relationship isn’t something you can rush out of. Weeping is your body’s natural way of relieving tension, and it provides immediate relaxation to your mental and physical health.

If you don’t express your feelings, it will be more difficult for you to move on. It’s critical to acknowledge and work with your emotions so that they don’t become pent up and grow. Permit yourself to ruminate on the possibility of what may have been.

When going through a difficult time, attempt to discover and work through your sensitivities. You may ultimately see some trends of items that trigger your feelings and make the necessary measures to avoid those stressors.

2. Recognize your emotions and thoughts.

You must gain a deeper understanding of yourself, and the greatest way to do so is to acknowledge your feelings. Recognize them by linking them with a sensation, and then try to comprehend them. Your ideas and feelings are a part of who you are, and they have a purpose.

It takes more than merely thinking “This is how I’m feeling right now” to acknowledge your feelings. It’s about actually experiencing and understanding the feeling before deciding what steps you’ll do to help relieve the discomfort.

It will enable both your bodies and minds to unwind if you accept your sentiments in this way. Writing down your observations in a journal will be quite beneficial.

3. Acknowledge that you have no control over the situation.

You’ll feel hopeless after a separation or the death of a loved one, but that’s normal. You must understand that things have occurred and that you are unable to reverse them. Now all you have to do is seek out how to be happy once more.

The further you resist the truth that your relationship is finished, the more depressed you will get. You will not be able to recover or live on if you continue to reject the separation.

However, if you can start to tolerate the split gracefully, you will start to heal and acquire inner strength, leading to contentment.

You will feel encouraged to build the life you desire if you can embrace your situation.

4. Embrace yourself.

At the very least, embrace yourself if you can’t fault the other person.

It might be difficult to forget, especially if the connection is terminated as a result of the other person’s behavior. There will, however, be occasions when you feel so guilty for being not strong enough to stop events from happening. In that circumstance, you must first forgive yourselves and accept that you had no control over the situation.

To absolve yourself for whatever part you may have taken in the split or whatever you may have done that eventually drove your mind off of things, remember that we all seem to be doing what we think is right at the time. Everything you did appear to be the greatest option.

5. Stop beating yourself up to recover.

Before you move forward, make sure everything is in order. “Am I prepared to move on?” question yourself. You won’t be able to get over it and move on until you’ve decided to do so.

Doing anything you love once you’re prepared, such as taking a walk, cooking, or napping will assist you in practicing self-care that is beneficial to your recovery. 

Then, associate yourself with individuals who are positive about your potential and encourage your recuperation. Always pay attention to your instincts and your mind, and do what seems appropriate to you. Make a deliberate attempt to move on with your life dude.

6. Accept that it is in the past.

It doesn’t imply it was never real just because it ended. You can love someone for a long time and then lose touch, yet that love is still genuine. 

If you don’t get through this one, you won’t be able to complete the remainder of the steps. Your past isn’t designed to be swept under the rug. In a lot of ways, your past is something to be proud of.

You can reflect on what you’ve learned, how you’ve developed, how other people have shaped you, and most importantly, who you’ve become now.

Don’t cling to it, but keep it in mind. Accept what you’ve learned and how it can benefit you in the future.

7. Stop blaming others and let go of your rage.

Most people begin by criticizing somebody for their suffering. Your ex committed a mistake or humiliated you in some way. You’re looking for an explanation. You would like them to realize what they’ve done is bad.

Quit blaming and start letting go of your rage. This one will simply exacerbate the uncomfortable feelings you’re experiencing. However, blaming your ex has the disadvantage of leaving you helpless. 

When you don’t get the apologies or acknowledgment you desire from them, you’re stuck with resentment and no sense of closure, which affects you as much as the other party.

These are valid emotions, and you must allow yourself to experience them. However, you must then proceed. It’s difficult to hold on to feelings of rage and hatred. They add to the bodily discomfort you’re experiencing. These negative feelings will harm your health if you continue to experience them.

8. Remove all items that remind you of them.

Seeing things that remind you of your ex and your previous relationship will only exacerbate the situation. It will fill you with nostalgia, sadness, and sorrow. If you can’t get rid of them, put them in a box and store them somewhere you won’t have easy access to them.

Anything personal or meaningful to your ex should be returned. If their childhood teddy bear or winter jacket is at your place, for example, don’t throw it away. Respect them and reciprocate the favor, as you would expect them to do for you. Stop communicating with this person in any way.

9. Make no plans to meet with him or her. 

Sending him or her a message is not a good idea (if he or she texts you first, do not reply). Don’t bother calling them. Keeping the channels of communication open is the same as leaving the relationship door open, and it will keep you from moving on.

