How To Love Yourself And Be Happy

love and happiness

In a society where almost everyone seems good-looking on social media, with persons trying to make you feel you were them, a world filled with uncountable responsibilities and pressure from people around trying to lure you to fitting in, it could be very hard to love yourself and be happy.

Fortunately, it is possible to love yourself completely regardless of numerous other challenges that make it easier for you to say “I hate my life”. This is highly possible only if you can read this post to the end and practice some or all the tips.

Whether you want to love yourself spiritually, live a happy life without a man or woman, be confident in who you are, and learn to love yourself first, this post is specially written for you.

Best ways to love yourself and be happy

1. Social media detox

avoid social media

Too many fake lifestyles online can leave you with the feeling that you’re left behind. Your knowledge of how common social media hoaxes exist among internet users today will help you find more peace and ample reasons to focus on your goal, love yourself, and be happy.

A few days, weeks, or months off social media can help you recharge and bounce back positively at life again.

2. Learn something new every day

learn new things

There’s always a thing to learn every day, it doesn’t necessarily have to do with deviating from your current job or career, but learning better ways to improve at it is pretty encouraging. Even if you have to go out of the usual way to learn something new, it’s still worth the time and effort. 

When you finally have the skill, knowledge, and experience, you will be wowed by your performances and can’t help but to fall deeply in love with yourself.

3. Be confident about your body type

show your body

Although, there are several reliable diet plans for weight loss to achieve the body type of your choice, having at least a bit of confidence in your body type can encourage you to be patient with the process and never give room to body-shamers.

4. Don’t give up on yourself

do not give up on you

If there’s at all anyone to believe who you’re, then that’s you. 

How much more you believe in yourself determines the likelihood of others believing in you. 

However, you must at least be able to believe in the beauty of your dreams, live a happy life without people-pleasing.

Most importantly, do not forget who you’re and all the beautiful things you promised yourself. Let this be like a burning fire in you to chase away darkness whenever you begin to look down on yourself.

5. Exercise daily

exercise daily

Staying at a place all through won’t help, it would rather drag you into the circle of depression and loneliness.

A good exercise every day or a nature walk can keep you an incredible amount of steps away from the doctor’s office.

Yoga and meditation with this yoga mat will help you achieve calm, self-love, and happiness that you for long seek in this very life.

6. Eat healthily

eat healthy

Life is too short to spend eating only junk.

The kind of food you eat does not only affect you biologically but also mentally. Stay off processed foods, concentrate more on natural food that is good for your body regardless of your body goals and celebrity you want to look like which probably have thrown you into harmful dieting.

7. Restructure your social circle

change your social circle

Stop hanging out with people who can still make you feel lonely even when you’re with them. To find self-love and happiness all in yourself, stay around people who will give you the courage to push ahead and be better, their loving kindness and support are pretty much enough to make you smile, be happy and love yourself the more.

8. Deal with negative thoughts

deal with negativity

As humans, it’s normal to sometimes slightly or completely get into the negative circle but how long we stay there and our efforts/tactics in getting off it makes the difference.

When such negative thoughts come by, remember to look at things that will make you feel energized, supportive and positive even if it’s to listen to music, talk with friends on the phone or in a face to face conversation, or wear a nice dress for a compound walk around.

9. Stop searching for happiness externally

love yourself so much

Most people fail in their journey to unending happiness probably because, at some point in life, they have believed people to be their source of happiness. Giving someone the responsibility of making you feel happy will if not now, subject you to a whole lot of mental torture in the future.

Honestly, the happiness you seek is within. You should spend more time listening to your inner self, practice positive self-care, and eliminate expectations from people. If it’s possible to abide by these simple rules of happiness, then it’s possible to achieve long-lasting self-love and happiness.

10. Practice gratitude

be spirited

Daily gratitude is the key to self-love and happiness.

Thinking about all the things you’re grateful for is a great way to loving yourself, it greatly reminds you of who you’re.

You can incorporate gratitude in your daily activities if you start a gratitude journal, listen to podcasts about gratitude and mindfulness, and most especially if you can spend a few minutes thinking about what went right instead of what went wrong.

11. Forgive your past

leave the past and move on

We all have both great and bad past, but choosing to live our everyday life with regrets of how bad things went in the past will only make us existing as humans but not actually living a life full of adventure.

Appreciate that you’re still alive hitherto, the gift of life is priceless and there’s hope once there’s life. Everything gets better with time, and patience is perhaps a virtue. 

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