How Do You Let Go And Let God Fix Your Marriage? [FIND OUT]

How Do You Let Go And Let God Fix Your Marriage

A lot of people have asked this kind of question too, so don’t think you’re alone on this.

Of course, we all know that the issues we encounter every day in our marriages can be challenging and probably give us more concern each day.

Marriage is like a war zone, but the difference in this kind of war is that the partners involved will be fighting with love and understanding.

Have you been fighting the wars in your marriage all alone for long, and now you want to know how to let go and let God fix your marriage?

Well, you’re at the right place, so read to learn the things you need to do to allow God to fix your marriage problems for you.

Can God fix my marriage?

Of course, there’s nothing impossible for God to do.

God Is omnipotent – that’s he can do all things and can fix all your marriage problems when you invite him to take over your marriage affairs.

Sure, God can help you fix your marriage for you, but your attention will still be needed to make things work out fast.

How?  You asked.

Anyways let me go straight to the point. There are things you should do before God will be able to fix your marriage.

Check the points below to learn more.

12 unique things to do to let go and let God fix your marriage.

  1. Learn to pray.
  2. Commit your marriage to the maker.
  3. Identify the problems.
  4. Forgive each other.
  5. Meet your spouse’s emotional needs.
  6. Set goals and rely on God.
  7. Be honest with yourself and your spouse.
  8. Work on your attitudes.
  9. Allow adequate time to do the work.
  10. Be committed and consistent.
  11. Meet a good Christian counselor.
  12. Thank God and trust that your marriage will work.

1. Learn to pray.

One of the greatest ways to let go and let God fix your marriage is to learn how to pray.

Not everyone knows how to pray – some can only make out time to seek the face of God only when they need something from God, but that’s not a good way to leave a fulfilling married life.

If you want God to help fix your marriage and fight all the battles in your marriage, then you should be able to learn the right way to talk to him.

When you maintain a decent relationship with God, then you’ve to sit and watch him carry out his works on fixing your marriage.

2. Commit your marriage to the maker.

When you understand that God is the author of all marriages, then you’ll feel relaxed and commit your marriage for him to take care of all the issues in your marriage.

How can you commit your marriage to him?

Well, that’s so simple, you’ve to acknowledge his position in your marriage, he’s the head, so learn to kneel before him and ask whatever that is bothering you in your marriage, ask him to take control of the whole situation, and believe me what God cannot do, doesn’t exist.

He makes every impossibility to be possible, and if he can cease the red sea, what else can he not do?

So go to him at all times, if you want to let go and let God fix your marriage.

3. Identify the problems in your marriage.

By the time you move to God in prayers, he’ll let you know what went wrong in your marriage and will also help you to provide a lasting solution to the problems.

This is the time to fix your eyes on the ground to be able to spot the things that are raising ugly issues in your marriage.

You and your spouse should be open this time to point out your likes, dislikes, the things you hate most about the other person, what they are not doing well, and more.

If you can figure these things out in time, when you pray to God, and asked him to help you fix your marriage by helping you both adjust your behaviors, then you’re closer to letting God fix your marriage.

4. Forgive each other.

One of the easiest ways to let go and let God fix your marriage is when you and your partner are willing to forgive each other.

I don’t even know how you can ask God to help you fix your marriage when you can’t even forgive your fellow human beings.

Make sure you have a clean heart before going to God. Even the holy book says that without holiness no one shall see the Lord.

Therefore, if you have decided to let God fix your marriage, then you need to be forgiving too.

Let go of your hurts, anger, hatred, pains, grudges, etc. if you’re capable to achieve this, trust me God will fix your marriage in a way you can not even imagine.

5. Meet your spouse’s emotional needs.

God created you and your partner in his image and make you one body through marriage, but as your faces are different so will your needs be different.

Hence, it’s necessary to meet each other’s emotional needs.

Your partner’s emotional needs could be “sexual needs, attention, care, love, security, value, respect, or to be appreciated”.

Even God knows that all these are important in our lives, that’s why he shows and pointed out these things in the Bible for you to observe and keep if you are ready to leave in peace with your fellow human beings.

So, if you want the outcome of letting God fix your marriage to work well, be sure to make it one where both sides will be satisfied even the words of God said” whatever you want men to do for you, do it for them, first”.

6. Set goals and rely on God.

Sometimes you may feel like running away from difficulties because you think is better than facing them, but this’s not the case. When you face hard times with God by your side, you’ll be given the stability and power to overcome them.

When you recognize your marriage difficulties as Him, you rely on His strength to fix them. All He asks of you is to hand over everything to Him and He will make miracles happen.

