5 Fresh And Fun Icebreaking Activities For The Start Of Summer


Summer has something in it that brings life out of everyone. Isn’t it? Well, those warm breezes and sun-filled days are always welcomed with open arms by everyone. From arts and craft activities to sports indulgences, the sky is the limit to entertain yourself throughout the summer. Sunbathing, walking barefoot and letting the sand run through your toes (if you are lucky enough to visit a beach) is the best feeling that the season brings with itself.

To help you explore more options to keep you and your kids busy, we have come up with 5 easy ideas that will make your summer more fun and fresh. Keep on reading to know more

Spend A Day At Water Park

Summer and water activities go hand in hand perfectly. Swimming pools and water parks are at their maximum capacity during this vibrant season. To live the warm weather to your fullest, plan a day trip to a water park with fun and refreshing water activities to enjoy.

No need to worry because these are not age-restricted.

All you need is a heart full of excitement to enjoy the day. Take a water slide into the pool or arrange a swimming race between your friends and family to make the day more fun.

If you have no access to a water park, don’t be sad.

Bring in the water hose and start filling the balloons to have a water fight in your backyard. Being wet in the hot season is the best way of letting go of all the heat.

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Picnic At The Beach

Lucky are those who have beach access, especially during summers. If you are one lucky person, then don’t waste it by sitting inside behind closed doors.

If you are having a bad day, then going to the beach with friends, family or even your pet dog can be a way to bounce back to life.

Spread a sheet, apply some sunscreen on your body and let the sun do wonders by giving you a perfect natural tan that you spent all winter dreaming about.

You can sit near the water to enjoy the magical feeling where both the sand and the splashing waves come under your feet.

An active day at the beach means playing volleyball with friends or running with your dog. Witnessing the enchanting golden hour where the sun sets into the sea is surely a day to be remembered.

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Arts And Crafts

Making art and crafts for summers is an activity that gives a lot to learn.

Just like you send Christmas, New Year, and Thanksgiving cards to your loved ones, hand-made cards with welcoming summer messages is also an excellent activity for the season. Write down your heartfelt notes with inspirational May quotes to feel the summer and express your love and joy for the warm season.

Hold competitions among kids to make a drawing that depicts the true essence of this season. It is a fun and learning activity that every child will enjoy participating in. A healthy competitive environment is always good for the upbringing of children.

Go Fishing

Fishing is a perfect bucket list activity for summers. Get in your car, bring the fishing gadgets to experience a lifetime of adventure.

The sun above your head, you wearing a round hat sitting beside the lake with your friends or family to catch some fish is the definition of an ideal summer day.

The fun in waiting for the fish to take the bait may seem difficult to bear for some people but it is what fishing is all about. Nothing beats the smile that comes on a kid’s face after catching a fish he has been trying to do for many hours.

End the day with a meal of grilled fish that you caught after doing all the hard work during the day.

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Go For Camping

Get hold of your camping essentials and head out to a peaceful camping site to spend the night or even a weekend. The perfect time to experience this adventure is surely the summers when you don’t have to worry about freezing in the open.

It will take you very close to nature. You will spend the night under the light of the moon and stars. Talking about good old times with friends while sitting around the bonfire is the best way of making this activity a life remembering one.

Let the children explore some BBQ grilling techniques and end the day with a fulfilling meal to eat.

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Bottom Line

In summer, the days are longer, the nights shorter, which makes it a season to enjoy maximum activities. Camping, fishing, and water activities are few that you can relish and experience the warm weather with all of its beauty.  If you are looking for ways of spending a good summer season, remember the activities mentioned above.

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