How To Break Up With Someone Without Hurting Them – Eight Nice Ways

how to breakup without hurting someone

How do you break up with someone you care about, how do you break up with someone without hurting them?

When you get into a new relationship, you probably can write to the world that this is the most amazing thing ever especially when you find out that your significant other is also into you but that’s not just it as every relationship comes in with its ups and downs in the long run.

Most times in life, break up becomes inevitable especially when you find out how incompatible you become lately with someone you love, or maybe you’re getting tired already with the current relationship and have developed an interest for someone else or probably not ready for a serious relationship at the moment that you may want to let go someone you love.

When breaking up with the person you love becomes inevitable, you’re pushed to know the right ways to break up nicely with them. What to say, how to say it and at what point in the relationship should it be made known that you’re no longer interested and not hurt your significant other? That’s basically the challenges most people who want to break up with someone always face because probably they don’t want to hurt anyone.

Breaking up with someone you live with or love is not as easy as it sounds, it is painful and that’s why to break up is a hard to do thing but there are kindest ways to break up with someone you love, using the tips tailored for you on this special guide.

Let’s dive in…

Just as you’re thinking of what to say when you want to break up with someone, consider the following factors:

Will I regret my actions and how will the other person feel?
Trying to break up with your partner, most likely will leave you with mixed feelings to whether this is the right time to break up with him, is it a nice decision to take, will things get better later that you will wish to get him back?

I understand you’re the one who’s trying to leave the relationship and you don’t want the other person to feel disappointed and heartbroken. You want the relationship to end gracefully.

Honestly, this is something you have to give deep thoughts before you take that final decision of breaking up in the relationship. I wouldn’t also advice you to stay in a relationship that sucks out of pitty, learn how to leave a toxic relationship.

How to break up with someone without hurting them

The methods below are proven ways for people searching for how to breakup without hurting him or how to breakup without hurting her.

1. Start with appreciation

Regardless of what is currently happening in the relationship, or what has happened in the past, there was a time your partner made you happy, think about the moments you have spent together and how you both managed to pass through thick and thin and appreciate them for always been there for you despite your shortcomings.

Let the other person know how important they’re to you and the values you hold for their impacts in your life since you met them. This will leave them knowing they really matter a lot to you.

2. Avoid pretence

There’s no gain pretending everything is fine with you in the relationship when they’re obviously not. It is okay to do what is right for you and being sincere with your partner, is simply golden. Instead of keeping them in a relationship that will soon turn out to be so toxic, tell them how you feel and why you see no future in the relationship and reasons you’re calling it a quite.

Remember that honesty plays an important role here and doesn’t mean you have to harsh in the process.

3. Say your break up in person

Regardless of which method you decide to use, the truth is that when your partner hears about you wanting to break up with them, it hurts a lot. This will be otherwise only if the other person was already waiting to hear you say “I am done and can’t continue with the relationship”.

Since both of you have been in a relationship for some time now, give it some respect by breaking up in person. This will allow you to monitor the reactions of the other person and be able to let them understand why things are happening this way.

Sending break up message or SMS over texting app, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or asking a friend to deliver the message on your behalf might seem easier but that’s awkward. Remember you’re on a mission to break up with someone without making them feel the pain of heartbreak.

4. Don’t broadcast it

It is obvious that people will get to know when you break up with him/her, but you have to seal your lips so that your partner won’t hear about the break up from someone else before you say it to your significant other.

While you’re busy figuring out the right way to break up with someone without hurting them, make sure you don’t tell everyone you see about it. You can tell only a person who you can confide in and sure it won’t leak to other people around.

5. Do not badmouth your ex to be

I’m aware of so many people who’re still in good terms with their ex(s) from the day the relationship ended till date. This is probably because their relationship ended well.

Would you want to end the relationship with your partner in a peaceful way or in a way that will cast bitterness in your heart that each time you come across each other in life everything becomes messy? It’s always up to you.

Be careful not to badmouth your ex to be, remember you want everything to end nicely and not to make your partner to feel hurt when you leave. Admit that the fault is all yours and they don’t deserve being with someone like you who can’t easily work on such faults.

Be nice and don’t use their mistakes against them its uncalled for at this point of breakup conversation because it is dificult to forget negative things you said against someone you were in a relationship with. Only when you’re nice in your uterances, you can leave your ex with good impressions about you as it is still possible that you guys might still reunite some day, become best of friends again or even get married. No one can tell..

6. Break the ice

The hard to crack nut, “breaking up with someone you love”.

There are situations we can’t help that will pull us out of relationships even when we’re still interested in the other person but the difficult task is how to make your partner understand that this is what is most required to do at the moment regardless of how bitter it might sound.

Let your partner know what’s not working, it could be that you or your partner cheated, or the relationship is engraved in arguements or does no longer feel right anymore.

If you have really made up your mind, here are a few ideas on what to say during break up;

I still want us to be friends but no longer interested to be your boyfriend/girlfriend.

I would love to still be in a relationship with you but due to “reason”, I honestly don’t want to be in a relationship anymore.

7. Listen and apologize

Don’t be in haste not to hear from your partner in the breakup conversation.

As earlier said, to end a relationship isn’t as easy as it sounds, you have seen it is possible that your ex to be, will react weird or cry, but always remember to calm the situation down and apologize for any inconveniences your decisions might have caused them.

8. Encourage your ex to be

Be encouraging to your friend, let them know you’re not ending the relationship to forget everything about them.

Let him/her know that you will always remember the love, the care, the happy moments and sad times you both have shared together in the past relationship. Let them know how amazing they’re and how there are many better persons out there who will be glad to have the opportunity to hang out with them.

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Over to you

Have you ever ended a relation with someone you love and wished they don’t get hurt by your decissions, what was your approaches and how succesful was it?

Let’s hear from you through the comment box below.

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