How To Tell Your Bestie You Want To Date Them

How To Tell Your Bestie You Want To Date Them

Choosing when and how to tell your best friend you like them is one of the most challenging dating problems you can experience. You’ve probably heard someone claim to have a terrific relationship or to have married their best friend due to their excellent connection.

And you start wondering, does it begin romantically, or does the friendship develop with passion? Turning a platonic connection into a passionate one is both thrilling and terrifying. However, there is plenty to gain if you do it right.

How To Tell Your Bestie You Want To Date Them

Here are a few things to consider if you propose to your best friend.

  • Wait for the right moment
  • Start with hint
  • Don’t set up a date
  • Have a talk with your friend somewhere convenient
  • Have a regular conversation before expressing your feelings
  • Express how valuable your friendship is to you
  • Give them an easy way out if they can’t reciprocate the feelings
  • Give your bestie some time To process everything
  • Listen and accept Their decision
  • Whatever the decision, take it gently with them
  • Give your bestie some space

1.    Wait For The Right Moment

When you tell your best friend you love them; you want to take all the necessary steps to put them at ease. Choose a moment and location when neither of you will be under any significant emotional strain. Everyone finds it challenging to make wise choices regarding love matters when they are already under pressure from another situation.

The following are a few situations that might not be ideal for discussing your feelings with your best friend:

  • They recently ended (or are currently in) a significant relationship; this is unacceptable.
  • They are enduring a trying time in  life.

An illustration of a suitable occasion and setting for discussing your emotions is when you are having a relaxing, unhurried weekend hangout with a single person.

2.    Start With Hints

The majority of relationship advice discourages hinting. Men don’t want to have to guess at your emotions, and having a direct discussion about your feelings now might spare you a lot of sorrow and heartache in the future.

Suppose your best buddy is not interested in hearing how you feel. In that case, you run the risk of then picking up on your clues and suddenly bringing up a partner you were unaware of or admitting to having a secret infatuation with someone else.

3.    Don’t Set Up A Date

Giving your closest friend a romantic candlelit meal may seem like a grand gesture, but it can be perplexing for him/her if they don’t understand what you’re doing. Setting up a much more relaxed hangout session is your best chance.

Additionally, you’ll be spending a lot of money on something that might need to be revised. If you save money, you can always date someone else if your best friend isn’t into you romantically.

4.    Have A Talk With Your Friend Somewhere Convenient

Give your best buddy a bit of seclusion since it’s practically impossible to have this conversation without you experiencing powerful emotions. While you don’t have to be entirely alone to do this, you should be in a quiet area where no one will overhear your chat or interrupt you.

A bench in a park isolated from other people is a location for this discussion. You’ll have a romantic view, be comfy, and there won’t be any chance of outside interference. Avoid creating a vast public spectacle because there is a good chance it won’t work out.

5.    Have A Regular Talk Before Expressing Your Feelings

Talk about topics you would typically discuss, such as school, homework, or extracurricular activities, to start a conversation. Tell them you have something you’d like to share with them once you both feel at ease.

Inform them that you have feelings for them and feel it’s vital for them to know directly and honestly. Say that- It’s not easy for me to tell you this, but I’ve had a crush on you for a while.

6.    Express How Valuable Your Friendship Is To You

Even though you want to develop a deeper relationship with your closest friend, it’s crucial to let them know that you don’t want to lose them if they don’t reciprocate your sentiments. Inform them of your appreciation for their friendship and your want to see it endure.

You might add, “If you liked me back, that would be great, but I want our friendship to be the main priority,” after expressing your thoughts to your best friend.

7.    Give Them An Easy Way Out If They Can’t Reciprocate The Feelings

Whatever happens, this conversation is probably going to be awkward. However, if you give your friend a suitable means to say “no” without embarrassment, you can make things much less difficult for both of you.

Just let him/ her know it’s alright if you want to wait to meet up. The following are some things you might want to mention:

  • Let them know that you fully comprehend if he or she  isn’t able to be in a relationship right now.
  • Insist that you won’t be sad if they don’t share your feelings.

8.    Give Your Bestie  Some Time To Process Everything

Your best buddy could need a few days to process their feelings and thoughts. Allow them time and space to consider how they feel and what they want to communicate to you. Even though you should give your best buddy a day or two to contemplate what you’ve told them, carry on as usual with your interactions with them unless they express the need for some alone time.

9.    Listen And Accept their Decision

Throughout the conversation, seek your friend’s opinion. Just be sure to let them speak freely and avoid taking over. Pay attention to the decision. Inquiring about their feelings is acceptable, but don’t challenge the choice itself. It would help if you accepted the choice because it is theirs to choose.

Don’t try to convince them otherwise. This is a simple method to come off as helpless. Even if you disagree with the logic, if you genuinely love your best friend, you should want them to be content.

10. Whatever The Decision, Take It Gently With Them

Fantastic if your best buddy admits they like you too! When beginning a relationship, take your time and don’t rush into anything. Do not compromise your friendship by doing anything; it is still precious to you. Start by organizing a romantic date for just the two of you to see how your new relationship will work.

However, If your best friend rejects you, try not to treat them differently. Accept the news and attempt to get past it. Although it’s common to feel uncomfortable with your best friend because of your shared emotions, be proud of yourself for being vulnerable and make an effort to maintain your friendship.

If you’re particularly upset with their choice, it’s a good idea to isolate yourself from your closest friend after sharing your thoughts.

11. Give Your Bestie Some Space

Congratulations if your best friend responded favourably! Even if your best friend disappoints you in a kind and understanding manner, there could be painful emotions on both sides. On the other hand, you should be ready to “step back” from your relationship at least temporarily if your friend doesn’t enjoy the thought of romance.

Fortunately, as the popular saying goes, “time heals every pain” Spending a few weeks or months apart from someone who has rejected you can be beneficial. It can help you move on to new romantic opportunities, heal, and accept that you won’t get back together.

Take things slowly when you reunite with your best buddy. You won’t immediately return to the same level of relationship you once had. Be prepared to re-enter a close platonic relationship gradually. Although it might not be precisely the same as your previous relationship, it is unlikely to be worse.


You should have the confidence to make a move after reading these tips on telling a friend you like and want to date them. You might cross the bridge from friendship to love if you approach it correctly, who knows it might end up very well. Put the above guide in practice to see desired results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It A Good Idea To Date Your Best Friend?

It can be a fantastic idea to date your best friend, but you also need to consider whether they treat you fairly. If you have a history of friendship, you might know more about one another than the average new couple does, depending on how you engage with one another as friends.

Can Besties Fall In Love?

Yes. This is not unusual and is entirely possible. If you want to know upfront if they feel anything for you, ask them. Just make sure you are upfront with them about how you feel.  It can be challenging to distinguish between platonic friendship and romantic love.

What Is The Name For Love Between Friends?

The love between friends is platonic. It’s a love that entails emotional attachment, importance, and concern for someone, even if you don’t feel romantically attracted to them.


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