21 Tweets That Will Make Your Ex Jealous Like Crazy

Making your ex jealous tends to be tied in with something that brings out desire, envy, and a great deal of interest. Something that makes them ponder on why you’re cheerful and who took their space in your life. Tweets that make your ex envious shouldn’t necessarily be about them.

There is little question that your boyfriend or girlfriend left you hurt, and there’s nothing sweeter than gaining revenge by making them jealous. The smartest thing about WhatsApp status is that you can maintain your business personally and make it appear to be the world is watching. If your brand doesn’t gel with posting petty quotes and bringing others into your interactions, however, the part of you that desires to make your boyfriend jealous agrees, go personal.

If you need your ex to come back crawling again to you and regret the awful determination that they made, listed under are 21 tweets to make your ex jealous. It might also help them realize they broke off a good thing.

21 Incredible tweets that will make your ex want you back

Whether you are looking for good tweets to make your ex jealous, indirect tweets about an ex, or tweets to make your ex-boyfriend jealous and want you back and anything in between, the following relationship tweets is all you need to get it done.

Everything with regards to now was astounding. Particularly the completion. I appreciate you for filling my heart with joy 

Here, You should simply seem cheerful and thankful. Since somebody has accomplished something extraordinary for you, your ex could presume that you’re discussing a heartfelt moment with your new beau or sweetheart.

Having you in mind makes me grin and lights up my day 

Putting this statement on your profile, your ex could address whether the statement is arbitrary or then again if it has something to do with somebody you’d met. The interest could even make your ex connect again with you. 

It’s amazingly fun Learning to ski with somebody as unpracticed as I am.

There’s an alternate kind of shine when you’re completely infatuated 

This rhyme radiates certainty and shows that the separation hasn’t annihilated your confidence in affection—and that you’re open to love once more

I had the most phenomenal birthday eve 

This could make your ex get envious if your ex sees you appreciating birthday events and extraordinary events without him. 

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Tweeting something like “Thank you for your smart gift! I had never gotten anything like this” could make your ex desirous because it could cause your ex to ponder who you got a gift from. 

Nothing will make your ex more desirous than showing your ex that you’re over the person in question and that you’re giggling at your existence with another person by tweeting things like “Thanks for giggling you should be the most entertaining individual I’ve met because I can’t

Yesterday was extraordinary, however, today will be far and away superior! 

This idealistic tweet can show your ex that you haven’t been this glad for him/ her in the past. 

Life simply continues to improve and get better! 

You can’t turn out badly with a positive message. Keep it positive.

Party at my place around evening time.

By demonstrating to your ex that you have different things in your day-to-day existence to stress over, will simply prove that you could care less with regards to them any longer.

I just figured I can go out this evening. My stomach muscles hurt from snickering”

Post cheerful pictures that demonstrate you’re partaking in your public activity. 

I partook in the excursion. I can hardly wait to rehash it 

Making arrangements and going out frequently could quickly get your ex envious.

I can’t accept that I never attempted The bungee jumper was a lot of fun!  

Life’s been excessively kind to me as of late. I wish it would remain as such. 

Utilize this line to pass on to your ex that since the time the person left your life’s been going extraordinary for you. 

I’ve been celebrating without a break for seven days. Today is my rest day. Kindly don’t call me? 

Simply one more method of saying that you’re occupied with contemplating something besides your ex. 

I feel so cheerful! 

This tweet could make your ex think that your delight has something to do with his/her takeoff. 

You could use some quotes

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“Sometimes beneficial things self-destruct so better things can fall together.” Marilyn Monroe

“One day they’ll understand they lost a jewel while playing with useless stones.”  – Turcois Ominek

“What is more adorable than the lady that knows what she needs, is the lady that isn’t looking out for any other individual to get it for her.” – – Michael Bassey Johnson

“What an exquisite shock to at long last find how to envy inciting can be.” Ellen Burstyn

“Since I met you, I began to comprehend why all my previous connections finished: with the goal that we could begin. Robin Raven   

All things considered, If you need to hold them around, stop the envy-inciting activities after getting them back. If you needn’t bother with them again and did it just to be resentful, then, at that point overdo it may be a little after some time. The additional you push, not settled and insidious you look. 

 “There are better people in the world, do not let the worst do the worst to you, you deserve the best in life.”  .”-Michael Bassey Johnson

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