How to spend quality time with your partner?

how to spend quality time with your boyfriend

Every healthy relationship deserves proper care and attention that’s why people who have good relationship experiences are people that have mastered the art of spending more quality time with their partner.

Don’t make your partner hate to love, do not make them wish they never dated you. Putting a smile on the face of your partner can make them want to dance the “latest country song” with you. That’s a positive one instead.

It doesn’t end on asking a lady “can I have a piece of your love” it goes beyond that, involving the amount of time you both spend together and how available you will be at her becks and calls. This is possible only when you know why spending quality time with your partner is important.

Not only girls need love, but men also do, no matter how men try to pretend about your absence been OKAY in the relationship, the truth is that they really need your quality time with them.

What is Quality Time?

I don’t mind to climb the peak of the mounting and echo “I am spending quality time with my love” here’s why?

Quality time in a relationship is used to mean the amount of time you pay undivided attention to someone you love, someone close to you or family member to achieve something great.

Spending quality time in a relationship isn’t just all about what you will gain. You’re wrong if that’s your definition of quality time with your girlfriend/boyfriend.

In other words, quality time is the moment you and your partner spend together that makes you feel more connected, concerned and much more in love with them. This is why quality time is important in every relationship. But most times, the problem is how to get your boyfriend to spend more quality time with you. Invite him to read this special guide along with you or share this post to him.

After our researches, we observed the importance to learn how to set boundaries with your significant other for quality time, we also advise that it should be positive boundaries, setting boundaries in a relationship can be healthy and unhealthy too.

Healthy boundaries in a relationship to spend more quality time with your partner, can include open and honest communication, and accepting endings. While a good example of an unhealthy boundary in a relationship is jealousy and unable to express what is wanted.

However, we shall talk more on the impact of creating boundaries with your partner for a quality time later on this post.

How do you spend more quality time with your partner?

I a relationship expert and have been married for over 25 years now, living happily with my partner. Today, I will share the 17 uncommon ways to spend quality time with your partner.

It is true that we’re not the oldest partners in the world, we just did our 25th marriage anniversary at that was great. I did think it is a good idea to share with everyone these secrets behind.

1. Workout together

Becoming workout partners is the best way to spend more time with your partner. Although working out contributes to you being healthy and increase your lifespan to carry on with your daily activities.

How much time does your partner spend during morning workout? Busy couples who are on a 9-hour job can spend quality time together during a morning workout.

Even if he’s the only one who’s always going to the gym in the relationship, make out some time to join him and exercise your body or cheer him up as he lifts. This is a sure way to spend quality time with your boyfriend at home or husband who likes exercise.

2. Do it together in the kitchen

Make meals together, most couples who cook together end up having a romantic date night at home.

The best method to spend quality time with her is in the kitchen, you can light up the moment by playing your favourite song while she cooks.

It doesn’t mean that you will become a cook anytime soon or helping her it the kitchen is bringing yourself down. Learning is constant and you can do this just for fun.

Make sure you spend quality time with her in the kitchen and don’t be surprised if she teaches you how to make pasta or your favourite french meal.

That’s lovely, isn’t it?

Regardless of how long it took to get the meal done, whether it turns out sweet or not, the sweet feeling is that you were able to participate fully in spending quality time with your spouse and it creates a good atmosphere.

3. Teach your partner how to

My husband thought me how to swim, I enjoy swimming together with him, and I wasn’t going off the pool anytime soon. Since I wasn’t good at swimming, he wasn’t okay leaving me at the pool. So he has to stay around with me to make sure I am safe.

To teach your partner how to do something they’re interested in learning is a great way to spend quality time with them.

If your husband knows how to play hockey and it is the favourite sport you watch frequently on TV. You will find out that asking him to teach you, is a good method to spend more quality time with him.

4. Effective use of time

So long as time ticks fast and in our marriage life we show this tendency to spend time together with our partner in the morning, we need to do what the time says, not just to “watch the clock“.

Most partners, especially in a new relationship, have greater chances of exhibiting the “I need you around me always” symptom. This is normal especially in a new relationship until proven otherwise.

