How To Fix My Marriage With My Husband

How To Fix My Marriage With My Husband

How To Fix My Marriage With My Husband – Being married is a lot like starting a new career, or obtaining a degree program.

It’s quite easy to embark on, but almost a must to face challenges in the long term.

Lots of marriages are facing troubles and issues this day.

When the going gets tough most couples put off marriage help thinking there is nothing they can do, or that things will somehow fix themselves over time but that never happens.

Marriage is a matter and every matter has to be understood so you can get the most out of it.

Know that no marriage is perfect.

Your marriage may be gotten away from you at this point so there are conflicts and more arguments.

The situation is getting out of hand, and it seems like you need help right now to fix the problems.

To help your marriage survive from these now and then issues, you and your spouse should put your hands together to make it work again.

if your marriage is heading in that direction of endless distress and it’s giving you concern, it’s time to act, right away.

Don’t wait till the problem gets hard to fix, with the help of your partner you can fix your marriage to what you want it to be.

Is it possible to fix my marriage?

Sure, it’s a good step to even think of fixing your marriage, since you have considered fixing your marriage with your partner, then you’re close to getting your wish done.

A broken marriage is not the end of your marriage and it’s not impossible to fix.

Thankfully, you have come across this post, it’ll help you tackle your marriage problems and then give you some guidelines to fix your marriage back to normal.

Are you frustrated and heartbroken right now due to the situation of your marriage or planning on how to fix your marriage with your husband?

Then worry no more.

In this write-up, you’ll learn how to fix your marriage with your husband and other things that will help you secure your marriage.

Because many couples have also tried these marriage tips to fix their marriages and it works for them, and give them hope to be together with their spouse again, and I know it’ll work for you too.

Read along the lines to learn about the things you need to do to fix your marriage with your partner.

15 tips on how to fix your marriage with your partner.

Here they are:

1. Ask yourself do you still love each other?
2. Make a list of your disagreement.
3. Fix yourself first.
4. Work on your Communication.
5. Be honest with yourselves.
6. Choose to love more.
7. Respect your spouse’s opinions.
8. Share financial intentions.
9. Be understanding and supportive.
10. Commit and set rules.
11. Take your time.
12. A good therapist can be of help.

1. Ask yourself do you still love each other?

Before thinking of fixing your marriage with your partner the first and decent question to ask each other is, if they love you both shared at the beginning of the relationship or if marriage still exists.

This is the background of all your efforts to fix your marriage with your husband.

No matter how you try to fix your marriage, love is still one of the most important things in a marriage.

Everyone needs love, that includes your man, so if you want to fix your marriage with your husband.

Let him know how much you love him, and by so doing, he can be open to telling you if he still wants to help fix the marriage or not.

If you and your husband can be sincere enough to say, yes or no to this, then it will be easy for you both to fix your marriage together.

2. Make a list of your disagreements.

When your husband has agreed to fix your marriage from damage to a happy home, then the next thing you both should do is to make out a list of the things that always lead to arguments or misunderstanding.

State out those things that constantly bring issues and quarrels, it can be about the chores in the home or about money or taking care of the kids.

Whichever one is the bone of contention in your marriage, make a list of them, and look for a lasting solution to the problems.

3. Fix yourself first.

The best way to fix your partner is too, first of all, fix yourself.

No one is without flaws, you know.

By fixing yourself first, you may never notice your husband’s bad attitude anymore, and when your husband sees that you’ve just stopped nagging and complaining too much about everything in your marriage, he may try to adjust to suit the new home you have created.

So you both should look at your innermost selves, and identify those nasty little characters that are causing problems in your marriage, fix yourself first to help fix your marriage.

4. Work on your Communication.

Having constant arguments in your marriage is a sure sign that you do not understand how to be married, not that you are incompatible.

Of course, some couples find it difficult and time-wasting to spend some minutes with their spouse to discuss extensively the arising issues in their marriage.

How then can you be able to know when things are not going right if you don’t find time to discuss them often with your partner?

Marriage s not just about having sex, it’s about building intimacy.

But how can you build intimacy with someone when you don’t even have their time?

When couples stop expressing themselves or stop sharing their thoughts, it destroys the connection and intimacy in a marriage.

Understand that lack of adequate communication in marriage can be damaging to a marriage.

So, if you care to fix your marriage with your husband, then you’ve to make it a habit to create time for the two of you.

If possible make out time and go out for a date, as you are together discuss the need to work on certain aspects of your marriage, and by often doing this, it’ll help to spot out when there’s a new topic to sort out fast.

