How To Get A Foreign Girlfriend

how to find a girlfriend online

Are you tired of seeing the same faces all the time or wondering how to meet foreign singles online?

Every man in a way or the other is seriously interested in meeting foreign women, we believe this to be the output of a common stereotype that women in foreign countries, are kinder, more beautiful and have improved life.

We understand that finding love online or making a foreign woman love you can be daunting, but the most difficult part is knowing the right thing to do. You could be hitting your head against the wall if you don’t know how to attract a foreign girl.

Men who know foreign languages can easily get acquainted with any foreign woman they like. Whether you’re new to dating or already familiar with a list of dating sites to meet single ladies, this post is specifically prepared to help establish a good relationship with those ladies you’re likely to meet online or in person.

Most of the online chats we received from men on our Facebook page is on how to make a foreign girlfriend online. The messages doubled immediately after we published a post on how to get a foreign boyfriend.

To carry everyone along and to help our male readers find foreign girlfriends online, we are going to provide an easy to follow guide for everyone who’s interested in meeting beautiful single ladies or to make a girl love them over the internet.

Getting acquaintance and building a serious relationship online, is naturally difficult. But it is quite possible to marry someone you met online.

How to successfully get a girlfriend online

1. Work in a foreign country

My very good friend Bourne got married to his lovely wife at his workplace in another country. This is not a matter of using your position to convince a woman. He was just a staff in the company, just like everyone else. Getting married to a foreign woman is possible, and you know that’s right?

Bourne was opportune to interact with different ladies in the foreign country where he worked before he finally found the love of his life, who’s a foreigner.

Are foreign girls easier to get as a girlfriend? Foreign girlfriends are just like the normal girls you see around in your country, the only difference could be in language, culture and values which can pose only but minor hiccups when you don’t understand or take them for who they’re.

Forget about the stereotype displayed on the media, finding your significant other based on what you see or think you may know, can be problematic. Your engagement with such people will prepare you with the required knowledge to know how to deal with them. So before you say, make sure you have a solid experience on it.

2. Join international students’ association

If you’re not already working just as directed in the step one above, but you’re interested in meeting 1000 of beautiful and single ladies then here’s what to do.

Join the international students association, they always need locals to show new people from other countries around.

Don’t be the dull guy in the group, make sure it is filled with activities, if you’re not sure of what to do to impress these foreign singles, volunteer to take them to a local event centre, mall or other places of interest.

Be polite and network with as many people as you can, you will have a lot of foreign friends that you will end up dating one.

What if you’re not working and you’re not a student?

If you want to date without a job, you don’t want to travel abroad in search of a foreign girlfriend and you’re not a student, there’s actually nothing to worry about.

You can also frequent a foreign restaurant near you, order for your favourite meal, make friends with their staff, and if possible with their customers (foreigners) who come them to eat.

3. How to find a foreign girlfriend online – Social media/dating sites

  • Create a profile: This is a good start on how to get a foreign girlfriend on Facebook and other social media/dating platform. Write about yourself (be succinct) and remember to add real photos of you. It takes only a few minutes to get this done.
  • Browse photos: Using your preference and settings, browse the huge member database and review profiles you want to connect with. We guess you really know what you’re looking for, so when you see one, do not hesitate to link up with them.
  • Communication: Send a message across to them to start communicating, remember you have to be real and true to your voice. Do not spam people or violate the community’s terms of use.

Still worried about getting a foreign girlfriend? Don’t look at them as people from a different ethnicity it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for Asian singles, is it a nurse foreign girlfriend?

Do not be pushed away by which country they’re coming from, ethnicity or profession. Begin to see them as women you’re likely to share similar or the same interest within time to come.

  • Once you have found one, impress her, ask her if she would like to be your girlfriend.
  • If she agrees, there you’re, you now have a foreigner as a girlfriend.
  • What if she doesn’t agree to be your girlfriend? Make sure you thank her for her time and repeat the same steps 1-3.

4. Learn a bit of their language

Learning at least the basic phrases of their language will put you at advantage over other guys, the basics including how to exchange pleasantries and ask questions in their language.

The most commonly used language is the English language. Foreign women will be interested in you if you speak and understand their language, it leaves them with the great impression that you love and cherish their culture.

You will notice how overwhelmed they become when they ask you the question “you speak English?” and you respond correctly.

Problems with dating a foreign girlfriend

It is not bad to date a foreign girl, but there are certain challenges you’re likely to encounter trying to date a foreign woman. Although these challenges differ but are similar or the same with the ones listed below.

  • Language barrier – leaning foreign language can be difficult and time-consuming
  • Adaptability – You might have challenges with the cross-culture dating, due to the difference in culture.
  • The difference in mentality and value – Women in another country may possess a different mentality and value about dating. This is why you have to ask about their values and norms at the stage of correspondence.

Take note: meeting foreign women is not as easy as you think. Keep an open mind, be patient, and sometimes take a different approach than what you’re already used to.

However, there are several ways to attract a woman in a foreign country, we are pretty sure the methods contained in this post will help everyone who’s searching for his soulmate online or asking “where can I find a foreign girlfriend?” to find it without delay.

You may wish to find a woman through dating agencies, international dating sites or by travelling from one country to the other. Following our easy to use dating guide for finding foreign women online and in person.

How did you meet her? Feel free to share your experiences with foreign women in the comment section below.

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