10 Incredible Tips On How To Seduce A Girl 

how to seduce any type of girl

Seduction is simply the act of deliberately enticing someone to engage in sexual behavior.

Before this could happen, you should be sure she is attracted to you, if you do not want to be blown off.

Then again she could be someone you’re attracted to and you just want to work your way with her,  you can as well follow the steps below. 

If there’s already sexual chemistry between you two, the steps below will be easier to follow.  

Remember you’re not to make your intention obvious even if you know she’s attracted to you. If you go straight to it, it will only put her off. 

10 quick tips on how to seduce a girl.

1. Your looks:

The first rule to stick to is staying clean. When you look shabby, there’s a hundred and ten percent chance of you falling with your behind and not getting the simplest hug. 

A dapper look is a turn-on. Have a decent haircut, your appearance, your breath. No matter how handsome you look, if you walk in looking shabby, body cologne is zero. Your poor hygiene speaking out loud. You’re never getting a second date. 

2. Set the mood: 

Set up a romantic mood, take her out to a romantic dinner where you two are just alone. 

You shouldn’t take her to a football game, or a noisy place. Rather go for a quiet environment. A dinner set with scented candles makes the atmosphere enticing. 

If you’re taking her to your home, clean up the mess around. Set up your bedroom, choose a pleasant scent that will breathe out an inviting aroma. 

3. Music: 

Good music will get her in the mood. Only allow a playlist of soft and slow songs. One’s that are not loud and noisy, or ones that will get her bouncing her head. 

You wouldn’t want that to be your fate, where she stands and begins to dance. Rather go for sensual music.

4. Confidence:

If you intend to seduce her, aim to maintain an impressive composure.

Have confidence in yourself. Avoiding eye contact, fidgeting on your every word speaks volumes of your lack of composure.  And that is another turn-off, which if you put in the effort to hide and exhibit a calm composure, shows you know what you want. And girl loves a man who knows what he wants and goes for it. Someone who is not afraid to face rejection if his chances are denied.

5. Your tone:

Ensure to keep your voice low and soft, if you intend to seduce a woman. A loud voice will undermine the mood you’re set to get her in. 

But a soft tone will only create an atmosphere of intimacy. 

When you speak to her in a tone as soft as Edward did with Bella while looking into her eyes, she will respond to you and drive you safely towards your goal.   

6. Maintain eye contact: 

A key to a successful seduction is to value and focus on the person, but if you’re not paying attention to her, you’re ruining the moment by giving out a wrong impression.

Try to maintain eye contact, it’s being said that our eyes tell of what the heart feels and wants. And the eye has been one key to a successful seduction when your eyes soften and your pupil dilates while you stare at her. Let your eyes drift to her lips while you talk. There’s a chance of the night coming out great for you two.

7. Lean in: 

When you talk to her, lean in close to her and not far from her. You can ask her to get closer by lending her a hand, or you lean in yourself. Not too much for her to ask you to give her space to breathe. 

You should try not to make her know what you’re set to do, as that may make her take a step back. If she’s someone you’ve been seeing, then it will be easier for you to do most of it without her flinching.

Do not be in haste or rush in for a kiss, her defensive guard will activate, and you get blown off. If you succeed in making her stay still,  then you can go ahead with the next step.

8. Touch her:

Touching her doesn’t mean you should grope her. I’m speaking of light touches like holding her hands, an arm over her shoulder. Just a subtle touch that doesn’t come off offending. And do not be too fast. 

You can pat her hair, touch her cheek while maintaining eye contact. Slowly cup her palms into yours and run your finger sensually on it.

9. Watch her body language: 

When you touch her, you look to see her body response. If she’s acting irritated and confused, it’s good you put a stop to what you’ve started. 

But if she does respond as though she wants it, then should you go for it. 

Kiss her as a start and watch her body language again, before you go in further. 

10. Be a gentleman:

When you’re not arguing with her, not nagging, or complaining about something. It’s charming and seductive, this is the tip you shouldn’t neglect if you intend to seduce a girl.

Bonus tip- Another good tip to follow and create incredible anticipation. Is to write her notes, send her a text, cards. Something that creates sexual tension before you two meet. It creates a magical result at the end of the night. 

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