21 Best Instagram Story Ideas To Impress Your Crush

how to impress your crush on Instagram stories

Instagram is a social media app for messaging, uploading photos and videos. It has different features such as photographic filters, videos, Igtv, reels, Instagram stories, live videos, and many more.

Instagram story is a feature that allows users to post images or a short clip, which expires after 24 hours, but stays on your highlight when saved. It is similar to Instagram stories.

First, before I get deep into this article and drop the tips. I would like to elucidate the meanings of some of these.

Do you have a crush on this app that you’re looking to impress in your Instagram stories?

Crush meaning

A crush means to have a romantic infatuation with someone. It’s often with someone you do not know that much and most times it’s unbeknownst to that person. 

But do not forget that not all crushes are romantic, a person might have a crush on you romantically or platonically.

Again it’s not a bad thing to do or feel.


If you impress someone or someone is impressed by your act, it means the person feels great admiration for it.

Let’s dive in:

Having a crush on someone is cute, you have this giddy feeling when you see them. Your eyes squint, your shoulders slouch, and you smile at them. He or she seems to be the only one walking in the hallway. As he walks in slow motion in your fictitious mind, the birds begin to chirp and you hear this soft music. You can’t help but think about how perfect they are.

Alright, wake up! (Snap my fingers)

To impress your crush means you have decided to make a move. And if don’t do it right, you won’t make a good impression and that’s bye-bye to the crush I once loved.

Below are listed Instagram story ideas to impress a crush. And maybe lucky for you when you try out these, he or she might exit the crush group and become your girlfriend or your boyfriend.

21 Instagram story ideas to impress your crush – how to impress your crush on Instragram stories.

1. Follow them.

For you to impress your crush, you have to follow him or her. You’re not a stalker who secretly sneaks in to watch their activities and sneak back off. You have to follow them and work on getting them to follow back, so you can work on impressing them, if fortunate you might get them not to be your crush anymore, but the love of your sweet life.

2. They follow back.

For you to get your crush to notice you, and view your Instagram stories. He or she will have to follow you back for that to happen.

I will advise you to make it possible and here’s a way to do that.

  • Comment on their post.
  • Actively follow their Instagram activities.
  • React to their stories.

Doing these would one day attract them to check on your page and of course, follow you back. This takes us to number 3.

3. Private account.

When your account is private, your crush wouldn’t be able to know who or what you are. So it is reasonable to unlock your private account to enable them to see that person who has been actively following them and liking their pictures.  Luck on your side, they follow you back.

And that’s where you set to pursue your goal which is to impress them.

4. Post your recent picture.

Upload your recent picture. Maybe you’re busy drawing, on the way to the film house, seeing a football match, in a spa, hanging out with your friends. It’s a sneak peek into what your daily activities look like.

5. Do an interactive poll.

On Instagram stories, there are a lot of features to choose from, to engage your followers but in this case to impress your crush. Which could make him or her start a conversation with you. Some Instagram story interactive games are;

Poll questions. (What do I rather see? A Cartoon or a Documentary?)
(Drake’s Certified Lover Boy or Kanye’s Donda?)

This or that. ( vanilla or chocolate)
                        (Tacos or pasta)
                        ( Fruits or Veggies)

Dares. Here are incredible list of dares to pick from.

6. Post memes.

You can post funny memes, gifs, and videos to your story. A good one. It shows your Crush that you’re someone with a good sense of humor. 

7.  Show your skill.

Is there something you’re good at? Yes? Try to exhibit your talent. Show off what you’ve got. Your crush would know that out of Instagram,  you’ve something good going in reality.

8. Share interesting reals.

Instagram has added reels as a feature. You can now make reels on the app. And if you do not want to share your reels, then you can repost other’s interesting reels. You can find these in reels: funny reels, life motivation, zodiac, recreation videos. It’s just a 60 seconds clip similar to TikTok.

9. Post something he/she likes.

Your crush you said? You must have known or noticed what he/she likes. Does she like to read? Does he love skillet beef and broccoli ramen? And you can prepare this food? It is time you put that right foot forward, surprisingly you might even get a direct message from them.