Keep your chats short and to the point, if you need to answer your ex’s message due to serious and urgent problems.

10. Work out and participate in outdoor hobbies.

According to some experts, keeping yourself occupied with other activities is one of the greatest ways of moving on from it a breakup with someone you love. They recommend exercising or engaging in other such things since fitness releases pleasant hormones. 

Workout has a slew of other health advantages that will make you feel better in general and may even result in a hot revenge body.

To clear your brain occupied, try combat sports or a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) class. Meditation can also help you reconcile with yourself and rediscover your center

11. It’s time to fix the messes.

Organize yourself and get back on your feet. You can’t move forward if you’re surrounded by chaos. According to research, having well-organized surroundings aids in having a well-organized existence.

Build your own “trash,” “donation,” and “keep” piles as you go through your belongings and sort your ex’s stuff into the trash, donate, and keep piles. As you make room in your home for new things, you will feel more rejuvenated and renewed.

12. Enjoy one day at a moment.

Remember that there is no need to rush, and you should take as much time as you need to grieve. You can’t rush the whole thing. Don’t anticipate recovering from a broken heart in a single night. It makes no difference how long the process takes as long as it is completed correctly.

This does not imply that you should languish in your grief and just never exit your room anyway because of your ex. But if you take it one step at a time, you’ll see that you’re making progress.

13. Take it easy on yourself.

It takes a long time to get over someone you care for. It could take months, if not years, to completely let go and move on. But, no matter how difficult or lengthy the process may be, have faith in your ability to complete it. Remember that you were fine before you met your ex, and you’ll be good now.

Even if you don’t feel as though you’re making good progress with your ex, you are. Please be nice to yourself and believe that you will overcome this. Others would give up on you before you eventually give up on yourself, which could lead to more complicated relations. Have faith in oneself

14. Ignore the old and focus on the present.

Quit playing “well if” and “perhaps if” situations in your head. Enjoy what life always has to give by noticing the loveliness in your surrounding context. Accept the present situation without judgment and avoid thinking about the past or prospective to live in the present.

Concentrating on the current moment can also assist you in cultivating thankfulness for the things you have in your life. It might assist you in realizing that while this relationship was a part of you, it did not define who you were. You may have excellent friends, family, a career, hobbies, pets, or other aspects of your life that contribute to who you are.

15. Be excited about the possibilities of the future.

Everything occurs for a reason, and your relationship ended because you’ll find a new, more fulfilling one in the future. The breakup may turn out to be a good thing.

Life is molding you into the person you will be in the years ahead. Your future options are endless. Be self-centered in how you spend most of your time and with whom you spend it. This might assist you in shaping a future that is full of fresh possibilities.

16. Learn from this experience.

Make sure you learn anything from this significant event in your life. That way, if you have to go through that again (hopefully not! ), you’ll know how to deal with it better.

Take more notice of the coping techniques that work best for you and make you feel more in control.

Find the moments in life that make you happy or help you to escape the unhappiness in your life. If you ever find yourself in a comparable situation, keep these suggestions in mind.

Make use of this opportunity to reflect on your goals and build a plan for your future. Reclaim control of your life by regaining control of yourself.

17. Allow yourself to be open to new relationships.

Following a severe heartbreak, many people decide to close their doors. Don’t be someone like that. It’s difficult to trust and fall in love again, but you must try.

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Keep yourself open to the prospect of moving on with someone else, even if you don’t want to plunge into a new relationship immediately away. you won’t realize you’re over your ex until you’re happy with someone new.

18. Seek solace in the company of relatives and friends.

Your significant other may have abandoned you, but loyal friends and family will never abandon you. When all else fails, the only way to feel secure is to return home. Spend quality time with the folks who’ve already known you the most to get things back to normal.

19. Make time for self-love.

Never undervalue the importance of self-love. I’m not referring to a narcissistic level of self-love. However, before people can appreciate us back, we must first love ourselves. 

Self-love and indulgence can help you get out of the malaise of a broken relationship and give you the mental sharpness you need to discover a better and fresh connection in the ashes of your previous one.

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20. Actively sought professional guidance.

This is an alternative for individuals who are having a tough time moving on from a broken relationship or a lost love. What you’re experiencing right now is typical; most people experience sadness and loneliness after a heartbreak. 

As a result, there’s no need to be embarrassed or timid about obtaining expert treatment. Therapists or others who have had comparable experiences can confirm your emotions and connect with your emotions. 

Simply expressing your story and allowing yourself to relate to others can help you grow.

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