The things every man should own in 2020 are quite different from what you might have seen in the magazines that belong to the 1950s. However, when a guy gets to the age of 30, he’s expected to act mature in thinking and have a better revolution regarding the way he treats things around him. As such, he should be ready in life to handle things that might spring up to his way in the journey to becoming a successful man in life.

Things every gentleman should own by 30 revolves around what a man should have in his house, what to carry, his clothing items, in his wardrobe or in his house if he already has a house of his own by 30. However, accessories every man should have by 30 depends mostly on the kind of life a man wants to live or experience in his 30s but trust me, Relationship Hub suggests that every man should own the following things by the age of 30.

30 important things every man should have by 30

Your search for what should a man accomplish by 30 or have in his apartment ends by the time you’re done going through our recommendations on the best things every man should have to become man enough and make his 30s memorable. Nothing makes a man more attractive than this.

1. A tailored black suit

A well-tailored suit is perhaps one among the things every man should have in his wardrobe by 30 if he wants to make a more formal move into the realm of cooperating dress code.

Although we don’t want to argue that black is the most popular colour for suits, you can decide to have your slim fit suit in navy blue, white or any colour of your choice hence it fits in well with you. If a black suit is too formal, you can try other colours, a man at his 30 can decide to have at least three different types of suits and shouldn’t be seen asking questions like; how to wear a black suit, or can you wear a black suit to a wedding? The choice of colour depends on the colour chosen to be the colour for the day at the wedding reception. That’s why you should consider adding more suit to your collection once you clock 30 even if you already have one.

2. Black dress shoes

A nice pair of men’s black shoes will make you look good. You don’t necessarily need to go bankrupt trying to purchase the Mayweather kind of black shoes, but something of good quality is worth the price. You know what you can afford and to look nice, you just need to get a good pair of black shoes that won’t hurt your feet. Not just all about following the men’s fashion trend but buying what’s good for you matters more.

3. A toolbox

As I said earlier, once you get to 30, there should be improvements in the way you handle things around you. You’re no longer a kid and wouldn’t like to be addressed as an unorganized man.
A Toolkit is all you need to get your set of tools well arranged. The content of a tool chest depends on the type of work and owner. Every man should own a nice workbox by 30 for effective use when the need for DIY arises.

4. A nice wallet

One of the things a man should carry or own once he’s 30 years old, is a nice leather wallet with strong anti RFID to protect your cards from an unauthorised scan and nice compartments to serve as cardholders.
A good men’s leather wallet should be durable and long-lasting, to make you feel secure.

5. Cologne

Every man should own a Cologne by 30. I assume you already know the difference between a Cologne, perfume and spray.
Get the Cologne for men, and use sparingly.

6. A wristwatch

I understand that the pace at which technology is advancing, one might say “what’s the need for a wristwatch hence I can use my smartphone?” Trust me, every man at his 30s should at least own what is considered a good watch. It can be a wristwatch with a leather handle, rubber, or chain watch that has sapphire glass.

7. A flashlight

I know you might be surprised to see that flashlight is included in our best list of things every man should have by 30, probably because you already have the flashlight app installed on your phone.
Regardless of the possibility that your smartphone can download torchlight app, you will agree with me that a strong flashlight points farther than your screen torchlight and this enables you to see better at night.

8. A travel bag

To most people, the age of 30 for men, is actually the time to travel the world and gain experiences about different cultures of the world. If this is true for you and you’re in your 30s, you should consider having a nice travelling bag. It can be a backpack, trolley, luggage, the list is endless.
A good travel bag for men should also have a good organizer to help you keep your belongings well, it can be a leather bag for travel, but should at least be waterproof. It should also be easy to carry like most of the American Tourister travel bags.

Buy yourself a nice travelling bag even if you don’t have travel plans at the moment. Who knows there may be the need for an urgent trip any time soon, so you don’t keep stressing yourself over organizing your items as a man.

9. Proper glassware

As a man who’s 30 years old, you should be able to know which glass for which drink. There’s nothing as amazing as having the proper glassware for different types of drinks. Go get yourself a nice wine glass or beer glass to pour your favourite drink or when you have friends around and ready for a mini drink party.

10. Corkscrew

A nice corkscrew that doesn’t take up much space is a must-have for every man that’s at least 30 years of age. It is difficult to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew or any other household bottle that is sealed with corks. When you want to pop a bottle of wine for your visitors, you don’t have to try using your hands to remove the cork without a corkscrew or wonder how to make use of a corkscrew.

