This is a special guide for men who love visiting the strip clubs. You don’t have to break your relationship because you frequent strip clubs like me.

Just as women are a mystery to men, so are men to women. Men are visual being, they could be seen trooping in and out of different strip clubs, maybe for the fun of it “seeing temptress dancers”, or to satisfy their fantasies. While some women are not usually comfortable with this, they sort to know subtle reasons why men like going to the strip clubs.

There are so many strip joints today than ever and men with the money would like to go and feed their eyes with the sexiness it has in content and spread some dollars to be hailed at the club. It seems this makes a lot of men happy but there could be a problem with this, it can break your relationship with your woman, if she’s the type that doesn’t embrace her man watching half-naked ladies going up and down the poles at night.

Almost every man would like to attend a strip club, if not frequently, maybe in rare cases except where he lacks the finance or its totally unacceptable by his significant other.

To create a balance between what the man wants and how the woman feels over it, here are some helpful strip club tips for men who love going to strip clubs. Remember we’re geared towards making sure your pleasure as man “$20 pleasure” doesn’t cattyvamcup what you both have built over the years.

Strip club tips for men who love it all

I’m a man and I go to strip clubs near me, this never in any way lead to problems with my significant other I will share the exact tips with you so you can copy that and keep your relationship safe while enjoying exotic displays from skilled stripers.

1. Attend a strip club with her

You wouldn’t want to make her wonder what happens in VIP rooms and decide for herself. There could be a misleading judgement.

It’s not just men who like going to strip clubs, most women enjoy watching strippers perform on stage. You simply have to find out if your partner would want to sit right there with you and watch them stripping in the club.

Take her with you, if she’s interested in seeing strippers display, it will build more trust and confidence in her and it will make your acts to be guided. Moreover, your partner is here and you wouldn’t want to be caught misbehaving at the strip club.

Don’t even be surprised if she allowed those ladies to give you a lap dance in the club. I know this is capable of blowing your mind, but some women out there don’t get bothered over another lady giving their husband/boyfriend a lap dance in their presence. They consider getting a lap dance appropriate when in a relationship, this could be because it’s happening in their presence and there’s nothing else attached to it.

2. Keep your hands down and your tongue in your mouth

It’s very easy to see boobs flash on you from the stage at the strip clubs, and after the dance she “the stripers” might decide to take a walk around and now you’re near boobs when she draws very close to you. Does that get you aroused? Most men are easily aroused by the strippers when they get close to them or give a lap dance. I suggest that you keep your hands down and your tongue in your mouth “don’t be a talkative at the strip club too”. This will perhaps save you a bunch of stress.

3. What are the rules and regulations of the strip club?

Regardless of how much you want to tip for a stripper, it is pertinent to note that some strip clubs do not allow people to tip money while strippers are on stage, you can do that when they walk around by putting it in their dresses. Whereas in some other strip clubs around, it is a must that you tip money only when they’re on stage.

There are a few other things to check like; is it legally okay to take pictures in a strip club? Should I make a request from the DJ or offer to buy dancers a drink? To have ample information on things to do and things not to do will definitely help you keep your relationship with her. Do not do things she’s not comfortable with or things that will land you into troubles. You wouldn’t want it to get to your woman you defaulted at the strip club and landed a few hundred in fines or legal fees.

In Summary…

The truth is that going to a private dance together with your wife will attract an extra payment. If you’re considering cost and would like to attend private dance alone while she’s busy with other things at home, you should take this as a special guide or strip club etiquette to observe regardless of how often you visit the strip club and how familiar you’re getting with the club manager and special strippers.