7 Actual Reasons Why Men Leave The Woman They Love

top reasons why men leave

It is daunting to understand why men leave the women they have relentlessly pursued for days so suddenly and are they solid reasons why men move away from the women they love? But the most daunting is not reading this post till the end.

Can a man forget the woman he loves? This has been one of the most popular relationship questions I have seen in different online forums, and you will find out why, on this post.

Most women tend to measure the amount of love a man has for them and question several other characters the man may present all these are set on an investigation to find out whether a man truly loves a woman or not, and if he’s the right partner. Asking to find out why men leave the woman they love is pertinent and I have seen myself asking the question “why will he leave if he loves me?” This was perhaps during the first breakup that thought me a bunch of things. My heart was shattered into pieces and I had to learn the hard way, how to stitch them myself.

In the quest to find out why men leave the women they love and to help provide a long-lasting guide to women, who are seen sad over a breakup and throwing questions to self on why would he leave now that we’re so much in love, what have I done wrong to deserve this? I did see a lot of people say that you have to find out whether a man is a commitment type or not, that he will leave definitely if he’s not.

The truth is that for both men and women, no one is ready to nurse a relationship that sucks, and that is why people will let go even when they still love you. A standard relationship is one in which everyone has equal responsibilities, no one should be left with the majority of the taking care, finance and making every aspect of it memorable.

Not all men would want to spend their entire life trying to fix the relationship dramas.

Let’s dive in:

Top reasons why men leave the women they love

1. Cheating

men leave the women they love when they cheat

Seeking pleasure outside is by far the number one reason why men leave the women they love.

There’s nothing like cheating where love exists, if there’s true love in your relationship, there won’t be cheating. But in most cases, men tend to mingle with women outside especially when they’re in a long-distance relationship, such men will end up having sex for fun or any other thing they may title it. This will definitely make them move away from the women they love because they’re getting attached to someone else.

Moreso, the rate at which some women are seen catching up with men these days, have escalated, women who’re seeking for financial support to have improved life. It is evident from the number of reports on women who are cheating on their boyfriend/spouse.

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2. Boredom

men pull away because you're boring

Is it that men get bored easily?

The truth is that it takes both partners to work hard and make the relationship interesting. It is never the work of one person to make the relationship exciting, everyone is expected to play a role. In some cases, the woman might be busy with her own life or career which will make the man feel he’s given less attention.

Here’s how to notice when boredom is catching up with your man: when he comes home late at night or not wanting to stay at home with you, he would rather choose to spend time with other of his friends outside.

Don’t be a boring partner, try out the following few things to make your relationship lively; you can plan a dinner night together, go to the gym together if your man is a gym type. You don’t necessarily have to gym, you can cheer him up too, what about great gift ideas for him, singing a new song or learning a few new things together? All these things might be little but trust me it creates a great bond and makes your man wanting to spend the whole of his life with you.

3. Lack of respect

disrespect make men leave the women they love

If a man is constantly criticized, ignored or compared with other men in a relationship, he will feel so insecure and will quest for better options.

In every relationship, a man deserves respect in as much as a woman does. It is wrong to think of beauty and sex as the viable means to keep a man, those things can get a man but will not keep him in the long run. When you see men pull away from beautiful women, it is a simple indication that she has no respect for the man.

Men like to be loved and respected, they want to be taken for who they’re and not to be compared with other men out there. Most women who respect their husband, have a good story to tell, as what every man deserve from a woman is RESPECT.

4. Your happiness depends on him

men move away if your happiness solely depends on them

Apart from your boyfriend/husband, what other thing makes you happy?

A great way to a better relationship is to imbibe things that bring happiness to it. Most relationship scolla[[se today because happiness is been extracted from it.

When a man begins to feel he’s the one responsible for making the relationship happy, he will consider it a burden and will likely withdraw regardless of how much he loves you.

The relationship becomes toxic when one person is left with the responsibility of taking care of the partner’s emotional state, and things fall apart when they get tired of the responsibility.

When you find out you’re not playing along and your partner is overworking himself to keep the relationship, you may need to re-adjust so you won’t lament “why did he leave me for her?

