It is common to see most ladies asking “does my long distance boyfriend love me?“, this is so because they’re on the search for signs of true love from a man who they’re in a long-distance relationship with. The signs to look out for, which will be disclosed properly on this post will help you know if your partner truly loves you regardless of the distance.

How do you express love in a long distance relationship? A lot of people campaign against distance in a relationship. If you tell a friend that you and your boyfriend or girlfriend are a long-distance relationship, you will be fired with a boomerang of questions such as; “how do you know he loves you in a long-distance relationship?” and “how to know if your long-distance boyfriend is serious”.

Honestly, the rising cases of infidelity and the uncertainty if your boyfriend or girlfriend loves you have driven many people to turn down their true love all because of the distance that separates them. If you are asking to know if it is possible to fall in love in a long-distance relationship, the answer is yes! You can fall for someone regardless of the distance and be in love in a long-distance relationship. This requires hard work and understanding by both parties to build a healthy and happy long-distance relationship.

If you agree that you can have a productive and healthy romantic relationship notwithstanding the distance, and you are looking for signs on how to tell if a guy loves you in a long-distance relationship. Worry no more, you are in the right place because this article is filled with possible signs that, when noticed in your partner, will alert you to the presence of true love in your long-distance relationship.

12 signs of true love in a long-distance relationship

signs of true love in a long distance relationship

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However, to tell if a guy loves you in a long distance relationship, watch out for the following signs as highly recommended by our dating experts.

1. Your partner is always saying how much he/she misses you

If you have a partner that always whines and expresses a genuine longing to see you and be physically present with you, then you have a sign that he/she truly loves you. Also, if your partner is always calling and texting to ask about your welfare, always sizing up every opportunity to communicate with you, the love you share is true love.

In addition to that, if your partner strives hard, even with the distance between both of you to lessen the loneliness you feel, then, take it as a sign of true love. Your partner can do this by recommending entertaining movies for you to watch, ordering the genre of books you love reading to help you kill boredom, and many other things.

2. If your partner is always there for you

Being there for you might not necessarily mean being physically present when you are having a bad day, or something terrible is happening to you. It might mean that your partner is virtually present with you always. He/she can do this by being supportive of all your adventures and goals and by always putting a smile on your face whenever you are feeling emotionally down.

Also, if your partner expresses genuine concern when you are ill or sad, it can count as a sign of true love in your long-distance relationship.

3. If your partner trusts you

It is possible that you might be worried because of the geometrical distance between you and your partner this might lead you to the search for how to know if a guy is cheating on you in long distance relationship or not.  

Honestly, after communication comes trust in the hierarchy of the top components in a relationship founded on true love. Trust in a long-distance relationship can be explained when your partner has confidence that your loyalty lies with him/her.

If your partner is not quick to accuse you of infidelity, if she doesn’t think negatively about your involvement or platonic relationship with other men, then her love is real.

Another trait that can be added under this point is your partner’s ability to respect and give approval to the decisions you make in his/her absence.

4. If your partner does not forget important dates

The ability of your partner to remember and keep to essential dates in your relationship is a reliable sign that he/she truly loves. He doesn’t have to be physically available to make those days as memorable as he/she can, if he/she can remember those dates and make them special for you, then it is a sign of true love in your long-distance relationship.

These important dates may include your anniversary date, your birthday, a significant family remembrance date, or the death anniversary date of a loved one. If your partner does not remember these dates a few times, you are advised not to rule out his/her love as untrue quickly.

However, if he/she develops a habit of never remembering important dates, you might start looking into how genuine his/her love in the relationship or take it to be among the signs he’s losing interest in a long distance relationship with you.

5. Takes up the slightest opportunity to meet with you

Understanding how a long distance relationship works and the fact that it is not wise for any of you to cover that distance as often as you wish should be enough to increase his/her longing to see you, that is if he/she truly loves you. On that note, if your partner not only longs to see you but also displays his/her intense longing by seizing every opportunity to see you, even if it is just to see your face physically for seconds, then know that his/her love is real.

You will know if he/she is intent on seeing you and makes considerable efforts if he/she drops by to see you if he/she is just passing through your city, or if he/she is on a one-day function, yet he/she makes an effort to meet up with you.

6. Your partner keeps you updated always

Communication is vital in a relationship, and if your partner works hard to bridge the gap created by the geographical distance between you, then it is a sign that he/she genuinely loves you. If you see signs in your partner that points to sharing every new update in his/her life with you, then his/her love is real.

If your partner sounds and acts interested in learning every single new detail down to what happened when you went shopping the day before, take that as a sign to satisfy his/her urge to always be physically present with you, take that also as a sign of true love.

On the other hand, he/she should also be interested in filling you up with all the details of the recent happenings in his/her life.

7. Makes every visit special

Another sign of true love in a partner is shown in how memorable he/she makes every visit to you. The distance separating you and your partner would prevent both of you from seeing each other as regularly as you would have wanted. This would make the number of good memories that both of you have made together to be little in comparison with a short-distance relationship. Meanwhile, if your partner, who hasn’t seen you in as long as three months or above, finally visits, he/she should be able to make his/her  visit as memorable as possible, that is, if his/her love is real.

8. Always keeping to their promise

The ability of your partner to come through with his/her promises, albeit the distance separating you, is a sign of true love. Continually making excuses when the both of you have agreed to have a virtual date, or when he/she promised to call or failed to keep to his/her promises may be counted as a sign that your partner doesn’t genuinely love you.

However, if he/she gives an honest and reasonable excuse for not keeping to his/her promise, and if after a thorough investigation, you find out that he/she is honest, and then you might not want to assume that your partner is not genuinely in love with you, quickly.

9. Not always possessive

A partner who truly loves you will understand that his/her distance separating the both of you might make it difficult for him/her to know all your friends, all your work colleagues, and what your schedule is like. Therefore, he/she should give you some space; he/she should allow you to make your own decisions without first consulting him; he/she would do all these things if he/she  genuinely loves you.

10. Respects you despite the distance

The act of respecting one’s partner is a sign of true love on its own, especially in a long-distance relationship, especially if the partner that is being respected is a woman. This is not to say that men should not be respected in a relationship; however, a sign of respect for a woman in a long-distance relationship should be counted as a sign of true love.

Therefore, not only should your partner give you some space and allow you to make your own decisions, if he/she genuinely loves you, he/she should be able to respect those decisions and boundaries, if any.

11. Always assure you that both of you will get past the distance hurdle together

A good partner that truly loves you will know that the distance between both of you is taking its toll on your relationship, this is because he/she is also feeling the stress. Therefore, if he/she continually assures you that both of you will overcome the stress caused by distance, and then take it as a sign that he/she genuinely loves you.

12. Involves you in his/her plans for the future

If your partner remembers to include you in his/her plans, that is, if both of you have intentions to spend the rest of your lives together, then, he/she loves you. His/her self consciousness to remember your presence while he/she makes plans is a sign that his/her love is true.

Finally, the signs that have been mentioned above, when noticed, should be an assurance that your partner truly loves you. If your long-distance relationship is not working, it is perhaps lacking the signs mentioned and needs to be worked on to rekindle the love and happiness in a long-distance relationship.