Men aren’t so strange. Honestly, attempting to add something extra to what your male accomplice says or does is simply going to overcomplicate things, more often than not. In all actuality, there are some significant cases where men can be not exactly approaching their life partners. Ladies are by a large number, in contact with their sentiments, more transparent about them, and wouldn’t spare a moment to reveal to you when something is troubling them. Then again, men keep everything inside because of a paranoid fear of being helpless and getting injured. They would prefer not to show shortcomings because getting ridiculed is similar to being harassed. 

From how they feel about your telephone propensities to reality with regards to that “companion” of theirs, there are a few things that most men won’t ever tell the more attractive gender. We are listing them down as follows:

1. Men are just as afraid as women

However, we still have certain fetishes and sexual fantasies that are unusual to men. A majority of men would give up a major part of their lives, even love if it meant that they could pursue someone particular woman. Now, think about that. You aren’t even that sure whether your girlfriend, wife, or fiancé will be extremely uncomfortable with you doing such things. That’s certainly not a very good option when there is somebody like you with all the necessary connections, who would be able to make things even easier for you.

2. Men feel insecure too

It can be disheartening to realize that no matter how hard you try, the man you are with can’t seem to figure you out. They won’t tell you what’s exactly on their mind either. So don’t get too disappointed. This doesn’t mean that you should stop trying. Just bear in mind that he might just be the one and once you find that, you can finally stop worrying. He might be the one but just wants to feel out the situation first How do you react to the first thing that comes to mind? Is it something that you will like? Is it something that you want? Is it something you wouldn’t be comfortable with? Whether it’s just the first thing that comes to mind or the third, it’s better to let your male partner speak.

3. Men love jokes

Chances are, even if your mate does the ‘serious bro’ thing (as one could term it), he’s probably telling a story or cracking a joke. A sense of humor is the most important thing when you want your man to be faithful, to love you, and care for you. That being said, a man with a brilliant sense of humor is by no means an exception in this category. Don’t assume that men have good taste in clothing When your fella tells you to go shopping, be prepared to get on a roller coaster ride. Chances are when you’re suggesting something new or modern, he’ll ask if it’s ok with his friends. He’ll probably question your ability to make good choices and explain why you need to meet the ‘right’ people.

4. It’s not always about sex, for men

Sex is just as great as a woman. So, men who claim to love women and adore being intimate should stop lying. Love shouldn’t lead to the cock, as it ruins the lives of lovers. Do not speak ill about your girlfriends because of your privacy preferences. Men who stray are not necessarily self-, they just do what they think is best for them, what they want, and how they desire. Men aren’t as picky as you think It is true, men can be extremely choosy in the way they prefer women. It is possible to like or even love several women at the same time, however, the feeling is very important to know how to handle. Many women find uncomfortable men secretly like PDA. PDA doesn’t mean so much as you think.

5. What is “mansplaining”?

Do you ever hear a male make a comment or an observation about a situation and automatically assume that you’re not listening, that you’re going to add your own opinion to the situation? Men do this to the point where we don’t always even realize we’re doing it. This is called “mansplaining,” and there’s no reason it needs to exist. There are a lot of powerful reasons why you shouldn’t bring up that little cockroach of a word in conversation with your partner. Instead, take these simple tips and listen and enjoy your partner’s words. Listen intently without adding any of your commentaries, and you’ll probably find that men like to talk to you.

6. The male perspective on body image

According to a 2016 poll on FemPOWER by Gallup, American women aged 18-34 are reporting the lowest percentage of body dissatisfaction since 2001. Recent studies indicate that as many as 75 percent of women say that they are satisfied with their bodies today – a vast jump from the 5 percent who reported a similar sentiment in 1997. And that’s all thanks to magazines. The recent proliferation of affordable fitness and nutrition resources, combined with the big celebrity break-outs, have given the average guy an in-depth knowledge of what he should and shouldn’t be doing with his body.

7. Why do men feel the need to constantly correct people?

You’ll probably be wondering why someone of your fellow man’s husband wants to remind you that he’s number one in your life. Why does he need to stress that he’s number one? Wouldn’t that be enough? It’s because it’s not enough. It seems that for many, expressing love and value is enough. Other men, however, think that they need to explain themselves and their ego must be firmly shown upfront. Here are some reasons why men may feel the need to change their social situation to better express their ego: · He may be trying to form a secure social structure with his lady. · He may be concerned about establishing a strong bond or relationship. · He may be anxious about not being good enough for the lady. · He may be trying to avoid social judgment from other males.

8. Women and men have different priorities when it comes to sex

There is no denying the fact that women generally love the aroma of a man that is in heat. With this in mind, it makes perfect sense that in-heat men are more prone to make multiple trips to the restroom for what they describe as a wash that can only be achieved while they are in one state. Women are generally more sensitive to other ladies’ vaginas Because when a man is in the process of shooting his load, the weight of his sperm is going to fall on the walls of the vaginal opening and women generally prefer a man that holds back just a little bit.

9. Why do guys act like they know everything?

As the saying goes, “it’s a guy thing” or “it is what it is.” Yeah, something like that. It doesn’t mean that you have to believe it, or believe that it’s the reason. All that means is that you have a lot of work to do, on an emotional level, for them to realize that they should probably share some of that with you. For example, if your guy is a driver, and he’s missing his turn, chances are he is just wanting to show off how good of a driver he is. Which, by the way, will not impress your friends as much as you think it will. If he is missing his turn, chances are he is just trying to outdo you. When it comes to the road, your guy always feels like he is winning. So, if you see him on the road, avoid engaging in any verbal battle.

10. Is that a “macho” thing?

Maybe. Do women need help? Often. Are there exceptions to these male stereotypes? Absolutely. Who deserves a gender-stereotypical “cock-blocker?” Men and women. And frankly, even those two aspects cannot be underestimated in the arena of “hooking-up” and “dating” for your long-term happiness. Why? Let’s take a look at the advantages to both sides. (1) Men Enjoy Men In Total Control This is my favorite point for those who ask me that question. I don’t want to deprive women of any awesome things, but I think we can all agree that having a man be totally in control, in terms of planning, making choices, and even prioritizing is super hot.