29 Mind Disturbing Questions People Ask About Their Ex

questions people ask about their ex

What questions are people asking about their ex, have you ever asked questions concerning an ex? I believe you have a lot of these questions waiting for the best answers.

Worry not, on this post you will find the most reliable answers to the mind disturbing questions about your ex.

How many exes do you have? I have two exes, the first was the time I thought I would give my life willingly to death, I was so depressed and always crying when will my ex get back to me? It was a hard time for me all coupled with first-time breakup experience, something way too big for me to handle.

The second date I had, is never a thing to write about. The experience was as horrible as hell. I went deep into the web and different ex topic forums, searching for tips on how to get back together with my ex. I stumbled upon several deep questions about relationships and discovered there are many people out there who are trying to mend a broken relationship or know what their ex is thinking about them.

Let’s dive into the 29 questions about an ex, and provide reliable answers to them. Remember to make use of the comment section if you have any unanswered questions about your ex.

1. How to make your ex miss you?

This is by far the topmost question people ask about their ex, it is on the basis that your ex will come back to you only if he misses you.
There are several reliable advice on “how to make your ex miss you over text”, which involves no contact with your ex rule, avoid stalking your ex among other Do’s and Don’t’s for making your ex miss you.

2. What to say to an ex to get him back?

Say these sweet things to your ex to get him back; I’m sorry for…, do you remember ….? you’re the best thing that happened to me, no one can replace you, this made me think of you.

There’s usually no one word to get your ex back, the effort it will cost you to bring back your ex is dependent on what caused the split and the type of person you have as an ex. Here’s a special guide on 9 sweet things to say to your ex boyfriend to get him back.

3. Does the no contact rule work if you were dumped?

Here’s the brutal truth, the no contact rule works because it gives everyone the opportunity to have a rethink about the relationship and see if there’s the need to come back together. After 30-day no contact with your ex, it is expected that your ex has had ample time of rethink, now misses you and will fall for your getting back together tactics. But this is never so for someone who is a dumper.

4. Do exes always come back?

Not always, but for some reasons, exes always come back, maybe when you’re not desperate about it. To get your ex back might not happen the way you expected it. It’s easier said than done and there’s no guarantee that your ex will always be seen begging to come into your life again.

There are possible reasons why exes come back when you least expect it. You might have the signs your ex is never coming back probably because you want an overnight result. Remember your ex didn’t just break up with you overnight, take some time to pull yourself together and be positive. Your ex is more likely to reach out to you when he finds out you’re not crazy and always engulfed in sadness about what happened.

5. Do guys miss you after a breakup?

Permit me to merge the question above with “do exes miss you?” The truth is that guys miss you after a breakup but might not show it. Unlike women who could be seen crying over a breakup and talk to some friends and get over a breakup quickly, recent research has it that it is even guys “men” who suffer the most after a breakup.

To the previous question “do exes miss you?” most likely, exes miss you especially when you’re no longer in their lives or seen stalking them. If exes are not showing signs they miss you a few days after the breakup, they’re simply angry and all they can think about is the negative side about you. They do this to avoid themselves feeling the pain of missing an ex “YOU”.

6. Can your ex fall back in love with you?

Yes, in about 89% out of 100. It is highly possible that your ex will fall back in love with you again no matter what has happened between the two of you in the past.
It is hard to move on from an ex, that’s why it is possible to fall in love with one person twice because they were a very big part of your life. You had a bond that makes getting back with him easier unless the established respect in the relationship is damaged, your ex can always fall in love with you again.

7. Should I say happy birthday to my ex?

Do not send happy birthday messages to your ex especially if you’re in no contact with them. Stop the texting, G-chat and calling. No contact means no contact in entirety.

If you’re not in the no contact period with your ex, but its been long you communicated with each other, it could be awkward to wake up and send a “happy birthday text to your ex”. Your ex might not reply to your text or might even leave you with a cold reply “thanks“.

Cosmopolitan serious warn that you should never text your ex “happy birthday“.

8. How do you make him want you back?

Forget about “how to make him come back fast” and focus more on pulling yourself together, give it time to consider if getting back again with him is a good idea.

Relationships end today for several reasons, most times people begin to find value only when they lost hold of what they have. It is much better to prevent a breakup than sweating yourself out trying to bring together a broken relationship.

It is true that there is expert advice ranging from getting yourself in shape to make him want you back, acting like you don’t care, making your ex jealous, how to ignore him to get his attention etc. Those things are easier said than done it usually take some time to make him want you back, be patient with the whole thing and see what it unfolds regardless of the number of articles you see every day claiming to teach you “how to get your man back fast“.

9. How do you know if your ex will come back?

There’s a good number of signs your ex will eventually come back. If your ex still contacts you over text, act jealous when he sees you hanging out with other guys, stay connected with you or even block you on social media and always trying to figure out if you’re into a new relationship, he still cares about you. If you’re the one doing all these often, then you’re still in love with your ex, if he’s the one showing up, they’re all clear signs your ex wants to come back for real.