There’s nothing wrong with spending quality time with your partner in the morning. Or always wanted to spend more quality time with him/her before going to work. This should not be mistaken with the “my partner is clinging on me” case.

Here’s what to do:

To enjoy quality time with your partner in the morning or before work, make sure you wake up on time and do your home chores. Get things you will need for the day’s work-ready. Keep those items at a place you won’t forget easily while trying to rush out for work.

Once everything is set fast, you can look at the clock again and see that you have enough time left to spend with your partner at home before work.

Now you can engage in some intimate talks/activities to make the day at work filled with lovely memories that will always make you both want to rush back home immediately after work.

5. Fun-filled date nights

One of the reliable relationship tips I learned is to include a date night as a weekly routine. This works well in different types of relationship and it is a more fulfilling way of showing love to your partner. Especially when you’re always busy at work in the daytime.

Here are some date night tips:

  • Check out a new restaurant – this is part of trying something new in the relationship. It will give your partner a wow feeling.
  • Get the favourite movies pilled up – What was the first movie you watched on your first date? Include it and other interesting ones to have a movie marathon for the date night. We recommend movies that won’t get you both to sleep.
  • Play games together – Let’s see who wins, and who tries to cheat playing your favourite games.
  • Tell interesting stories – Romantic date night stories on how you met your partner and what was on your mind at the beginning of the relationship, will restore your faith in love.

These great date night ideas will perhaps make the moment a lovely one. It is not just about spending a lot of time with your partner but making it worth the time. We can always remember the best time we spend with our partner because of the memory it creates, that’s why relationships need quality time.

6. Stay away from the phone

Not just the phone but other devices/gadgets that you’re already getting addicted to.

If you’re the type that’s always on the phone, and would always want to respond to every single beep from the phone. Even when you’re supposed to be having a nice time, kindly keep off the phone.

However, you can be right to indicate that you use your smartphone for playing lovely music or wants to show your partner a lovely video clip. But is your phone good for the relationship at the moment?

First, ask “is phone good for my relationship?“. To avoid unnecessary chats and calls at the moment you’re having some quality time with your partner.

7. What’s your partner thinking?

A good way to a healthy relationship is been observant to realise when your partner needs something but don’t know how to say it.

If you’re a busy bee type of person who’s always coming home with unfinished office jobs, gets busy working at home on the unfinished jobs until late night, or you stay up late at night. It will definitely interrupt the spending of quality time with your love.

If that’s the case, here are some relationship symptoms to know when your partner is expecting to spend quality time with you.

  • Frequent calls – Your partner wants you always on the phone whenever you go out or distant.
  • Family first – When your partner says this, it simply mean you’re beginning to prioritise work over your relationship. Otherwise of this, isn’t safe too. Your partner could lose their job, you need to create balance in the relationship so everything will fit appropriately.
  • Distance – If you relocated without your partner, maybe for a while or a number of days, it’s obvious you’re now in a long-distance relationship. Don’t feel relax that your partner understands, it could make them depressed even if they’re not talking about it. Make out time to visit and spend some quality time with them.

If you’re observant with the way your partner reacts, you will know when they’re missing you so badly and also the subtle breakup signs they’re up to something else.

8. Visit the pet store

I spend most of my free time watching random best funny cat videos online, my partner thought it will be a good idea to visit a pet store and have a pair of cats.

Guess what? We named that cats after our favourite movie character Rose and Jack – Titanic. This works great for us and rebuilds our love and commitments to each other.

Get a pair of your favourites pet, give it a name that reminds both of you how far you have gone to make love work. You have to know if your partner is allergic to pets or not before you think of having one.

If your relationship is not working, it might be that you’re not spending enough quality time with your partner. Remember how love brought both of you together and love supersedes all.

9. Get funny

Acting crazy in a relationship could be fun, here’s a healthy one the “pillow fight”.

Regardless of your profession, are you; a lawyer or a clergy? Kindly leave your profession aside, do not bring it into marriage it away too forward of looking so serious or mean in a relationship,

Your partner should see the fun part of you and how weird you can act playing with them. You already have some soft pillows, if you don’t you can order some online, engage in a pillow fight with your partner and find out you end up feeling better than ever.

