What you tell yourself every day will either make or mar you. You can be all that you want to be and there’s great power in words of affirmations.

Sometimes, getting into the negative circle of feeling depressed and worthless, anxiety, and low self-esteem can be inevitable. Finding positive things about yourself during trying times can be a hard nut to crack, but nothing can beat the tremendous work of positive affirmations.

Affirmations are capable enough to shape your mind for the achievement of incredible success in life especially when you believe these positive words are powerful and can do wonders as you say them daily.

Whether you are having difficulties in life currently or need to work on something great, there are crucial things to remind yourself every morning as you wake from sleep, to change your perspective positively.

Honestly, life is not a bed of roses but more than inspirational quotes, when you imbibe these 5 self-affirmations into your everyday practice, you will be surprised about your discoveries on the potentials you have to become a great person in life. You can do this while standing before a huge mirror (you’re doing it my style when you say these powerful things to tell yourself in the mirror), every morning before leaving the house or when you’re back from work, and any time you feel you need strength to believe in yourself again.

1. I am on the journey to becoming the best version of myself

Let your inner voices remind you that you’re working on something great and any meaningful project you’re embarking on, requires time to perfect. whatsoever your dreams are, and whatsoever the huddles might be, always remind yourself that the challenges you meet on your way, are essential ingredients preparing you for your shine.

It might not be easy, it might appear so hard to encourage yourself during hard time. Remember to always keep positive attitude, that’s the secret behind the success of both great men and women.

2. I am simply the best

Regardless of the situations around you, do not give in to negative thoughts, feeling depressed, hopeless, and helpless won’t be the best resort. Give yourself a boost every morning by saying “I am simply the best“, not only does it help you build positive self-confidence, it will help you get rid of negative comparisons.

3. I deserve the best

This very positive affirmation will incredibly encourage you not to give up on your big dreams regardless of your shortcomings and uphill battle you may face trying to make the most out of life. You deserve the best and nothing can be compared with your happiness and peace of mind. Whatsoever you desire in life, is achievable.

4. I have better days ahead

If you are having a bad day today, never give up. Be positive enough to see tomorrow as an unwrapped box filled with great opportunities for you to become even better.

5. I believe in the beauty of my dreams

Do you find it difficult to believe in yourself? This daily affirmation will prompt you to believe in the possibility of becoming more in life. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” have a strong belief in yourself even when others don’t. In the words of Napoleon Hill, “whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve“. Always say “I believe in the beauty of my dreams” and have this powerful affirmation in your mind for there’s pure power in thoughts.

Listen to your inner voice and what it’s saying, you heard something positive or negative? Let the transformational words contained in this post give your self-esteem a boost and help you bring your big dreams into reality. Regardless of the challenges you may face trying to have a better life, let your daily self-talk include any or all of these 5 things to say to yourself daily.