How To Make A Guy Text You First On Instagram

make a guy text you first on Instagram

Instagram is more than just a photo-sharing app; it also allows you to talk with individuals from all around the world. Instagram, which was recently acquired by Facebook, is one of the most popular social networking networks for sharing cute images of what’s going on in your life.

What about Instagram Reels, Instagram Stories, picture effects, and live video? They’re all fantastic features that set this app apart.

Finally, you’ve discovered that gorgeous guy on Instagram but don’t know how to approach him or think it’s weird to message a guy on Instagram first?

I understand how aggravating it may be because you don’t want to come across as creepy. But, of course, this is your crush with whom you want to strike up a discussion and possibly set up a date simply by slipping into his DM.

I understand how frustrating Instagram “likes” can be, and I know how exhausting it can be to figure out how to catch a guy’s attention on the platform. This post is carefully prepared for you, whether you want to flirt with a guy on Instagram or you’re looking for chat ideas for a guy you don’t know.

It’s simply that there are so many other girls doing the same thing as you. Instagram is my thing because I’m a blogger and a PR graduate. I’ve spent a lot of time researching how to obtain more likes, followers, and interactions on social media. It’s a lot of work.

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My photo is filtered to match my Instagram theme, I upload it at the exact moment that my followers are online based on my analytics, I tag accounts in the shot, tag the photo, include relevant hashtags, and so on. What do you think I’m going to get? 50 likes? It’s infuriating.

Here are some of the best ways to attract a guy’s attention on Instagram.

Anyway, I’m on a mission to help you and I get noticed by our fellow Instagrammers, particularly the boys. So, how about we get started?

1. Make a series of photographs of your face. 

According to studies, photographs with faces perform tenfold better than photos without faces. It makes sense to think about it. Because our generation is social, seeing a face works. And what about the guys? They want to see your face because, girl, you’re adorable.

2. Make a provocative caption. 

Don’t just go to Pinterest and look for a meaningful quotation to use as a caption for your Instagram snap.

You need to be saucy and seductive if you want to know how to grab a guy’s attention on Instagram. Maybe a cheeky lyric or something to get his attention? Make an effort to be inventive.

3. Include a witty caption. 

This is the other choice for an Instagram caption that will undoubtedly catch a guy’s eye. Simply be amusing! Guys enjoy making girls laugh, but on the other hand, a humorous gal will be appreciated by a guy, therefore be funny. 

4. They should be followed. 

Perhaps it’s just the guys I notice, but they always ask, “Oh, who is this?” when a lady follows them on Instagram. I’m not familiar with them. “All they did was follow me.”

People you don’t know will follow you.

Anyway, he will notice you if you follow him on Instagram! You’ll stick out because he probably doesn’t have a lot of gorgeous girls following him on Instagram.

5. Like several of his photographs

 This is a risky action, but if you’re feeling courageous, go ahead and do it! When his feed is flooded with likes from you, there’s no way he won’t see you. This demonstrates your self-assurance and boldness, which is a quality that many men seek in a woman. Ladies, be brave.

6. Like an old photograph.

Even more daring than the previous one. Scroll down his feed to the bottom and like on a photo. It will appear on his feed as a result of this.

This displays how far you scrolled to find this image. With this one, proceed with caution because he might find it amusing. He might also believe you’re insane. So, proceed with caution with this one, but if you manage to pull it off, that is nice!

7. Comment on his pics every now and then. 

Don’t go overboard, but make some comments on his images. While it’s not unusual for cute girls to follow him on Instagram, I’m sure it’s even more unusual for cute girls to leave comments on his images. 

Also, don’t just say anything foolish; say something that he will have to respond to, even if it’s as simple as “thank you.”If you’re looking for a way to catch a guy’s attention on Instagram, look no further.

Make sure you say something that will get people’s attention!

8 Slide into his Direct Messages.

It’s a classic. It couldn’t possibly hurt, ladies! You don’t have to wait for the guy to come to you now that we’re almost two decades into the twenty-first century! Make a bold move and send him a message first.

Send him a message regarding a recent post or simply say hello. Tell him you think he’s cute, cool, or anything, man, if you’re feeling brave. This is a solid way to catch his attention because unless he’s a superstar, his messages aren’t likely to be flooded with messages from women!

9. Don’t make too many posts. 

He’s not going to be intrigued if you post four selfies a day. I’ll simply tell it how it is. Guys admire a modest woman, and if you’re taking so many selfies, you’re doing something right.

He’ll eventually weary of seeing them. If you don’t post as frequently, he’ll be delighted when you do. Additionally, posting less frequently gives the impression that you have a busy life and couldn’t be bothered to update on Instagram.

Reduce the frequency with which you post to make him pay attention to you.

It always works!

10. Create adorable Instagram stories. 

Due to a recent update in Instagram’s algorithm, your real postings are now seen by many fewer people than they were previously. Instagram stories have taken over since they are still viewed in chronological order, which means that if you post on your tale, he is likely to see it. Take a cute clothing boomerang or a kissy face boomerang.

11. Be inventive.

So you don’t come out as weird, be careful what you say to a guy in his DM.

When contacting a guy for the first time on Instagram, don’t just say “hello,” remember that you aren’t the only one who has arrived in his DM. If he’s your crush, there’s a good probability that other attractive Instagram females may seek to impress him via chats as well.

It’s a bad pickup line to slip into a guy’s Instagram DM with the phrase “Hi.” Keep in mind that this is a guy you’ve never met before, and you don’t want your communications to go unnoticed. If you’re clever enough to strike up a conversation with him, he won’t be able to ignore you.

At the very least, the first text you send to a guy on Instagram should be more intelligent and elicit a response.

12. Make yourself available for a talk with him.

If you want to initiate a discussion with a guy on Instagram for the first time, you should be accessible for a chat and ready to respond as soon as he responds. Perhaps not too quickly, so you don’t come across as desperate.

 Remember, you’re the one who’s sending him chats for the first time, so come up with some engaging topics to talk about with him. Avoid asking him personal questions for the time being so that he isn’t put off by the situation. If you’re looking for some questions to ask him for the first time to get to know him better,

13. Give him a justification

Why would somebody send a text message to someone without a reason? In a relationship, vague texts are uninteresting and won’t last long.

As a result, attempt to think of reasons for him to text you. One nice suggestion is to share something he’s interested in on the internet. This will pique his attention, and he will most likely want to discuss it with you.

14. Determine if he enjoys texting.

As I already stated, some guys dislike texting. Such men prefer to converse in person rather than spend hours on the phone. He might text you now and again, but if he isn’t a big texter, he’ll be less inclined to text you first.

If he always sends brief texts or prefers to converse in person, It’s an indication that he doesn’t like texting. It isn’t much you can do if you’ve found such a guy. You can remind yourself of this knowledge, and you can also remind him to text you anytime he is available. In some circumstances, telling him to text you might be helpful.

15. Carefully type the words

Whenever you want to message a guy you like on Instagram, don’t be lazy and type everything out properly. Before you send the chat, double-check your spelling and spellcheck to be sure you’re not saying something you didn’t mean to say.

Acronyms and poor language may cause him to lose interest in your conversation.

Finding love has never been easier than it is now, thanks to online dating. It might be as simple as taking a compatibility test or swiping right if you like. 

However, online profiles don’t often tell the whole story, and meeting up with someone you met online can lead to some unexpected revelations. 

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