7 Signs A Female Coworker Likes You But Is Hiding It

is your coworker in love with you

How do you know if a female coworker secretly likes you?

If a female coworker is exhibiting a certain behavior that you suspect she might have a liking towards you, but she’s not being very open about it. This could be challenging to tell if she really loves you.

Do you want to confirm if what you’ve noticed are true indications that she likes you but is hiding it? 

In a place where you spend most of your days, romance, flings, crushes, and sexual escapades are fixed to happen. 

Where you are to name a list of places where you could meet a person and hit it off, a workplace is to be enlisted. It’s a place where many have met, dated, and married. 

Most women do not want to be the first to take the first step, because they expect it to go the accepted way. You first. 

And the fear of going in when the feeling might not be mutual. Then they begin to hide their feelings, secretly hoping you make the first move. This is why when you ask some out on a date, they say yes without having to give excuses, delay an answer. 

While there are more confident women who would confidently tell of how they feel without a fear in the world of what will happen. 

But in this case, you feel you are dealing with one with a hidden feeling, below I will list the clear signs that a female coworker likes you but is hiding it. 

7 clear signs a female coworker likes you but is hiding it.

1. Sees you first every time she arrives: 

She just wants to show off, maybe because she had received a lot of compliments on her way, and what other better way to show off, if not to come to show you how sexy she looked today.

She grabs a coffee on her way in when you’ve not asked. This is a signal to look out for 

2. All smiles with you: 

Once she sees you, she’s all smiles. Maybe you had just delivered a speech that had everyone applauding you, she reacts differently in this scenario. Smiling with her eyes, seemingly proud of you. 

You know you have the poorest jokes, but when you make one of those she’s laughing and giggling at everything you say. She seems to see you from different eyes than the rest.

3. Eye contact: 

Do you catch her looking at you, at meetings, when you walk in, she makes a joke only turning to look at you for your reaction. She often stares at your chest, your lips during moments she shouldn’t, you think you’re a distraction to her?  Women don’t stare at men they have no interest in. 

Does she smile when you catch her or look away fidgeting or running her hands on her hair? 

She likes you and is embarrassed you caught her staring.  

4. Enjoys a paired project with you:

If you found your co-worker often wanting to be paired up in a given project with you, then you’ve truly found one who likes you and wants any moment available to spend it with you.  

If she’s one with authority, she often wants you to be put in everything she’s in charge of. 

Projects like this could be the ones that lead on till the night, ones that you two are left alone in a room, which will result in you two talking, walking home together or she could suggest you two stop at a restaurant and have dinner. She likes you and is enjoying the long hours of being with you. 

5. Needs your help and want to help you too: 

You are the only one she approaches for help, even when you refer someone to her, she acts a bit off because you’re the one whom she needs. She approaches you to enlighten her on some topic she found hard to decipher, asking you to let her stay at your desk and work a few things out, with a silly excuse of why she couldn’t stay in hers. 

At the same time, she would also want to help you out with your projects. A woman never sacrifices her time to work for someone else if she doesn’t like him, else she’s doing it to be noticed and seen as a hard-working woman. So when she’s offering to assist you with the work you have at hand, you should know that she is doing it from a place of love. No one likes to stress themselves. 

6. Coincidental touches: 

There is no such thing as an accidental touch if it happened more than once. 

Subliminal touches that transpire when she’s to drop a file on your table, handing a flash to you, the leg brushing yours under the table during a meeting. She apologized and called it an accident, and it has since then been repeating itself. It’s no accident. 

She likes you and is trying to get your attention. 

7. Talks to you outside of work: 

She often talks to you outside work, texting and calling you, to check up on you. Or ask how you’re spending your weekend. Often being the first to initiate a conversation and never text anything work-related. 

She wants you two to check out the nearest bar, and when you hang out, she talks about things far from work. But questions about your personal life, your life outside work.

She likes you and just wants to know you better. 

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