10 Deep Emotional Love Letters That Will Make Her Cry

love letters to make her cry

Never make her cry, if you should, let is be happy tears.

How do you make someone cry in a letter? This time, a girl you love…

Some paragraphs appear on the paper or pop out on the phone screen without connecting with the heart. When a letter is heart-touching, it can make tears of joy drop from her eyes and this will strengthen the bond in the relationship.

Writing is not a thing for everyone, and not expressing how much you feel about the other person in a letter could be the reason your relationship is the way it is right now. If you’re ready to take your relationship to the next level, then the deep emotional love letters contained in this post are for you, simply copy and paste to her.

Heart touching messages to make her cry

Whether you have not written a love letter for your girlfriend for the first time or looking for how to up your game this time around and her fall for you, or see your partner shed tears while reading your love letter because the words are emotional and well place to connect with what you guys have, I hope the following examples help you do it rightly.

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The memories, the love, expressions, bond, joy, and happiness that make life worth living having a loving partner who makes you go out of the box to reciprocate the love they have for you is really amazing.

1. A sweet heart love letter to girlfriend to make her cry.

Dear Sweetheart,

You came to me at the most unexpected time, when I have given up on love, family, and friends, and you made me whole again.

I am so lucky to have you in my life.

2. Angel heart touching love letter to make her cry.

Words alone can’t express how much I feel having you in my life.

I never believed in angels until I met one (YOU)

You’re such a beautiful woman with a heart as pure as gold, and out of your loving-kindness, you have shown me light in the dark and an unending smile on my face.

I can’t love you less!

3. Cute love letter that will make her cry

Dear Charming Angel,

Every day that I thank God for the gift of life, I also thank him for the gift of you. 

My life became more fulfilling ever since the day you came into it, you rebuilt, and made me whole again. Now my life it worth living.

4. Deep emotional long love letter that will make her cry

To the world best girlfriend,

I’m writing this letter to you as my own very way of communicating how much you make me feel but I know I will fail at it because writing alone can’t express how much I feel deep inside my heart and I am no poet to mix words appropriately.

I just want to see you and stare into your eyes and yours into mine that our hearts connect fin such a way that you will understand how much you make me feel special, loved, and cherished. I love you so much, darling.

5. Most romantic love message to make her cry like a baby

I want you around me always,

I am never happy with distance because it reminds me that I won’t be able to see you as I have always done, FaceTime can’t fill the gap of missing your warm hug and sweet fragrance.

All day long, my wish is to see you again, spend time with you and share all the lovely stories that remind us of our lovely childhood memories. I love you so much…

6. Lovely letter that will make her cry and feel appreciated

How can I thank you enough, my love?

You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, I have been in constant search for the right words to use but the dictionary has failed me. 

Those words are right there in my mind, you mean the world to me and that’s why I cannot let you go. No matter what is happening right now in your life, I just want to let you know that I will always stand by your side till the end of time.

You’re my Angle, my heartbeat, and all that I have got.

7. Best love words to make her cry in a letter

I start each day with a lot of happiness because I know how much you love me.

The most important thing about every day is that I feel you in the air that I breathe and I see you in everything I do. You’re always in my mind all day and all the time.

I can’t wait to kiss you and thank you for all that you do in my life. You’re my light in the dark.

8. Love letter to the special kind of woman

To the one who brought happiness in my life,

I came to you with tears in my eyes, you consoled me and gave me all the reasons to smile again and be happy in life. This is a rare act of love and kindness, you’re full of compassion and the best woman in the world, your love for me makes me feel on top of the world.

Thank God for the day I met you.

9. Love letter that will make her cry and cherish you more

Would I ever have come this far in life without your love?

Today, like every other day, I want to appreciate you for loving me just the way I am. You are the best part of my life, I’m incredibly blessed to have you. I can’t thank you enough for believing in me and not leaving me even in the most difficult time even when everyone else looked down on me.

Final words:

Now that I have shown you examples of sweet and romantic things to say to your girlfriend to make her cry which you can also copy and paste to make her cry over text or in a letter, kindly let me know through a comment the one you love the most or some other deep emotional letters you would love to share.


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