6 Things To Try Before Breaking Up With Someone

things to do before breaking up with someone

How do you prepare for a breakup?
Most people in a relationship you see and admire today once thought about breaking up as they got stormed with relationship hiccups but a few things must have changed their minds and turned lemons to lemonades in their relationship.

It is true that most times we could get hit by the bad side of a relationship that we would want to call it a quit. But before that, how do you emotionally prepare for break up, and what are exact break up signs you should know?

Do you really want to break up, are you fed up and are you sure it is a breakup you need right now or just to talk to your partner over what the problems are, or seek expert advice to see what can be done to solve the breakup problem and improve your relationship with your partner.

Before you break up with someone, kindly note that being upset at the moment shouldn’t be a reason to say you want to let go of the relationship. Breakup is something that does not easily get off the table once it is presented, that’s why you have to be very sure you’re ready to break up and you don’t feel like you’re going to lose anything or want the relationship back someday.

There are several cases of exes who want to come back and it doesn’t work out most times because the other person might have moved on with life and wouldn’t want to accept you again. Even if they’re still single, they could be afraid of disappointments again in their relationship life, that’s more of the reasons you should consider doing the following things instead of breaking up straight away with them.

Best things to try before breaking up with your partner

1. Talk it out

Honestly, there’s no gain keeping mute and hoping that things will one day get aligned the right way by itself. You could be dying inside, you have to be honest to yourself and your partner. Say the things that are not working out for you in the relationship.

The brutal truth is that your partner might not know they’re really offending you if you don’t say it out. Be collected and approach them with maturity, let them know why their actions hurt and see what they have to say about it. Do your partner feel sorry with remorse and apologize for their wrongdoings? Then they’re ready and willing to improve on the relationship, if the opposite is the case, then they really don’t care even if the relationship comes to an end.

2. Remember how you all started

If we’re truly in love with someone at some point in time, it is still possible to regain those feelings.

I understand that things fade away and the love from the beginning might differ from what’s going on right now, so if the attraction and excitement we have at the beginning start to diffuse, it doesn’t really mean we chose the wrong person. Think about what attracted you to your partner in the first place, the thick and thin you both have been through in the relationship so far.

When you think about the activities your relationship has witnessed in the past before the stormy days, you can come up with reasons things took a turn for the worst and make implementations that will bring back happiness into the relationship.

3. Go straight to the point

I understand what’s happening right now in your relationship might have occurred sometime in the past and you have taken note of what isn’t working in the relationship so you don’t fumble or fall out of points when discussing it with your partner.

Your points must be made clear for your partner to have a better understanding of what needs to be changed.

4. Seek for help

Seeking for relationship help is not a sign of weakness but it shows how brave you’re and the value you hold for the relationship.

When you’re serious to save your relationship, talking to friends or a family member or consulting a relationship coach for therapy is highly recommendable.

5. Find out the cause

Most times your partner can be reacting to a bad past, it can be the impact of their ex, or how you’ve wronged them some time ago. Find out what your partner is passing through, and see how you can come in and keep the relationship healthy.

Remember that no one is always right and apologize whenever you’re wrong to save your relationship.

6. Decide what’s next

Now, I believe you have taken a proper look into your relationship and analyzed various things that your findings might leave you with options you won’t regret later in life. Then this is where to break up or continue with the relationship if you decide to give your partner a second chance.

If you have decided to move on, even when you want to break up with someone who doesn’t want to break up, I know it won’t be easy but I wouldn’t advise you to continue with the relationship if that’s the best option for you.

However, some people are better of a friend than being your spouse, that’s why you may consider to break up with some you live with and just be friends no strings attached. If you want to end everything peacefully without hurting the other person, here’s a special guide for partners who’re looking for how to break up with someone without hurting them.

Final words…

To make love last is not as easy as it sounds. If you have finally decided to end it yourself, it is all for a reason and break-up exposes us to learn. Despite being not easy, especially when we want to break up with someone we love but it teaches us about our mistakes, efforts to save the relationship, the other person and what we should implement or avoid in our next relationship.

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