10. Learn how to kiss

We’re not saying that you don’t know how to kiss, if you don’t or you already know how to give a better kiss, then here’s more to it.

Regardless of how long you have been with your partner, do not take intimacy for granted.

Learn how to always give a kiss, a morning kiss with your partner can keep them fresh for the working environment and thoughts about you will surround their mind.

It doesn’t just end in kissing your partner or trying to spend quality time with your boyfriend at home, you should be more creative about it. An unexpected kiss and a body massage starting from the neck works best for many partners.

Everything should be simply placed on the basis of how to make the intimacy in a relationship worth the while and memorable.

11. Set boundaries in the relationship

You don’t want to appear like you have lost ownership of your own very self, you don’t want to see yourself doing things you’re not comfortable with just to please him or her.

Due to individual difference, your partner might have a different perception about a variety of things that will not fit well with your type of lifestyle in marriage.

Setting boundaries in a relationship help to indicate everyone’s responsibility sand makes the relationship a healthy one especially when it is healthy relationship boundaries.

The expression about intimacy, money, settling arguments, time management, social media and co should be discuses and a mutual agreement reached on why everyone will act in a manner that is accepted by both parties.

12. Go on vacation

You can plan a trip to a nearby city probably the one your partner has been longing to visit.

There no need waiting to have your leave approved from your workplace before you can travel around with your partner. You can travel to a nearby city during the weekend with your partner and on interesting places where the breeze is cool and birds sing love songs while you watch the sunset together.

Getting your leave letter approved so you can spend more quality time with your partner is ideal where it is easily obtainable. But let it do not hinder you from the weekend travelling with your spouse.

13. Join a dance class together

Dancing is part of love, it is amazing to have a dance with your partner or watch them dance.
If one of you or the both, don’t actually know how to dance, a dance class will make you learn the art of dancing and never feel shy facing to your favourite music.

While in the dance class, you turn our to discover a lovely moment with your partner as you salsa and tango together.

14. Go biking together

Don’t do the biking alone, come along with your partner and join a group of other bikers.

Remember the purpose of this, is to have an engaging time spent with your partner, you’re not in any competition to win a trophy. To catch more fun you can bet that you will rise faster than your partner, so your interest should be only on your partner’s biking.

Do not try to engage in biking competition with other bikers and leave your spouse behind or unchecked.

15. Go to the local pool

You already read the story of how swimming made me have a more quality time with my husband. He was the one who taught me how to swim.

Going to the local pool is a nice idea if you really want to spend enough time with your partner.
It’s not a matter of who knows how to swim or not, you can make use of their safety kits, who cares if you’re an expert in swimming or not.

You can just have your body soaked in the pool, watch other people swim and light up your moment with laughter’s splashing water in each other.

16. Go for a comedy show

Allow others to put a smile on your face and that of your partner.

It costs a little amount of money to pay for a comedy ticket, you don’t really have to go for the VIP tickets to have fun.

That’s because you don’t want to be scared about the cost of spending quality time with your partner. You can order for the regular ticket and have some money to order for your favourite date night wine to sip as you enjoy the comedy.

17. Watch your footage together

Do you still have videos about the beginning of your relationship?

Lookup for them in your marriage archive/folder, this is a video you can’t find on Netflix. Once you finally see them, play it and watch together with your partner.

It will be more fun if it is a surprise, recorded with a hidden camera, that’s to say, your partner didn’t know you have the lovely moments on record.

They will sit right there with you and watch till the end. What a quality time to spend with your partner?
If you don’t have any relationship footage with your partner, stage doing so now.


At this point, we’d believe you have been able to see why relationship needs quality time and how you both can make more out of a happy relationship living and caring for each other.

It creates sweet memories for a long-lasting relationship. Everyone has a role to play in order to achieve a satisfactory relationship goal.

How do you spend quality time with your boyfriend or spouse at home? Feel free to share with us through the comment box below, the experiences you have gained.

If you find this post helpful, do not hesitate to share with your friends on social media. They might be in dare need of these tips to better their relationship life experiences.

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