11. A chef’s knife

kitchen knife

As a 30-year-old, you should at least own a chef’s knife even if you’re not way much into cooking. You can use a chef’s knife to cut or disjoint a large amount of beef, or slice items in the kitchen. When choosing a chef’s knife, make sure the one you picked, has the blade steel run through the handle.

12. Photo album

photo album

Every man should own a nice photo album in his closet. You’re a man, and of course, you have some memory captured on photographs. They should be well arranged in a photo album for the eye.

13. A flask

Every man should own a portable flask that is leak proof. Whether you’re camping, travelling to a far distance, or heading to your workplace, you will find out that this particular type of men’s flask fits in because it is portable and easy to carry.

14. An umbrella

I am not here to argue with you on who first sang umbrella or answer the question on “what is Rihanna singing about umbrella” Trust me weather can be so unpredictable and a foldable umbrella that has a nice handle is what every man should own by 30. According to Market Watch, the average cost of an umbrella is $30.

15. Electric iron with steam

Don’t appear with a dress that looks like it was pulled out from a bottle. Every man should own an ironing board and a steam iron by the age of 30. Even if the laundry guy is always around, there might be a time you would need to iron it yourself.

16. Playing cards

At your 30s, what do you do with friends when you guys are less busy? At your leisure time, having a good type of playing card can light up the moment and kill boredom when almost everyone is out of interesting topics to discuss.

17. Sunglasses

Men should wear proper sun protection and a good accessory for that is a nice men’s sunglasses. The Ray-Ban, Tom Ford Ace, Tomahawk and the Oakley sunglasses are popular brands of sunglasses for men.

18. A record player

Apart from the top-rated record players, the Victrola, Audio-Technica and Record player Turntable for Vinyl Records, there are also other brands below $100 that forms part of the best record players every man should own by 30.

19. Sportswear

Exercising daily keeps you away from the doctor. Every man should own a nice set of activewear for exercising at his 30s.
If you already have nice fitness wear, there’s nothing wrong with adding more to your collection of sportswear.

20. Good socks

Nothing gives a man comfort like having the best socks for his feet, the company that makes the best socks have them in a different category. We advise you to go for the most durable socks that will fit in properly with your feet or activities. If you’re an athlete and you just clocked 30, it is advisable to buy the best athletic socks for running.

21. Good underwear

Every man at his 30s should own at least a good number of men’s underwear according to the brands that suit him the most. The briefs, boxers for men, and trunks etc.

22. Iron skillet

Cast iron skillet isn’t just for making food, it is more than that. The memory or experience it creates by helping you have your favourite recipes ready without stress. While buying a cast iron skillet, consider the size of the pan and handle too.

23. A nice car

If you want to enjoy the comfortability of having a personal ride, then consider a decent car as one of the things every man should own by 30.

24. Book collection

If you’re a man at 30, you should at least know how to build your book collection and make sure you have some interesting reads. Relationship Hub suggest that you add more of personal growth books that will make you have an amazing 30 and prepare you for the tasks ahead as you grow older.

25. A set of wine glasses 

If you can’t get proper glassware, you should at least have a nice set of wine glasses.

26. A great pocket knife

A nice pocket knife or a penknife is one of the things every man should carry at 30. Especially if your job or everyday life requires cutting whether big or small hence it is something a portable pocket knife can handle.

27. A special camera

Having a nice type of camera should be part of what’s on your list for a man who’s 30 years old especially if you like capturing interesting moments. Despite the pixel sizes of different smartphone cameras, it is important to note that such phones have not come to completely replace a photo/video camera. As a young man, you don’t need to break the bank to buy a nice camera, some are under $100.

28. A nice wool blanket

A machine-washable wool blanket that’s more hygienic and soft to keep you warm. One of the most interesting thing about a 100 percent wool blanket, is that it is affordable as most of the prices are below $50 even for the top selected products and review on Amazon.

29. A coffee maker 

If you are the type that would like to wake up to the flavour of an early morning coffee readily available for you, then you should consider a coffee machine as a must-have for every man who’s at least 30 years of age.

30. A notebook and a fountain pen

 At some point in life in your 30s, events that can prompt the need to jot ideas down are perhaps limitless. You will have more confidence to draw out your notebook and write with your fountain pen in the public if you have got a nice collection of these cute writing materials.

Now that you have seen the list of things Relationship Hub suggests that every man should own by 30, what’s you take on this, which should we add or remove from the list? Let’s see your opinions through the comment box below.