5. Be honest with yourselves.

Being honest pays, and being honest with your partner can bring trust and more love to your marriage thereby making it easier for you and your husband to fix your marriage together.

Why is being honest necessary?

Once you both are sincere to each other, you will be open to telling your partner what you like or dislike about the other person, you will feel safe sharing your thoughts and emotions with your partner. Even though some may feel uncomfortable about it, it will go a long way to fix your marriage.

6. Choose to love more.

No matter how much you try to fix your marriage with your husband and there is no love in that marriage it may be tough to get to the point.

What do I mean?

Well, I mean you should work on loving your husband more than complaining and finding faults always.

There’s nothing that causes problems in a marriage than when the good sides of your husband are not being appreciated.

If you have not been doing this, you need to start today.

To achieve this amazing idea.

Try making a list of all the good sides of your spouse, when you’re able to pen it down, look at it often instead of concentrating on the wrongs which may cause more pain to your marriage.

When you focus more on the good parts and love him more, he will have no choice but to love you back, and with that, it’ll be easy to fix your marriage and make it stronger.

7. Respect your spouse’s opinions.

No one is an island when it comes to marriage. If you want to fix your marriage with your husband then don’t be too bossy – if there’s anything that men secretly hate, it’s being controlled.

There’s no way you’ll not respect your husband’s opinions and expect him to be nice to you, you have to let your husband be in control.

When he knows you respect his decisions, and submit to him, then he will treat you like something he needs in his life. This is a vital point to look upon if you consider fixing your marriage with your husband.

8. Share financial matters.

Sure, your husband may have been carrying out this load alone, and decide not to complain about it.

Though this is supposed to be discussed during the time of courtship, if you find your marriage on the verge of falling apart, then you need to hurry and talk about financial matters with your husband.

Discuss sharing the financial workloads, how bills will be taken care of, and who takes the part of paying kids’ bills, or buying house needs.

Once you’ve something doing that fetch you money, ponder on carrying your fair share of the family workload, and by doing so it will help you and your husband to work together in fixing your marriage just the way you want it to be.

9. Be understanding and supportive.

One of the great ways to learn how to fix a marriage with your husband is by being understanding and supportive.

A couple must grow together with each other in understanding and being in support of one another throughout the years of being together, if not, one may get weary when he or she runs out of strength in managing the affairs of the marriage alone.

And that’s why you must understand and support each other so that when the going gets tough for one, the other person will help to make sure things are going the right well.

10. Commit and set rules.

You need to learn what your marriage needs by discussing it, and when you’re done with what it needs to be happy, you’ve to set some rules to help you make your marriage work.

I don’t mean to say, you don’t know how to be married, no, you two are probably great people.

But great people still need to learn how to be married.

Once you and your husband have committed to working to change the situation in your marriage, now it’s time to set up some rules to help you.

Ask yourselves ‘what transpired throughout your marriage?

Point out all the differences that might have led to the discomforts in your marriage and work on being better.

You can decide to set rules like “when to discuss some certain issues, the kind of tone to use, how to carry out some chores in the house, days to hang out, etc”.

We’re not perfect, but if you and your husband are willing to fix and maintain these rules first, then it’ll be easy to fix your marriage too.

11. Take your time.

Fixing a wrecked marriage with your husband is not going to be so easy in the long run.

Know that is not work in the park either, it probably going to be tough sometimes, so you need to take your time.

Don’t rush things with your husband because of the setbacks and misunderstanding that keeps coming out now and then.

Take your time and give your husband some space to think about the whole thing too, and with that, you’re sure to save and fix your marriage from being unhappy to a happy marriage.

12. A good therapist can be of help.

You understand what’s happening in your marriage and trying all you can to fix your marriage with your husband, when you have tried all the above-listed points and your husband is not willing to do his part to make it work, you sense you can’t go far with fixing your marriage alone.

If you’re not able to convince your spouse to give your marriage one more chance.

Then, you should seek the backing of a professional therapist who will help you and your husband fix and make your marriage better again.

Final thoughts.

Fixing a marriage with your husband isn’t going to be easy, beside trying, you also have to be dedicated or committed, and this the bedrock of fixing your marriage.

But sometimes, most couples find it hard to commit to their marriage and this probably leads to further problems if care is not taken.

So learning how to fix your marriage with your husband starts with being committed to each other, falling in love all day, understanding one another, and correcting with love without criticizing.

However, if you can apply all of these, it’ll not only help to rebuild your marriage but will also help in providing the support you might need for saving your marriage.


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