If you devote your life to God and dedicate your marriage to Him, your marriage trials become God’s contest and you sit and watch how he’ll conquer your marriage enemies for you.

How do you achieve that?

You and your partner need to set some goals in your marriage, make out the list to see all the things leading to the series of arguments and quarrels in your home, and then pray and listen to God for directions and He will direct your path (2 Chronicles 20:15).

He will not only help to fix your marriage, but He will also make the relationship between the two of you stronger than ever, and with that, your marriage can heal.

7. Be honest with yourself and your spouse.

If you consider letting God fix your marriage like earlier stated above, there are things you can do to make things work out for you, and one of them is being honest to yourself and your partner.

Why is this mandatory?

Being honest to yourselves will help to let out if any of you have fallen out of love with each other, it’ll also help to fix whatever is wanting in your marriage that is capable of causing more problems, though God knows everything he still asked us to tell him what Is our needs.

So, if you and your spouse can be sincere enough to say, I want this or that, and then you hand the case over to God, believe me, He’s going to make things easy for you and your marriage.

8. Work on your attitudes.

You’ve to help fix your attitude if you need God to fix your marriage.

Check and fish out those little horrible behaviors that result in disagreements between you and your partner and fix them before involving God in your matter.

Instead of always saying those hateful and bitter words to your partner that often Ignite the fire in your marriage, only say the stuff you’re led to say through the inspiration of God.

If you dare to open your mouth, God will fill it with the words you need to say that will help settle or calm the situation. His words are words of love, tender, mercy, and goodness.

Look and speak about the good in your spouse always so you can give him or her words of encouragement and love, and by so doing, God can take over in fixing your unhappy marriage into a happy one.

9. Allow adequate time to do the work.

When you hand over your marriage troubles to God, understand that He is God who does everything in His own time.

Also know that the change you required in your marriage will take some time and energy but will, at last, come to pass.

On our own, we don’t acquire the power for long-term change, and that’s why God sent the Holy Spirit into the life of each believer, to give us the power to live out His plan for our lives.

Hence requires trusting your marriage to God and believing that amidst the tension God is faithful to perform a work in your marriage.

So, don’t rush things, give everything to God, and allow Him to work things out in your marriage.

When you feel disappointed or become discouraged, don’t lose hope in God, know he can do all things, including fixing your marriage.

Furthermore, allow adequate time to get things done the right way, and with that, God will take charge and then change the situation of your marriage for good.

10. Be committed and consistent.

Marriage issues are not something you’ll fight today and when the going gets tough you become discouraged and succumbed.

No, that’s wrong.

You’ve to always commit your marriage to God, not only when things go wrong.

The best way to let go and let God fix your marriage is to always be on your knees and commit your marriage to the maker. That way, you’ve God as the ultimate in your marriage.

Let God be your final bustop to fix your marriage often, go to Him in prayer and ask for the marriage blessings you need, say out all your heart desires about your marriage to Him, and remember to ask God to help your spouse, by doing this consistently, it’ll let Him know you are committed to making your marriage work, and God will give a lasting solution to your marriage problems.

11. Meet a good Christian counselor.

Taking your marriage to a minister or a good Christian counselor who is stronger to help you out is another way of letting God fix your marriage.

Although you might feel embarrassed to bring in a third party for help, you’ve to consider doing it anyway to support your intercede to God in rebuilding your marriage in time.

12. Thank God and trust that your marriage will work.

One thing is to pray to God and another thing is the extent of your faith to make it work. When your faith in believing that God can fix your marriage is huge, then your marriage problems become too tiny for Him to handle.

If you want God to be the author of your marriage, you must trust Him totally, be forbearing, believing with faith that He can do all things including rebuilding and fixing your marriage 

And by thanking him often, it’ll show how grateful you are to God for working to fix your marriage, and by so doing, He’ll continue to guide your marriage to succeed till the end of time.

In conclusion.

it’s because of our weak nature, we’ve been unable to be the person and the mate that we need to be, and that God wants us to be.

We’re often too emotional, defensive, furious, lack willpower, and self-willed.

It is important to understand and remember this’s our natural personality, and without God’s grace, we’ll never be anything different.

Only with God’s help will you be able to stop negative behaviors in your marriage.

All it takes is for you and your partner to let go, and rely on the spirit of God to work and fix your marriage. 

And by letting God in, He’ll transform your marriage by renewing your minds and give you both new ways to think, behave, interact, and respond to each other according to the image of the one who created marriage, and by so doing, God will strengthen, blesses and make your marriage stronger than ever.


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