5. Sex near stop or brought to a stop

poor or no sex make men pull away from women they love

There’s a need for balance between need and desire for intimacy in a relationship.

Although there are situations where you will experience a decrease in sexual activities especially in a long term relationship. This is normal but there’s still the need for balance so as to make sure everyone’s need is actualized.

If you consider sex as a way of doing your partner a favour and can use it against them, by choosing when and what should be provided before you allow intimacy with your partner, then they’re likely to pull away from the relationship.

Most women tend to starve their partner with sex especially when there’s a little misunderstanding, but never has it solved a problem before. It replicates already existing problems and can end on a sad note.

6. He feels he’s being controlled

men pull away when they lack freedom in the relationship

Most women do not realize that it is their own behaviour that makes men leave. Men enjoy unabridged freedom.

When a woman is always nagging, complaining or over-demanding, it appears she’s trying to fix him. All these acts including providing solutions when it is uncalled for or dipping eyes into his matters, makes him feel you babysit him. Men don’t appreciate such in a relationship.

Most men run away from nagging women, when a woman nags, it makes the man feel he’s never doing anything right or incapable of making her happy. This is by far the number one put off for men, he will get worried and feel more or less like a kid.

Every man, at some point, would want to decide over certain things and be appreciated for his contributions in the relationship. If you don’t want him to leave even when he loves you and go in search for a greener pasture, then work on this and begin to show little appreciation and reduce constant nagging and complaints

7. Lack of communication

poor communication make men to pull away
Sometimes, you just have to keep the phone and other gadgets away and spend quality time together.

It appears that almost everyone is busy these days, and that’s why a majority are facing breakups in different forms.

The best way to a great relationship is through effective communication, it is true that we are so connected now but many still find it difficult communicating with their partner and this is why many relationships fail.

Learn the art of effective communication in a relationship if you don’t want your partner to pull away even when you think they’re deeply in love with you.

Talk to each other as many times as you can, even when both of you are at your separate offices, you can call or leave a text message behind. It keeps everyone fresh for the relationship, be honest and listen to what your partner has to say do not add a twist.

Top reasons why men pull away – Recap

  • Cheating
  • Boredom
  • Lack of respect
  • Your happiness depends on him
  • Sex near stop or brought to a stop
  • He feels he’s being controlled
  • Lack of communication

Let’s take a look at some of the bulging questions people ask on why men leave the women they love.

why did he leave me if he loved me?

It is possible that someone can be madly in love with you but still not be with you, not because he doesn’t want to spend his life with you. But because he did all he could but things never worked out for you both. So letting go was just the only option life has offered him and that’s why he left you, this does not in any way contradict he loved you.

Why did he break up with me if he still loves me?

A man can still let you go even if he loves you, and there’s usually no guarantee that he will come back after dumping you. This is more of the reasons you should value your current relationship before you lose and miss it thereafter.

Although, people keep saying “If he loves you he will come back no matter what” and while that’s sort of accurate, it doesn’t tell the whole picture. If he decides to leave you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he faked love or never loved you. He’s likely to consider that you both are not destined to stay.

How can someone say they love you and then leave?

That a person confessed his/her feelings for you, said how much they feel for you, doesn’t imply that he’s ready to get into a relationship and everything that might follow thereafter. At times, someone might decide to confess his/her feelings for you just to free their minds and doesn’t guarantee that the person who loves you is there to stay with you in the long run.

Find out how deep some loves you and know how deep the relationship should be, just to make sure you’re not overdoing a thing.


It is not all about falling in love but staying in it. You have seen how possible it is to make men pull away and reasons why guys run away when they fall in love.

Don’t always believe that men leave and come back, it is a common stereotype own to the movie character, a little mishap can ruin the relationship, always make sure your brainpower fixes things before a spread.

Women can easily attract a man, there’s usually no big deal here in doing such, but the most daunting aspect still remains “How to keep a man“.

Although covering relationship loopholes isn’t an easy task, it requires the initiative of both the man and the woman to achieve this great fix. It is pertinent for every woman to learn their man and find out other possible factors that can make a man leave suddenly.

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