15 Pure Signs Your Ex is Over You And Doesn’t Want You Back

how to know if your ex is over you for good

To know when your ex is truly done with you can be daunting probably because you’re unsure of signs your ex is pretending to be over you or is serious about getting over you.

Most relationships with these subtle breakup signs end up breaking apart and this can be the most difficult time for the partner who wishes the relationship never ended that way. When a breakup occurs in a relationship, you could be seen trying to figure out if your ex still has feelings for you or is over you for good.

Honestly, going through a break up is usually the most brain and strength draining process involved especially when the relationship lasted for a long time and the people involved created a lot of good memories for themselves. However, this is not to say that a relationship that shared an intense one month or a summer whirlwind romance will not feel the devastating impact of a breakup.

If you just broke up with your partner, I’m guessing that you are probably asking yourself what you did wrong, or that tiny voice in your mind is accusing you of causing the break-up. Well, maybe you did something terrible, perhaps not so awful.

Moreover, you might not be the cause of the breakup either yet your partner insists that you are the “toxic” one in the relationship, no problem. There’s no need to cry over spilled milk. You either want your ex back, or you want to move on and just forget there was ever an “us” for both of you.

On that note, if you want your ex back into your life, you could be searching for questions like; “what are the signs my ex is over me for good?”, “how do I know my boyfriend will never come back?”, “how do I know my ex is pretending to be over me?” and many other questions regarding the signs your ex is never coming back. Search no further, these 15 ubiquitous signs that your ex doesn’t want you back, will help you understand whether your ex girlfriend is pretending to be over you or has moved on seriously.

Honestly, wanting one’s ex back is among the very few situations where the odds are never in one’s favor. Statistically, only 2 out of 10 relationships get back together after a breakup, especially after a very intense one. This is because, in addition to the hurt that comes with a breakup, the uncertainty, and fear of never being loved again can push some loving and emotional people into dire situations like wanting to commit suicide.

Most times, it is indeed difficult to accept that your ex whom you shared your life and everything you had with, the one who was once the center of your life now doesn’t want anything to do with you anymore. But, you have to take it with your brave heart and move on, because if you don’t, you might be turning your back on ample opportunities or meeting your Mr./Mrs. right.

15 Exact Signs Your Ex is Over You and Doesn’t Want You Back

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If you are confused about how to tell if your ex doesn’t want you back, here are our guaranteed tips to know if your ex is over you for good. The brutal truth is that your ability to know when your ex is truly done with you will save you from a whole lot of stress, trying to get back together.

1. He/she says “It’s not you, it’s me”

The two phrases: “It’s not you, it’s me” and “you deserve better” are the most popular I’m-never-getting-back-with-you break-up clichés in our generation. Usually, if 2 people break up, both of them, or perhaps, the more sensible of the two, start trying to patch things up.

Now, if one of the two phrases come up, and then have it in mind that the person that said they don’t want reconciliation. Also, anyone that genuinely loves and cherish you, but knows that he/she doesn’t deserve your brave and kind heart would work hard and improve themselves to earn you. Therefore, if you hear those phrases, try to act wisely

2. “I’m tired of this” or “I just can’t do this anymore” or “move on,” said your ex

Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks, therefore, unless you have an ex who has a behavioral pattern of saying things he/she doesn’t mean (which isn’t usually the case) then you have a glaring sign that he/she doesn’t want you back. He has weighed its pros and cons and has ingrained in his subconscious that, in fact, “he/she is tired of all this.” Don’t put yourself up for more heartbreak by chasing after him.

3. He doesn’t care if you are dating anyone

Although jealousy is much more evident in men, some women often exhibit extreme jealousy when they see their partner with the opposite sex. If he used to glare at other men for looking at you, or even fought once because he thought someone was flirting with you, but now, he doesn’t even look your way when you hug a guy. Then, I don’t know which other sign you are looking for.

4. He ignores you

Don’t get this wrong, your ex has a right to ignore you at the onset of your breakup. Also, an extended silence-treatment is justified if you cheated or betrayed him, but it has a limit. If your texts and calls go unanswered for up to 3 months, then it’s probably time that you move on.

