How To Improve Yourself After A Breakup

heal from break up

What do you do after a break up? Should you sit in a dark room all alone by yourself and cry all day long, jump into a new relationship, go back to your toxic boyfriend/girlfriend, or focus on becoming better? 

After a breakup comes much advice from friends, family, professionals and quarks centred around a variety of topics like; the power of silence after a breakup, the keys to focus on yourself after a breakup and many self-care after breakup tips to help you move on with life.

What’s your favorite places to go and seek advice after a breakup? Quora, Reddit, relationship blogs, Facebook, or some random online dating forums?

Your ability to seek advice through the appropriate channel during such critical moments is golden, do not be in haste to practice whatsoever you come across and more than this, avoid some random quarks who are self acclaimed experts in the field.

There’s no doubt that breaking up after a short or long time in a relationship can be hurting, but the good news is that it is highly possible to become a better person after a breakup. You’re the best person for the job, to decide how you treat yourself, and especially when you understand the need to regain yourself after a breakup. With a positive mindset, you will be able to solely focus on how to improve yourself following the guides in this post.

Best ways to improve yourself after a breakup

Let’s dive into a detailed insight on the fastest ways to get over a break up. Even the most painful breakup can get healed with the tips below.

1. Start a self journal.

read journals

Self journal is one of the best productivity tools to achieve your goals especially during a difficult time of breakup. Writing out a few little things and more that matters the most about you will unleash an unending self love for yourself.

2. Meet new people and reconnect with old friends.

meet people

Your previous relationship must have kept you really busy. So, this is the right time to reach out to people who have always been there for you even before you got into the relationship that took how long you usually spend with them.

Making out time to reconnect with people is a perfect way to heal after a break up.

3. Do not stalk your ex.

find a hobby to stop stalking your ex

Stalking your ex on social media or trying to call or text to know what they’re up come can make you come off as creepy and it is a complete waste of time as stalking is yet to be proven as a better way to get back to an ex.

To improve yourself after a break up, try to act like you never dated. I know this can be difficult but it is the best revenge for a hurtful breakup.

4. Practice forgiveness.

practice forgiveness

To improve yourself after a breakup and move on, try to at least forgive yourself and your ex. The best key to self improvement after a breakup is forgiveness. If you want to be better, learn to practice forgiveness and get rid of holding grudges for the wrong that others did to you. It is an incredible way to free yourself from the past.

5. Get inspired by others.

stay positive

During a break up, staying positive pays the best interest.

Begin to listen to podcasts, watch TED talks on YouTube and read blog stories of people who became great despite an unsuccessful past relationship. They have some outstanding approaches that made them strive for the best and have improved their lives over the years till date.

6. Learn something new everyday.

learn new things

Learning a new skill or discovering a new hobby can improve the way you feel about yourself.

Dedicate each day to trying something new, this is the best time you have got the freedom to explore life and increase your experiences about almost everything you have always wanted to try but scared because of what your ex significant other might say.

7. Exercise your body.


If you’re new to this, give it a small start and improve with time. Exercise does not only keep you physically fit, it improves your state of mind and can give your mood an incredible boost.

8. Do not badmouth your ex

do not bad mouth your Ex

Understanding that you both had nice moments together and the failed relationship could be a sign that you were not meant to be, wouldn’t let you focus only on what went wrong, apportioning of blames, regrets, and thoughts about revenge. Trying to blackmail your ex won’t bring you the happiness you deserve, but letting go will definitely do and that’s the recommended way you can become better after a horrible breakup.

9. Don’t be in haste to start a new relationship

take your time before another relationship

You don’t improve yourself after a breakup by getting into a new relationship immediately. This is the proper time to evaluate yourself, what has happened in the past, give yourself some time and set positive standards that will help you heal fast.

Honestly, giving yourself some time before getting into a relationship is the best thing you need to know, it helps you determine what you want, that you deserve true love and happiness. Let no one tell you otherwise.

Over to you:

I hope the tips shared here helps. What was your worst relationship breakup and  how did you manage to let go and move on with life, how has your past experience impacted the kind of person you’re today? I would be more than glad to hear from you in the comment section below.

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