How To Make A Girl Fall For You On Whatsapp

how to make a girl fall in love with you on WhatsApp

Do you wish to tell a girl you love her on Whatsapp but aren’t sure how? 

This post will provide you with some useful ideas for impressing girls solely through your text messages.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for guys, especially if it’s a girl you’re keen on. It’s simple to wow a female on Whatsapp, especially if you know exactly what she wants to hear. 

All social networking is a minefield, especially when talks take place over WhatsApp chats and text messages, where it’s all too simple to be rejected or accepted depending on how great your talking tips with a new lady are.

Furthermore, most guys are concerned that they may say something inappropriate when sending a message that would communicate a false idea. Worse yet, she might not even realize you’re flirting with her.

Believe me when I say that we all have these fears. To make a girl fall in love with you through chatting on WhatsApp, you have to solve the puzzles of selecting the best topics to talk about with a girl through chat, that will hold her attention while sending seductive messaging that will not be misinterpreted as sleazy or she may quickly lose interest.

How to make a girl fall in love with you on WhatsApp status/chat

Does it appear to be a daunting task to you, to tell a girl you love her on WhatsApp or at least get her interested in you? Welcome to the club but don’t worry, because I’m going to tell you 12 Ways to Impress the Girl of Your Dreams today.

1. Select an attractive background image for your display photo

The first step to making a girl fall in love with you on Whatsapp status is by choosing a beautiful display image (also known as a DP in WhatsApp lingo).

Use your finest selfie, such as a picture of you doing something exciting or a picture of a cool place you visited. While a beautiful display photo and witty status will help you make a very good first impression, the goal is to have a decent discussion.

for example, you could use a photo of yourself rocking on the guitar as your DP, if you enjoy playing the guitar. When in doubt, flash your pearly whites with a selfie headshot including your greatest smile. 

If you don’t want to use a photo of yourself, you might use a favorite comic figure, sportsman, or piece of art as your DP.

2. Check out her profile on social media

To start up a conversation with a girl on Whatsapp, you need to learn more about her interests by following her on social media.

Checking up someone’s social media pages is now a common component of getting to know them. Look through the social media accounts of the girl you want to impress, to get a sense of her likes and dislikes.

Knowing her hobbies will aid you in initiating and maintaining a discussion with her.

3. Message her at the right time

Communicating on WhatsApp late at night is a good place to begin. You’ll charm any girl you chat with on WhatsApp if you’re sincere, bold, and respectful. 

The evening is a perfect time to make a girl fall for you when she has a boyfriend because most ladies have less activity going on at that time of the day which makes it easy to steal her heart.  

Moreover, when she goes to sleep, she’ll be thinking about you all day long.

A good morning message, on the other hand, is a terrific approach to let her know you’re thinking about her.

4. Build your communication around what you have in common

There are so many fun topics to chat with a girl on Whatsapp, you could start by saying something positive about activities you both share. 

You might also strike up a discussion by telling them about your day. In addition to that, you could make a great comment about things she holds dear to her heart.

Ask her respondents to indicate that you’re interested in learning more about her, similarly, You do not have to fake to enjoy chatting to her if you like her and want to wow her. 

Truthfulness goes a long way, and if you truly want to get to know her, you’ll find it much simpler to continue a nice discussion.

5. Create a clean atmosphere

No girl would love to chat with a dirty mind guy who is behaving inappropriately to her immediately away. 

Women enjoy being treated as unique individuals but to make a girl fall madly in love with you online, you should understand that most women despise it when a guy starts talking filthy right away.

There are some situations in which you can use the dirty language of your choice but now is not one of them. 

To get started, think about what you want to say and make it playful and entertaining. This will undoubtedly pique her interest and keep her chatting with you.

As time goes on, you’ll have the chance to take this WhatsApp conversation to the next level. The only appropriate way to go at first is to keep it clean. 

No girl likes to listen to a nasty person ramble on about obscene topics. You’ll never hear from her again as soon as the sunsets.

6. Don’t forget to compliment her

Give her a compliment that demonstrates you are paying attention to her if you want to impress her.

Rather than using a standard pick-up line, mention something specific that demonstrates you’ve noticed something special about her find words to make her feel special.

For instance”I like how you did your hair today,” or “You made such a wonderful point in history class, likewise just find things to say to a girl to make her want you more.

7. Keep your message short and interesting

Keep this notion in mind at all times, It is critical to learn how to converse with a girl without boring her with sweet things to say to your girlfriend in a text. 

When people are chatting on WhatsApp and waiting for long responses, boredom can hit quickly. Rather than expecting your lengthy communications to arrive, this is more likely to keep her fascinated and less likely to weary her.

Let’s start with a simple greeting such as “hello” or “hey.” Perhaps you could tell her things to make a girl blush over text.

There’s no need to tell her everything if she asks if you’ve had a good day. Simply express your gratitude. A winner is always short and sweet. 

If you just say your day was excellent, she’ll be more interested in asking what you’ve been up to, who you were with, and other such queries. 

8. The conversation should be more about her than you

Instead of talking about yourself, ask her questions. Who wants to listen to someone who only talks about themselves? Show her that you’re interested in learning more about her.

It’s acceptable to tell her about yourself, especially if it’s related to something she’s said, but don’t take over the conversation.

You could inquire about her hobbies, favorite places to visit, whether she has siblings, or her favorite songs and bands just to keep the conversation alive.

9. Make use of her given name

A lover’s favorite song is generally the sound of her name. Throughout your talk, make sure you don’t misspell the girl’s name.

Making a mistake early is a proven way to lose your opportunity before it even exists. No girl wants to be under the impression that she is receiving a message that a boy is sending to every lady that he knows. 

It’s enough to say, “Hey, Lisa.” Maintain a light and happy tone meanwhile you must always write her name correctly and utilize the exact spelling. 

Mistakes like this will make her lose interest and end things right away. If you make this error, you can kiss any chance of furthering your relationship with this lady goodbye. She must believe that she is the only one of her kind in your life.

10. Make her laugh

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Humor should never be underestimated as everyone loves to chuckle when reading messages on WhatsApp.

Girls appreciate a man who can make them laugh, and this is a sure method to impress her without having to work too hard. 

Now, this does not mean that you should go beyond and tell stupid jokes, but humorously teasing a female can keep her engaged while conversing on WhatsApp. 

This also contributes to her feeling more at ease and, as a result, more attracted to you. Funnily making light of yourself is sure to bring a smile to her face as well as pique interest in you.

 Keep in mind not to go overboard. Humor is fun, but if she gets the feeling that you won’t take things seriously, she might be offended.

11. Don’t get too worked up over sending her a message. 

It can be tough to break the ice, but loosen up and don’t intellectualize it. Take it easy, be yourself, and remember that not trying too hard is the best way to impress someone. 

Simply say hello and ask for clarification the first time you text her to get things started. Understand that she might just be engaged if she doesn’t respond immediately away. It’s not the end of the line if she doesn’t react at all. 

12. Flirt as much as you can

Flirting is frequently what drives you over the line between who she views to be a friend and someone who could be a romantic interest for her. 

Remember to keep flirtation clean and modest when speaking on WhatsApp in the beginning. She isn’t your lover; she is simply someone you like. 

Flirting makes a female feel unique and is a terrific approach to start a relationship off on the right foot. To get your wooing off the ground, use gentle teasing, flirtatious humor, and subtle complimentary compliments to win her heart.

Final words:

I hope you enjoyed the above tips on how to make a girl fall for you on WhatsApp, kindly share with friends if you find it helpful, and do not hesitate to share your opinions or ask questions using the comment box below.

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