Although, fantasies and fairy tale breakups could last for up to a year before reconciliation, it is quite unhealthy to put your emotions on hold for that length of time for your ex.

5. You irritate him/her

If your ex used to smile at the smallest thing you do, but all of a sudden, your presence gravely annoys him, then this is a visible sign that things have changed permanently. Being irritated at you can also be explained in the context that he is never happy or excited about seeing you.

Understandably, he would try his best not to show his feelings when he bumps into you, but that; my dear is very different from wearing a mark-leaving-scar on his face when he sets eyes on you.

6. Doesn’t flirt or play with you anymore

Your ex’s pride could be the reason why he/she doesn’t give you that sultry smile, doesn’t flirt, or probably pretends not to give you the time of day. But, there is only much your tender heart can take before seeking to make new memories with another. Therefore, if those days of easy banter and teasing aren’t forthcoming, take it as a sign that you should move on.

7. His response has become ordinary and unexceptional

Following closely with trust is communication when it comes to traits that make a good and long-lasting relationship. If for instance communication with your ex goes like this:

You: how was your day?

Your Ex: good.

You: I didn’t see you in your office today, what happened?

Your Ex: nothing.

You: what did the doctor say about your mum’s surgery?

Your Ex: nothing,

You should probably think twice about still wishing to go back into a relationship with him.

8. He is happy about his present life

The most prominent sign that your ex is sad about your relationship with him is when he looks gloomy or even lifeless. However, if he is always smiling like he won a national lottery and regularly hangs out with his/her friends. Then it probably means that he isn’t taking the break-up as bad as you are and won’t want you back.

9. His family doesn’t welcome you or treat you like they usually do

If in your quest to right the wrong, you visit or call your ex’s family, and they act bizarre, it is typically a sign that you should move on. A good family should push you guys to reconciliation, if this is not the case. Then, it’s either your sins are indeed unforgivable or that he has warned his family to stay clear of you. Either ways, it’s time to pat your back and move on.

10. He never tried to win you back

Men always work hard, extra hard for what they want. In a case where the man is responsible enough to acknowledge that he wronged you, he will do everything he can to get you back. If he doesn’t, then indeed, he doesn’t deserve you.

Nonetheless, if you wronged him, and you are trying to patch things up, you would want to top up your patience jar according to the size of his ego. Because it is going to be a long wait. Don’t wait too long, remember, you have a life to live also.

11. You have been trying to win him back for a long time

If by a long time, you mean 3 months and above, then, you are overdoing it. Try your best, and leave the rest. Now ask yourself if he is worth putting your love life on hold for.

12. He returns your property and asks for his

Admittedly, the sign of your ex’s stuff ALWAYS reminds you of him/her. If yes, that is exactly what happens to him/her when he/her sees yours. An ex that doesn’t want you back wouldn’t want any reminder of you either.

13. Your ex asks to be friends with benefits

Any ex that wants to continue sleeping with you without commitment doesn’t want you back. Your loving heart would think that, maybe, allowing your ex to sleep with you will rekindle the fire of your love. Believe me, it does the exact opposite. Don’t allow it, and although it will be very hard, move on

14. Your ex has a new person in his/her life

I think this is undoubtedly the height of it, and you would agree with me how petty and embarrassing it would be if you continue to chase someone who doesn’t want you anymore.

15. He/she talks rudely to you

If your ex thinks it is over for good between both of you, that your love isn’t worth fighting for, then it shouldn’t pave the way for any kind of insulting or rude words, don’t you think so?

Honestly, if you and your ex are meant to be, he/she wouldn’t display such signs. If these signs are not seen, then it could be that your ex is pretending to be over you. Observe closely to see if your ex will eventually come back or have moved over you for sure.

Finally, separating with your partner is not the end of the world, therefore, if your ex exhibits any of the above-mentioned signs, it’s time to dry those tears, wear your best clothes, hang out with your friends, and above all, move on with your life. If perchance, your ex comes back to you, let it be because you are worth it, and he loves you, not because you pestered him into it.

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