How To Confirm A Date – 12 Most Reliable Ways To Try

how to confirm a date

The very first date is often full of stomach jitters, uncertainty, anticipation, and the question of “should I confirm a date with a guy” or what to say to confirm a date with my partner. Funny enough all this begins even before the big day! 

So, if you’re looking for a way to confirm a date without coming across as frantic, keep reading this post. When you confirm a date, you’re essentially offering your possible partner the option to cancel or confirm what you’ve already chosen. 

In other words, you demonstrate civility and concern in another’s personal decisions when you inquire about if things will go as planned. If you don’t confirm the date, it could indicate that you don’t care or that you simply forgot about the meeting. 

Many folks will eagerly await your confirmation of a date. Otherwise, they believe it is null and void. But There’s only one question I get asked more frequently than “Do you confirm a date?” or What do you say before a date?

Even individuals who recognize the need of confirming dates are concerned that doing so will make them appear desperate or weak. This problem may appear in part, and the other person may assume that you are desperate, but it is quite difficult to prevent.

Now we’ll give you some guidelines and pointers on how to confirm a date without seeming frantic.

Don’t be a dependent person. Consider your first date to be a simple meetup of 2 persons even though It’s a little more complicated than that. However, the more you think about it as a “date”, the more difficult it appears.

When it comes to confirming your date, keeping that thought in mind can help you avoid coming off as desperate. I’m sure I’ve come across that way a handful of times in the past, especially when they were exceptionally handsome and cute. 

Keeping it casual can help boost your confidence as Confidence is crucial to confirm a date with a guy and this method exudes none. 

Keep your cool. Don’t convert a confirmation of a date into an interview, and don’t press her to respond. You have no reason to be concerned if she does not answer promptly. 

After all, you double-check your date to avoid this issue in the future. If she doesn’t respond for an extended period of time, you should surely remind her to confirm a date the day before. Forget about our reservations.

Men are responsible for getting SMS to confirm dates in the majority of heterosexual couples. So, start by recognizing that you are doing everything correctly and that your wish to confirm your date the day before is fine and natural. It also doesn’t make you appear pathetic.

1. Never ask more than once.

You should never repeat this dialogue with a girl while confirming a date. When you asked her if she would attend, she responded yes. It’s as simple as that.

When she gives you an uncertain response, you should swiftly change the subject of your conversation. It’s pointless to waste your time on her if she hasn’t responded to your date offer. 

Also, if she consented, don’t bring up your date with her. If something is essential to her, she will remember it. And if she does, you should go back to the beginning of your quest.

2. Don’t send too many texts.

Without the need for hesitation, you want your date confirmation to appear good, passionate, and even epic, but you shouldn’t. And, once again, the very first date with a female isn’t particularly significant. 

You may now have just as many dates as you would like with internet dating. As a result, the easier your date assurance is, the better your outcomes will be. Even a straightforward “Are you still keen for today?” will suffice to show her that you are still committed and to find out if she hasn’t altered her mind.

3. Wait patiently.

Don’t make the mistake of bombarding a possible girlfriend with text messages or phone calls. Remember, you’re both humans with other things on your minds besides dating. 

She may also cancel your first date, but you should never consider this a deal-breaker. As a result, you should maintain a calm and patient demeanor. After all, it’s natural for life to come in the way once in a while, but not twice. 

If she cancels your date for the third time, gently explain that you want to be in a meaningful relationship with her, but she simply does not have time for it.

4. Know when to stop.

For example, you’ve scheduled a date for the following week. You confirmed it two days ago, but she hasn’t communicated to you since then. What would you do in this situation?

 There’s always the possibility that she’ll be too shy to initiate a conversation. In this instance, you should send her that which expresses your desire while without seeming desperate. anything along such lines, “I just finished one of those shawarmas we were discussing. So delectable!” 

If she replies and makes comments, she is still likely to be intrigued. If she hesitates, though, you should keep silent as well.

5. Don’t vanish.

When you finally get a female to confirm your date, you should never assume that going silent until your date is OK. Obviously, you don’t need to question her about your upcoming date because everything is arranged unless one of you cancels it. 

However, this does not preclude you from discussing your favorite TV shows, books, or other topics. You should, in fact, do so.

6. Text her in the middle of the day.

You can text her in the morning to alleviate any questions about whether or not she is suitable for the date. However, don’t do it too soon, as it will be too much for someone you’ve never met in person. Also, don’t wait too long because you might not be a good candidate.

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7. It is more than a date

“It’s just not the way people actually engage with each other, “that two individuals who scheduled a date days before would have faith that the plans were still on after not spoken since (which is very normal).” 

“It’s safe to presume that date won’t happen if at least one person doesn’t follow up.” This expectation isn’t restricted to dating, as Garoon points out. In most social situations, romantic or not, the same idea applies. 

“You don’t just show up at their apartments because you made the plan a week ago,” he says. “If you make plans with a friend a week in advance and then don’t get a chance to speak in the interim, you don’t simply show up at their place because you made the plan a week ago.” “You text them and inform them of your situation.”

8. You must still cancel if you want to cancel.

While you can’t presume a date is on without a pre-date text, failing to send one at all isn’t necessary grounds for a fair cancellation.

Failure to send a message in place of properly canceling equates to pre-ghosting in several ways. It’s not a serious infraction, but it’s unappealing.

“You can’t presume the person you set up a date with won’t show up for the date just because you hadn’t sent a pre-date confirmation SMS,”. “You must actually call and cancel your date,

Doesn’t it seem counterintuitive? “Tough crap,” Garoon remarks. “Being mindful involves going below and above whether you’re showing up or not.”

9. Suggestions for 2-3 date variations

If a female has other plans or there are unanticipated scenarios, it’s a good idea to have multiple solutions in reserve. She should also be aware of where you will go to look suitably. 

If you wish to confirm a date, the sentence “Let’s go somewhere one day” is just incorrect! It demonstrates your apathy, and you will receive the same evasive response.

10. Inquire about a certain topic. 

Use the words “Do you remember about Friday night?” while texting to confirm a date. She’ll respond with a yes or no, or something along the lines of, “I’d love to go on a date, but I already have plans for Friday.”

“How about a Sunday evening?” you suggest. And she has the right to deny you permanently. If you’re looking for a unique way to express yourself you need to take it easy while confirming a date.

11. Mention your date during the conversation

Simply mention the date throughout the discussion if you’ve been texting him prior to the date. The most important thing is to make it sound natural. It’s not the simplest option, but if done correctly, it’s also the most informal way to confirm the date.

12. Send Him a Logistical Question

This is one of the most ingenious ways to confirm a date with a guy.

The text is straightforward: Ask him a question regarding the date’s plans.

It could be about the location, how to get there, or if there is a dress code.

Depending on how he responds, this is also an opportunity for you to determine how thrilled he is for the date.

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