What should every guy have by 25?

Are you in your twenties and wondering what a gentleman should own by 25? You’re not alone, we’re here to give you the best list of things every man must have by the time he clocks 25 years old.

Things every man should own by 25 extends to what a man should have in his house, apartment (bedroom or bathroom), clothing items, accessories, or things he should carry or have in his wardrobe. However, this is often based on personal preferences as what a particular guy needs might be different from what the other person wants in life but they’re most times in relation to the things that will be outlined in this post.

It is possible that as a 25-year-old, you don’t have your own house yet, but you might have an apartment in your parent’s house. Even if you’re still in the college, there are certain things you should own to yourself once you’re 25. The excitement of getting to 25 is saddled with some responsibilities too which include the change in reasoning to know the things to put in place in order to achieve greatness in life.

10 things every man should have at the age of 25

1. A leather wallet

mens leather wallet

A modern wallet with cowhide leather, 100% man-made material lining that comes with plenty compartments to house your cards and cash including an RFID protector is one of the things every guy should have at 25 to get the things he carries along well arranged and protected.

2. A nice suit

mens suit

Men’s suits will make you feel confident about your appearance especially when the suit is well-tailored for you to give you the best fitting ever. As for the colour, you can decide which colour you want for your suit ranging from the popular black colour, navy, or dark grey to any other colour of your choice.
If you’re wondering how many suits a man should have, I would recommend you have at least three suits. If you’re bothered about the cost, there are several nice men’s suits under 50 Euros. Adding a nice pair of black dress shoes will bring out the gentleman in you.

3. Personal Library

Everything a man needs to know about life and personal development to be aware of the things around him and how to achieve success in almost everything, are well written in books. Books are very informative and can help expand your imagination, you can start from a few books and gradually add more to your private library. A personal library kit will help you arrange a list of your favourite books in a fashionable and attractive manner.

4. A coffee brewer

espresso machine

A cup of coffee every morning keeps you away from the doctor. That’s one of the numerous benefits of early morning coffee.

If you’re a young man that loves to brew his own coffee, there’s nothing as amazing as waking up in the morning to the nice aroma of an already brewed coffee beans made by your automatic brewer for a sip before you leave the house.

5. Sneakers

Trust me, a pair of sneakers are part of the most essential things every young man should have at 25 years of age because of the comfort and performance they provide. Whether you’re good at sports or not, a pair of sneakers will always pair nicely with your casual wear any day you just want to appear casual and simple. Buying more than one pair of sneakers would be a good choice so you will be able to take advantage of the shop more and pay less any time the promo hits the market.

6. Umbrella


A lightweight but strong umbrella that can be easily folded into a briefcase is what every young man must have at the age of 25 because of the role it plays to protect you from unfavorable weather conditions. The weather can be quite unpredictable and having a nice umbrella made with good material is the best for moments that demand it.

7. Wristwatch

wrist watch

It’s no doubt that smartphones are trying to replace the use of wristwatches in our modern-day society but trust me, young men who are smart know the importance of having an analogue or mechanical timepiece. So if you don’t have one yet, go get a nice one that fits your wrist. If you already have, you can decide to add more to your collection.

8. Corkscrew


Relationship Hub suggests that as a young man, you should include a corkscrew in your list of what a guy should have by 25. You will notice the importance of a wine bottle opener that feels substantial in the hand and looks attractive on the table when you want to pour a glass of wine to your guest. To wrestle the cork out of the bottle is something you really have to stop at this age and go get yourself a nice corkscrew.

9. A toolbox

what every man should have by 30

I know you might be wondering why I did include a toolbox on the list of things every guy should have at 25 probably because you’re not a mechanic or have no handyman related job. Trust me, every guy at his 20s should be able to apply some quick fix at home or at the office and that’s easier when you have a box to assemble your tools in a place. You’re 25 now and it isn’t a good idea to have your tools littered all over the floor or run around all the time in search for your tools when the need arises.

10. A personal computer

The world is experiencing fast technological growth and the use of technology can be seen in our everyday activities. The importance of having a PC staying connected online can never be overemphasized. Digital skills are also the new deal and leveraging on available technologies to make ends meet is something every young man would like to experience.

Relationship Hub recommends that you include a desktop or laptop computer in your list of things you must have by 25 if you want to harness the benefits of technology and accomplish something great as a young man. There are a variety of computers that are below $500 you can purchase from the store and get it delivered to you, even if you have one already, you should consider to embrace its use or upgrade it.

What’s your opinion, is there anything you think we should remove or add to the list of the most important things every guy should have by 25? Feel free to leave a commend behind.