10. How to make him regret breaking up with me?

I keep on repeating the NO CONTACT rule, I’m pretty aware of this, but I’m doing so to make sure it is well observed. To make him regret breaking up with you, be in no contact with him. Try to first of all build confidence and happiness, post your nice pictures on social media, mention your career/recent achievement that deserves applauds and spend time with other people “flirting around”, this will not only make your ex regret breaking up with you but also make him jealous.

11. Will my ex move on during no contact?

The female mind during the no contact rule houses a lot of questions to know if her ex has will move on during 30-day no contact rule or not.

When someone breaks up with you, it means they’re fed up and doesn’t need the relationship especially when there’s extremely bad action from your side like; cheating or abuse.

Your ex did not just come to the decision of leaving you overnight and it is very unlikely that they can be won back overnight. During no contact, your ex is left with the ample time to decide if it is really a good idea to get back together and this is possible when your ex misses you.

12. How long is the no contact rule after a breakup?

Experts recommend that you spend at least 4 weeks (30-day no contact) with your ex, this is to give room for everyone to rethink about the relationship and decide if getting back is a good idea. If your ex doesn’t miss you after 30-day no contact, it means they need more time to heal and recover from a breakup. I believe also that this answers your question on “how long should you not contact your ex?”

13. What to do when you really miss your ex?

Stop negative self-talk, stay busy, look back objectively, do not keep texting millions of times at a go, ask yourself if you’re really missing your ex and whether there’s the need to bring him back?

I keep repeating you should never be desperate about getting back your ex, there are a few things to try over text and see if it is possible to bring the both of you together rolling on the wheels of love. If it is impossible to bring back your ex, here’s a special guide on how to get over an ex you still love. Try out the following; let go of memories and the things that remind you of him or her, I know this is not easy but it is time to accept that he/she is gone and maybe he will come back someday if you’re meant to be.

14. Is it normal to miss your ex after 2 years?

Are you contacting an ex after 2 years? I have seen a lot of persons complain “I can’t get over my ex after 2 years”, “I can’t get over my ex-girlfriend after three years” and a friend recently sent a mail asking “why do I still think about my ex every day?”

There’s nothing wrong to miss your ex after 2 years, it is affirmative to do so especially if you were in a relationship for a long time and both had sweet memories and never wished the relationship ended that very way.

This provides a better answer to your questions on “why do exes come back when you moved on?” “do ex-boyfriends come back after months?” “do exes come back when you least expect it?” “How often do ex-girlfriends come back?”

Partners may stay together today and go separate tomorrow, but some are more unforgettable than others. Think about the bond and the time spent together. They’re all hunting your now and make you miss your ex years later. Getting back together with an ex years later is possible and normal. Missing an ex and getting back together with him years later, has a correlation with the moments shared and the long-lasting interest and burning desire to get back together with an ex.

15. What does it mean when your ex shows up in your dreams?

When you see your ex in the dream, it simply means that you still have memories of them in you or want to get back with you him. However different dreams about your ex, have separate meanings. It could be a dream in a fight with an ex, or dream about been ignored by your ex, etc. The Bustle has a detailed explanation of the meaning of dreams about your ex.

16. How can I move on without closure?

You’re the other half in the relationship, demand for closure. Be open to the possibility of reconciliation but not keeping your hope too high. Do not take all the blames, let go and more importantly give yourself the space to heal.

17. How do you live with your ex?

Living with your ex isn’t a good idea. But if there are unavoidable circumstance causing such and you wonder “how do you survive a breakup when you live together?” here are a few things to do if you plan to live with your ex.

Make clear boundaries, don’t bring dates home, do things separately like; cooking, drinking, and do not force small talks, never rush decisions. These options are reliable when it comes to how to survive a breakup when you live in the same house with an ex.

18. Why getting back with an ex never works?

Getting back with your ex never works especially when you fail to keep the rules of getting back with an ex, such as; the NO CONTACT RULE, stalking your ex etc. Many people today are reconciling with their ex using this guide “The ex reconciliation toolkit” if that didn’t work for you, you probably might be practising reasons not to get back with an ex instead.

19. How many percent of exes get back together?

Over the years, there are several getting back together with an ex statistics, trying to show the number of partners who broke up and get back together.

According to Dan Bacon a relationship coach he stated that:

  • In 2009 René Dailey from the Department of Communication Studies at the University of Texas, found that approximately 65% of U.S. college students had broken up and then gotten back together again.
  • A 2012 study conducted by S. Halpern-Meekin, W. D. Manning, P. C. Giordano, M. A. Longmore (Relationship Churning in Emerging Adulthood: On/Off Relationships and Sex With an Ex) published in the Journal of Adolescent Research found that 44% of young adults aged 17 to 24, reported breaking up and getting back together again, with 53% admitting to having sex with an ex.
  • According to a 2013 study conducted by Amber Vennum, an assistant professor of family studies and human services at Kansas State University, about 37% of couples living together, and 23% of married couples have broken up and then gotten back together again.
  • Earlier studies on married couples (Kitson, 1985; Wineberg & McCarthy, 1994), found that between 10-17% of married couples separated and then got back together again, and about 40% of separated married couples attempted a reconciliation (Bumpass, Castro Martin, & Sweet, 1991; Wineberg, 1996a).