10. Repost him/her.

Do you know reposting their pictures or any of their uploaded post, ( please not the one you dug out from year’s ago, you don’t want to come out as a stalker) with a caption either complimenting him/her or reposting it and saying nothing. Can draw their attention towards you, if possible the person will be impressed to have you appreciating them.

Another way to do this is by writing a quote which this person has said, in your stories using the Instagram writing tools. Then you can go ahead and tag them. Great right?

You can also circle out their caption in one of their post, that which interests you, and repost it in your story. Great also right?

11. Be aesthetic.

Aesthetics is beautiful, everything about it is. You can create aesthetics from beautiful scenery, a picture of a sky, an animal, arts, flowers, and many others. You can make a quote or interesting captions in any of them. Truly I think personally that aesthetics are alluring because it appreciates beauty. Try this it will help.

12. Take a good picture.

Just like I mentioned in the previous one, being aesthetic makes you take a lot of other pictures. You don’t just focus on humans, every little thing matters and deserve to be captured by that lens. It could be the water droplets on your window or a pigeon perched on a tree close to your neighbor’s house.

13. Don’t be too active.

Make your crush believe you have a life outside social media. Take a break and get busy with your other daily activities. If it’s hard for you, maybe you need someone to remind you that you’re set to impress your crush.  That doesn’t help?

Ok, what about going off and letting them miss you? Let your absence be noticed.

Does that help now? Yes? Good!

14. A picture with your family.

It’s also a sneak peek into your life, your crush would see that you’re someone who is surrounded by love, and someone who is loved. Take those vacation pictures, dinner, holiday, or a simple visit at home. Take pictures with your cute little brother or sister. Get to make a beautiful video with them, your crush would be smiling at this feature of you.

15. React on their stories.

It’s as simple as that. React with an emoji or compliment them.

16. Be yourself.

Because you’re looking to impress, doesn’t mean you should lose yourself in that quest. Do the things you would usually do and love to do. Don’t be another person because you want to impress someone else. Don’t do what you’re not comfortable with, or say or do something you wouldn’t say in person. What you do might be unique and attractive to them, which is quite impressive when you see someone being who they truly are.

17. Use stickers and Gifs.

Use stickers and gifs to express your reaction or action towards a certain thing. There’s something about using gifs and stickers, when used in response to an action, funny bizarre act, whatever it is, it adds extra humor to whatever was said or done. It represents your feeling or action, thereby making someone who sees it, imagine what your reaction would be in real life. Instagram stories offer lots of stickers and gifs options to add humor to your story.

18. Be goofy.

Set your soul free. Be goofy. Take fun pictures, here you’re just relaxed and having fun, making funny faces. It could be a picture or a video of you dancing on your tippy-toes, swinging your arms like the bird’s feather. You can take pictures like this with your friends, your family, your colleague at work. Showing that in between work you can still have fun. Instagram has a lot of fun filters, there’s a boomerang, a 1-2 second clip that loops. I believe your crush will be impressed to know you must be fun to be with.

19. Solicit suggestion.

Through the use of Instagram polls, you can ask questions where people are to respond to you. You can ask for a song recommendation, or write about a situation you’re in and ask what would they do if they were you. Certainly, people will begin to air their views. There’s a possibility that your crush would be one of them. He or she may be by now has seen you’re someone they could talk to because you’ve left a lot of impressions printed on their heart.

20. Show off.

I am not talking about being proud. What I am on, is for you to show off your best features, your similes, your dimples, your body.

Show off how good-looking you are.

21. Use a friend’s help.

Your friend is your friend and so when you need help, he or she should be available to come to your aid. It is just you guys’ little secret. They can make up a write-up about you and post it, where you repost it swooning over the beautiful write-up (Did you just tsk and call it fake?)

Well, anything innocent to impress your crush, heavy on the innocent.

But then no one is forcing you to use this tip. Like I said earlier you shouldn’t do what you’re not comfortable with, just to impress.

There they are, try them and do them right, your beautiful or handsome crush would be so much impressed by you.

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