If you’re in a relationship and want to give your man the best treat during physical intimacy that no one can ever give to him, you will find yourself asking relationship experts and sexologists questions like; “what does a man need in a woman in bed?” “How can I surprise my man in bed?” probably because you want to be irresistible in bed or learn how to drive your man crazy when you both are left in the room and the light dimed or totally turned off.

Whatsoever the question might be, the truth is that the role sex plays in relationships can never be overemphasized. People who’ve mastered the art of sexual pleasures will always handle their man well in bed and make them become so attached to them.

Immediately we published the post “12 actual things every man wants in a woman“, despite the fact we mentioned elevated sex on the guide, some people still pushed further to send an email across to us requesting that we write a specific post that will guide women on how to make a man addicted to you sexually. This led us to write this very post on where a man needs to be touched and things to do to make your man happy in bed.

Honestly, I don’t mind if you call me a naughty girl but let the truth be told. If you notice signs a man is sexually frustrated, then mind you there’s something you’re not doing right in bed and your relationship is at stake.

Not like you’re in competition with anyone in your relationship but there are new things to try in bed with your man that will make you guys more connected to each other. This is only possible when you learn how to be more active in bed as a woman and not always leaving the whole stuff for the man, that’s being selfish :).

Although, there are things guys like in bed but won’t ask, especially if you’re dating the shy type of man. Even at that, you have this post, you can re-read it anytime you think you’re getting off the tracks you can always know what he wants from you.

5 things a man wants in bed with his woman.

1. Boost his confidence

According to recent research, a man will perform well in bed when a woman is able to help boost his confidence.

Men want to be appreciated too, what if you tell him how deeply in love you’re with his lips, his packs or tummy? The sweet and romantic words you say will make him smile and feel he’s loved. When you do this to a man in bed, you make him more emotional to feel the expression of intimacy.

2. Don’t always wait for him to start everything

what every man wants in a woman in bed

Be more active in bed, most men sometimes want their woman to initiate sex. You can help reduce the pressure that a man has to start everything and make a woman reach org*sm all on his own, that old script has to be changed. Feel free to get on top, use your hands and help him in the mood.

If your man is the one who’s always initiating sex, it makes him feel less appreciated and this will be a turn off for him. Learn your man’s body language, and know when to draw him close to you on the bed give him a kiss and begin touching him at spots where could make him go crazy. Men are intelligent and will always pick up from there. It is evident that men are always ready to take action, but what you should not do with a guy in bed is being harsh while trying to initiate sex.

3. Try new things in bed with your man

what a man wants from a woman in bed

Sexologists will always say that most men would like to try a variety of things in bed with their woman, and women who can give room for that can get their man obsessed sexually with them. As this holds some fact, it is best to try out things that will work out for both of you without leaving the other person uncomfortable.

Some guys will want a woman to give them an*l sex than the regular vag*na sex while some might prioritize blowj*b or to smush in bed. The honest truth is that there are a lot of things men expect from women in bed and as human differences exist, what my man is well fascinated about in bed, might be similar, the same or totally different from what your man wants from you in the relationship.

The Vag*na and an*l sex, hot romance, and co are all possible in bed but knowing which sex techniques work best for your man, is golden.

There are plenty of materials that will guide you on learning new sex positions to try with your partner. Just as you can learn some from a p*rn site, it is pertinent to note that your partner is not a p*rn star so do not always expect the same outcome as most of the adult materials you come in contact with have undergone modifications to look so amazing.

4. Let him know you’re feeling the moment

how to handle a man in bed

Honestly, most times it becomes difficult for both parties to greatly satisfy each other. It seems that one has to sacrifice and push further to make the other person have great sex and feel org*sm but since this post is more interested in how to handle a man in bed, I will recommend you add a little moaning, keep a sexy look on your face or say some dirty words that will make him go crazy. Don’t just lay in bed like wood and give him the impression he’s actually nothing.

Just as you practice the above, it doesn’t mean you should fake the whole thing while engaging in physical intimacy with your husband/boyfriend but there’s a better way to communicate with your man to improve sexual activities in the relationship if there are spots to fill.

Try to praise him and let him know what more can be worked on to make your intimacy with him more pleasurable. You can say “honey, it feels good when you fulled my hair backwards but would even feel better if you did ……..

You will find out that instead of resentment and criticisms, praise will make you get the more out of the bedroom time with your man. Being open about sex and improving on your perceptions on it, leads to better sex life.

5. More sex and what are his sexual fantasies?

men want more sex

A great way of handling a man in bed is by knowing what are his fantasies as it is often not yielding result when you directly ask a man what he wants in bed. He might end up not saying anything, probably because he’s shy or have some insecurities.

It will be more efficient to guess into his fantasies and try a few of them to see what his reactions would be. Did that go well with him? Then you can ask him if there are some other things he would love to try next time with you in bed.

All men are interested in having sex, just as this might sound awkward, it holds some truth. When sexuality is concerned, men want more in quantity while women are likely to act on quality according to recent research which points out that men have higher sex drives than women.

Not having sex frequently, can make your man frustrated sexually and some could take this to be the reason why men cheat.

However, there’s no good reason to cheat in a relationship but trying out sex more often can improve your relationship and sex life.

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Different things work for different people, but your man’s expectation of you in bed won’t in any way be far from all I have said on this post regarding what a man wants in bed in order to make him more connected with you.

Now it is left for you make a man cry in bed that you’re too good or bad but let the following sex tips about men be also known to you;

To satisfy a man sexually and emotionally, know that men value sexual satisfaction just as relationship satisfaction, effective communication, random dirty talks that can turn him on, men want casual sex more than women, they can easily get in the mood for sex and want you to let them know you’re satisfied.