Finally, some studies found that couples in less committed relationships were less likely to get back together again after a breakup than couples who were living together or married.

Although in his article “Breaking up and getting back together statistics” he claimed that getting back together statistics as stated above, are not 100% accurate. He further indicated that over the years, his experiences in bringing exes back exposed him to know there’s a greater chance of bringing even a larger number of persons together, which can be twice the above-stated statistics.

In other words, it means there are more “getting back together with ex success stories” which is contradictory to the shown “ex who got back statistics”.

20. Is getting back with an ex a good idea?

There’s nothing wrong with getting back with an ex, but you really have to first check if it is worth it? If your relationship with your ex is worth saving, then you have a big YES that getting back with an ex is a good idea.

Many couples that break up often get back together for some reasons, we often have no idea what the reasons are. Sometimes it could be they really have given themselves enough space only to come to a conclusion that going back to an ex is really worth it or they had a significant connection that they can barely afford living apart.

21. What are the stages of getting back together with an ex?

Do not make your ex-boyfriend scared to get back together with you. Here are the stages of getting back together with an ex you must follow if getting your partner back is a thing of concern to you.

22. What to do after you get back together with your ex?

One thing is to get your ex back, the other thing is to keep him/her in the relationship. So far as I’m concerned, there are several things that can make you lose your ex for the second time. To avoid getting and losing him over and over again, here are a few things to do when you get your ex back;

  • Don’t try reminding them about the past – you said you have forgiven and forgotten, so why then talk about it again?
  • Don’t hurt their feelings.
  • Stop the social media noise (posting the “my ex is back” kind of pictures on social media.

23. Questions to ask before getting back with an ex?

Ask your ex why the relationship ended in the first place, this is advisable if your ex just dumped you without a clear reason. If you’re aware of such reasons then no need to ask.

Other important questions to ask your ex-boyfriend before getting back together are; what did you learn during our time apart, during no contact period? Are you willing to work through problems from our past? This is just but a few of the questions to ask an ex before getting back.

As you seek to know the honest answers from your ex, avoid asking them questions on what happened in the past that can mess up with every other thing you’re discussing at the moment. Remember you’re asking to know how to shape yourself into the new relationship and not how to get him going apart again.

24. Should we get back together flowchart?

This is a typical illustration of what to do at every point in time while trying to get back together, it could be a flow chart on “should I call or answer my ex?” or “steps to follow when contacting an ex after 30-day no contact”.

Here’s an example of should we get back together flowchart?

25. How do you know if your ex secretly misses you?

It is possible that your ex still cares about you, there are several signs your ex misses you. your ex secretly misses you if he’s seen showing up often at places where you are, and tries to flirt with others (opposite sex) in your presence or text you often, this is just to mention but a few of the signs your ex secretly misses you.

26. What does it mean when your ex says he misses you?

If your ex says he misses you, it is an indication he’s still left with the feelings of your touch. He’s nostalgic about the good time you both spent together, he probably might want to come back to you or just reminiscing about the old good days and not sure yet if it’s a good idea getting back with you.

It is possible that an ex misses you but makes no effort like; to contact you, or ignores your text. This does not mean they can’t still get back to you if you both were really meant to be.

27. Do soulmates breakup and get back together?

More than likely, soulmates split up, they also reconcile and come back together at times. There’s usually no guarantee that soulmates who broke up with each other will definitely come back together but in most cases, it is easier for soulmates to fix issues and get back rolling on the wheels of love due to the deep connection between them.

The deep connection between soulmates is significant but this does not mean that they can’t hurt each other. This paragraph is particularly directed to those who asked do soulmate hurt each other?

Ever asked can soulmates forget each other? Research has shown that it is practically impossible for soulmates to forget each other, even if they stopped loving each other, it is not easy to let go off the good memories.

28. What are the best getting back together with an ex advice?

Today it seems we’re having many breaking relationships than ever, some of which wish they never broke up and now fighting their means to get back together. For these reasons and more, the internet today is infested with several “back together with an ex advice”, but here are the top two advice on getting back together with an ex that we recommend:

29. How to respond to an ex who says they miss you?

What will you do if your ex texts you and says he misses you?

If you receive “I miss you text” from your ex, it could be that he misses you, be true to yourself to indicate you miss him too. That’s if you really miss your ex. when you get such text from an ex, your response should depend on whether you’re already in a relationship. If he texts you during the no contact period, you’re advised to ignore texts from him.

NO CONTACT means drawing huddles across any form of communication with an ex. Here are 20 perfect responses to send when your ex texts you.

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