How To Love Yourself Again – 10 Best Ways To Love Yourself Again With Ease

love yourself again

Since we started our “self-love” guides, a lot of questions have been dropping in by people who want to make the most out of life and today we’re here to talk about a post in response to the question “how do you learn to love yourself again?”

Are you finding it difficult to love yourself again? Search no further, this post is specially baked for you.

You use to be a loving and caring person who finds ample happiness in your very self but suddenly lost it all and finds it difficult to love yourself again after a breakup, or a great mistake in life. A bad past is often the reason why most people feel they can’t fall in love with themselves again. 

No matter the gravity of what has happened in the past, it is highly possible to fall in love with yourself again and become happy in life as you will be shown how to heal and love yourself again and again.

Best ways to love yourself again.

You may have challenges loving yourself again after a toxic relationship, after being cheated on, after having a baby, or sustaining an injury. I am very sure the following self-improvement tips will incredibly help.

1. Do not compare yourself with others

do not compare

The fastest theft of love, joy, and happiness is comparison, and most times they come to you in a negative manner. Wishing to be someone else is a way of allowing others to live your life for you, by the time you would realize what’s going on, you must have spent a whole lot of years living someone else’s life.

So, to fall in love with yourself again, you really have to be proud of yourself and made up your mind against negative comparisons.

2. Surround yourself with positive affirmations

be positive to everything

I wouldn’t want to see myself as the only one that positive words of affirmations have helped a long way even at the most difficult moment.

Most people today became so guide because they at least say some positive affirmations multiple times a day, before they leave home for work, as soon as they return or whenever they’re facing a challenge.

3. You are the only valid focus

you are the  most important person

This is not being selfish rather it is a way of paying maximum attention to yourself to discover the things you love and practice them. When you think you’re running out of options or have a change in job, schedule, or relocation not favorable to those things you love doing, incorporate some new stuff that will make you love yourself again and be happy.

4. Get something done by yourself

do things yourself

Self-care is underrated, to fall in love with yourself again, consider doing certain things on your own, you can treat yourself to a spa, spend some time at the beach, see a movie, hit the gym, take a walk down the street or spend some time reading memes and jokes.

5. Hack your mind

be spirited

Because of how unfavorable things turned out to be in recent times, it’s highly likely possible to have looked down on yourself in a variety of ways and have disbelief in your ability to accomplish a thing. It is time to apply a tremendous mind hack to uplift yourself from the pothole the downs of life have caused you.

If you understand how powerful the mind is and the role it plays in shaping your future and the attractions it builds around you, then it’s encouraging to rephrase all the negatives you usually say about yourself with the positive so the mind begins to print them for reflections.

6. Go out of the way and try something new

go out often

Life is too short to live it with fear. It’s the right time to explore new ideas and opportunities.

You can fall in love with yourself even by trying what scares you the most. Although risks should be calculated but not living is the riskiest form of life. Life is full of adventures, it is nice to explore them as many as you can, you will only do that when you have conquered fear and move out of your shell.

7. Express gratitude


Gratitude and thankfulness will bring you back to consciousness to recognize all the great and little things you have and ample reasons why you should be happy about your achievements. No matter how much you hate your life, you will gradually fall in love with yourself again if you begin to see things happening around you as motivation.

The honest truth is that life can never be what we want it to be, it’s also hard to have all that we want but there are a lot of people out there that don’t have what you have at the moment.

8. Forgive your past

forgive yourself

Understanding that you’re human and liable to make mistakes in life, both little and big mistakes will help you forgive your past self and fall in love with yourself again.

In life, especially in the course of learning something new, mistakes are almost inevitable, but learning from such mistakes and improving our daily lives from experiences gained, is the best thing to do to become better and happy.

9. Reach out to others

be kind and invest in others

Most people who achieved falling in love again with themselves did that through kindness, forgiveness, and being compassionate about people around them. 

When you’re inspired to be loving and kind to people, you will always want to know how you can help, and by making others feel relieved and happy, you’re transferring the same great feeling to yourself, to become happy and in love with yourself again.

10. Make a list of what you love about yourself

self love

It is pertinent to know how special you’re. Although there are circumstances that can make you only see your inabilities and that’s how falling in love with yourself again can be doubting but this can be curtailed if you begin to make a list of things that shows you’re spectacular.

Reading the list out loud standing before a mirror, can give you an incredible amount of boost to start up your day the right way and achieve more today simply because you’re seeing a whole lot of potentials in you and reasons to love yourself, again and again, no matter what.

Over to you…

What made you fell out of self-love in the first place, and which among the self-improvements tips to love yourself again do you think is the most challenging for you at the moment? We would be more than happy to hear from you in the comment box below!

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