10 Best New Year’s Resolutions For 2023

What are your resolutions for 2023? If you have got none, worry not for we’ve prepared a meaningful list of ideas to make 2023 your best year ever.

Before you know it, the new year is here again and you would be glad to say goodbye to 2023―It has been a great year tho!

Nothing beats the feeling of getting into a new year. During new year’s eve, while still enjoying a collection of best Christmas movies and waiting to step into the first of January 2023, your eyes have been on the clock but then, what is a good new year’s resolution to start 2023 with purpose?

Figuring out the best new year resolution for 2023 won’t make any meaning without a proper year-end reflection on how the previous year went and a list of things you would like to keep, improve or change in entirety about yourself to achieve your incredible personal goals. You may want to lose weight, change or improve your diet, and a bunch of other positive things in the coming year. Despite several failed new year’s resolution stories you have heard and statistics, you can create a difference this time around through our tips for the 10 top resolutions you can stick to in 2023.

From the most common new year’s resolutions in 2023 to the unique and meaningful new years resolutions for 2023, we have got special ideas for everyone to achieve more and be happy.

Top 10 new year’s resolutions for 2023

new year's resolutions

We recommend you resolve to the following new year’s resolutions ideas for 2023 to experience a huge positive change in your life.

1. Exercise more

new year resolutions

Good enough to be the no. 1 resolution for 2023. Exercising daily keeps you away from the doctor and fortunately, you don’t have to spend a lot of money for the services of a fitness trainer since there are so many fitness blogs and Youtube channels to follow and learn more about the exercise that fits in with your daily routine and body type. 

2. Save money

save money

Money is like a little child and you need to nurture it to grow bigger. To build a better budget in 2023, always remember to plan before you spend. This is a reliable way to spend less while having more, avoid unhealthy expenditures, and be able to track your expenses.

3. Lose Weight

weight loss tips

How long will this new year’s resolution last? Losing weight may not occur overnight and requires a few months to achieve. Avoid hoax articles infested on the internet on how to lose 10 pounds quickly and many other weight loss scams. A 30 minutes walk every weekend can bring a total turn around, all you need to do is to set your schedule and stick to your weight loss plan over some period of time if you expect to see any positive result.

4. Avoid procrastination

kill procrastination

Procrastination is a slow killer, most people who procrastinate don’t really know how deadly it is.

Leaving what you have to do today for tomorrow is very detrimental to personal growth and probably could be the reason you couldn’t do more in the previous year. Deal with procrastination this new year, understand the importance of proper time management, and the fact that time lost cannot be regained.

5. Eat healthily

eat healhy foods

There’s nothing wrong with eating your favorite food, but it’s important to make it a top priority on your new year’s resolution to eat more low-fat foods, vegetables, and fruits every day.

6. Reach out to others

helping others

Giving back to the society; the less privileged, and speaking for the downtrodden can bring more peace and happiness to you this year. So, make giving to charity a major part of your new year’s resolutions.

7. Minimize stress

manage stress

Stress is among the major reasons why most people break down both physically and mentally. Since nothing can be compared with good health, it is advisable to practice activities that will give you relaxation and ease stress effortlessly. You may consider to improve your spiritual growth through yoga or map out some time to have more sleep this new year. In the end, you will discover how amazingly rejuvenated you will feel when you stick to this new year’s resolution.

8. Learn something new

learn new skill

To learn new skills should mean a lot to you just like about 25% of Americans who considered this to be among the popular new year resolutions according to a survey conducted by YouGov.com in 2019. This is perhaps a good year to learn new languages, new profitable skills, and a healthy lifestyle that will immensely contribute to your growth.

9. Quit smoking

stop smoking

Even if you have read almost all the articles on how to quit smoking and failed, this year is a good time to try again. Most people who smoke don’t usually get over it in one attempt, so don’t give up after a few attempts.

10. Travel


No amount of travel is too much hence there’s always a thing to learn on each trip. Traveling can be a specialized way to have some time for yourself, time to visit your favorite vacation destination, and live a life of your dreams.

Final words:

Remember to add more books to your collection, read and expand your knowledge. Just as Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill changed my life, there are a variety of books that can bring a positive turn around in your life if only you could add them to your collection and read. Any book of your choice can also make it to the list.

While planning to get organized for the new year, try as much as you can to avoid unhealthy habits that can make your new year’s resolutions impossible to achieve. You can spend more time with family, change to a better job, and find balance in life through this year. Although these new year resolutions make appear insurmountable at the beginning, they’re very possible to achieve through constant practice and optimism.

Happy new year!

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