10 Relationship Problems, How To Identify And Solve Them

common relationship problems and how to solve them

Overcoming relationship problems isn’t as daunting as you think hence the parties involved can be able to identify some common relationship problems and learn how to solve them gradually through this detailed guide. Indeed, relationships are not a child’s play, and therefore, the people who have decided never to be in a relationship should not be blamed.

There is a reason why a relationship is often likened to a rose garden. A rose is commonly known as the queen of flowers because of its sweet smell and beautiful color. However, in a rose garden, there are thorns, because of those thorns, before a beautiful rose is plucked, the gardener will be pricked by the thorns, countless times.

Just like a rose, before a relationship will reach a perfect state, a state when the partners fully understand each other, and there isn’t room for arguments and disagreements. The relationship must have survived a lot of trials sent by nature. This “perfect” relationship is not at all easy to achieve, which is probably why most couples think that that level of relationship stability is all a myth or fantasy.

To be able to know how to fix a problem with your boyfriend or girlfriend in the relationship, you have to first identify the relationship problems whose solution you seek before answers can be given. 

In this article, a list of 10 common relationship problems, and how they can be solved, will be discussed here, read on to learn more.

10 common relationship problems, how to identify and solve them

Everyone who’s in one form of relationship or the other should at least learn how to solve relationship problems without breaking up. This is a sure way of saving a relationship that’s falling hence it is worth the work. Take note of the following top relationship problems and how you can solve them;

1. Relationship problem caused by Religious difference

Many people believe that religion has done more bad than good in the life of many this they have proved with real-life statistics and facts. It still stands that the difference in one’s religious belief, in contrast to his/her partner’s is enough to rouse tension and cause relationship problems. This is not to say that we don’t believe that God exists.

However, the different preaching and doctrine beliefs may lead to one issue or another. You can curb it primarily by making sure that you don’t go into a relationship with anyone whose spiritual beliefs contradict yours.

Have you never thought of how stressful it will be on your children if their mother preaches the death and resurrection of Christ, while their father doesn’t believe that God exists? Therefore, to avoid having a relationship problem, you should first of all, access the religious beliefs of your partner.

2. The problem of trust

A lack of faith and trust in your partner will result in not only one, but multiple relationship problems. If you do not have confidence in your partner, if you can not predict what your partner’s action and replies would be in any situation, then you do not trust your partner.

A lack of trust in a relationship can be seen in one party trying to evaluate and measure an existing relationship with his/her partner’s past. If your partner told you his/her past, it is because he loves and trusts you. It is also because he/she wants you to know everything about him/her.

However, if you start comparing or evaluating your relationship with their past relationships, then you are creating problems in your present relationship with them. Have a little faith in your partner, do not be quick to believe everything that you hear or even see about your partner, especially negative things. It might cause serious problems.

3. Being reluctant to please your partner

At first, a relationship might be exciting, and you may find your partner’s company enjoyable. However, as time goes on, the things that usually make you happy becomes a bore. It happens in our everyday life, which is why there is something called variety.

If you do not make considerable effort to please your partner in a relationship, then it might lead to a problem, a huge problem. For instance, if your partner is not looking forward to your sexual life, then there is a high probability that he/she will look for a satisfying sexual experience somewhere else. To prevent this from happening or to curb this if it has already happened, you have to be versatile, learn new things, ask people for pieces of advice, and try as much as you can to add flavor and life to your relationship.

4. Spending more time with family and friends

One of the problems that might occur in a relationship is if one or both of the concerned partners neglect each other. The means of making a relationship as smooth and as happy as the movie industry proclaims it to be is by making time for your partner.

Understandably, your family and your friends were in your life before your partner came along, however, when you agreed to be in a relationship with him/her, you signed up to spend quality time with him/her.

Therefore, you have to find a way to spend quality time with your family and friends and, at the same time, not compromise the time that you spend with your partner. When neglected, a partner might assume that you don’t love him as much as you proclaim, this might make him/her seek comfort in the arms of another, or your relationship might be broken up permanently. 

5. Lack of communication

If you don’t communicate with your partner, how else are you going to grow your relationship? You should have a smooth and engaging conversation with your partner. You should be able to have discussions with your partner for long hours without getting bored or boring your partner. You can do this by bringing up interesting topics for discussion, by talking about things that interest your partner, and in general, by talking with your partner like he/she would speak with his/her best friends.

In addition to this, you can also improve communication with your partner by allowing him/her to talk about himself/herself. It has been proven that people tend to talk more when they are talking about themselves or things related to them.

Therefore, to avoid a lack of communication as a problem in your relationship, you have to learn how to make a conversation with your partner to be exciting and don’t forget to communicate often.

6. Betrayal

It is often rare to hear about a relationship that rebounded after one of its partners betrayed the other. Even if they rebound, forgive the guilty party and get back into the relationship, they would never be the same again. Therefore, if you are about to enter into a relationship, or you are already in one, you should try hard never to betray the trust of your partner.

The guilt of betrayal is the reason why Judas, in the bible, committed suicide. The guilt of betrayal is a heavy burden to bear, and your relationship may never recover.

Therefore, as much as you can, you should never try to leak the secret of your relationship or to speak of whatever confidential information that your partner told you to another person. 

7. The problem of low self-esteem in a partner

When a partner feels that they don’t deserve you that you are way above his/her league, that you are doing him/her a favor by being in a relationship with him/her then there is a problem. This problem of low self-esteem in your partner will make him/her to always be on his/her toes around you. He/she will ever wonder if the way he/she smiles is right to you if you would approve of every and any of his/her actions if you will disprove his/her dressing or friends. This worry or panic will, with time, eat your partner up psychologically and might jeopardize your relationship.
To solve this, always remind your partner that you are the one lucky and privileged to be in a relationship with him/her, tell him/her that you love him/her, give compliments and praise him/her as much as you can.

Furthermore, search out what/who is planting that seed of doubt in his/her mind; it might be your friends, your family, the way you talk to him/her, etc. When you discover the cause of his/her doubts, try as much as you can to eliminate it.

8. Not keeping to your promises

If you are always in the habit of making ridiculous promises in an attempt to impress your partner, and at the end of the day, you don’t keep to your words, and then you may find yourself with a huge relationship problem. You don’t have to overly impress your partner by making promises that you won’t keep, make little promises, keep them, and have a relationship free of problems with your partner.

9. Not spending quality time with your partner

Being in a relationship costs time; therefore, if you are someone who prides him/herself in being the “world’s busiest person”, then you might be faced with a problem if you venture into a relationship. Not only should you try as much as you can to spend time with your partner, but you are also advised to spend “quality” time with him/her. You can spend quality time with your partner by giving him/her your full attention when you are conversing, by not being carried away by your phone while you are with your partner.

10. Extreme jealousy

A mild dose of jealousy in a relationship often signifies that the jealous party loves his/her partner. However, an overdose of jealousy will result in a toxic or a suffocating relationship. You can curb extreme jealousy by giving your partner his/her space, by allowing him to hang out with his/her friends and also by giving your consent for him/her to have friends of the opposite sex, because you trust him/her.

When the parties involved in a relationship understand the pros and cons of a relationship, if they can vividly identify what will cause a problem and what is perfectly acceptable, then they will build a happy and healthy relationship for themselves. 

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