How to be the best girlfriend in the world is a common question most girls who want to have the best relationship experiences usually ask us through emails. There’s certainly no need to worry or go in search of books written by different authors on how to be a good girlfriend, you’re simply a read away from becoming the best girlfriend ever.

Getting a man is always usually easy because your looks, body figure, the way you carry yourself, and the mutual attraction that both of you feel for each other do the job for you. It is indeed an entirely different feeling when you finally get him and now battle with thoughts like; “how can I be the best girlfriend in the world?”, “how can I be an interesting girlfriend?”. 

Although there are some general traits that when exhibited, will make your boyfriend appreciate you and give you the “best girlfriend ever” badge, some characters are peculiar to some guys. In retrospect, to find out the answers to this question “what are the qualities of a good girlfriend”, you would have to master the kind of traits that will attract and entice your boyfriend.

Furthermore, the basics of being in a lasting relationship are to love, trust, and care genuinely for each other. If you don’t have these three dominant traits, then, you would want to work on getting them first before going through the tips that will be discussed in this article.

However, if you have these traits and would want your boyfriend to be proud and to always be in love with you, the tips of being a good girlfriend that you will need are properly discussed in this article.

10 ways to become a good girlfriend

To enjoy a long-lasting relationship with your man, take note of the following qualities of a good girlfriend to show your man how much you care about him.

1. Be loyal and faithful to him

Men love it when their girlfriend respects the invisible boundary that keeps other males away. To be a good girlfriend to him, you have to avoid all occasions that will spike jealousy in him and never give him reasons to feel insecure about you. Limit the number of times you hang out with your male friends, give a no-hug and no-kiss policy to your male friends, do not be in an entanglement with a male, and above all, be clean and open about your relationship with other men.

It is usually advised that a girl should not have a male best friend. Your relationship with him might honestly be very platonic, but no thanks to what happen in movies, your boyfriend might feel that you will wake up one day and declare that your best friend is your true love.

2. Trust him:

Trust makes the perfect girlfriend for the perfect boyfriend. Do not be quick to assume the worst about your boyfriend, if your friend tells you that she found your boyfriend in a compromising situation, even if she provides evidence or you caught him yourself, don’t jump into conclusion. Ask him if what you saw or heard is true, if he loves you then he will be honest about it, if he lies, then it is probably because he loves you too much and is scared to lose you by telling you the truth. Whatever you do, tell him you trust him. Allowing him to hang out with his friend, helping him to prepare for a business trip, and giving him space to live his life will show him you are the perfect girl for him because you trust him.

3. Do not compare him with other guys

No one likes being compared with other people; therefore, no matter the provocation, do not compare your boyfriend with another guy. Instead, always remind him how unique he is, love, and embrace him the way he is. Treat him like a king in your relationship, allow him to be in charge and lead your relationship. When you start seeing your boyfriend as the best, your thoughts and words will not compare his actions and personality with another man.

Here is what comparing him with other men does to him; he starts thinking that he is not enough for you. If he loves you, he will work extra hard to meet with the standard of the guy you compare him with. If you continue with your intentional or unintentional comparison, he will grow tired of trying to please you, and there comes the beginning of a cold relationship. Therefore, to be a good girlfriend, do not compare your man with another person.

4. Encourage and appreciate his efforts

There is nothing as self-fulfilling and encouraging as receiving praise from your girlfriend,” says Tate, a relationship expert, and an enthralled boyfriend. Tate is not the only one that has attested to how good and proud it makes him feel when his girlfriend openly appreciate his efforts and encourage him to do more. For most guys, an appreciation from their girlfriends is all the encouragement they need to double their efforts and impress her again. On that note, you should learn to sing praises to your boyfriend when he has made the littlest effort in making you happy. If you always appreciate him, then you can top your game by giving him gifts all in the bid to appreciate his efforts.

5. Be independent

Men love their women to have a little bit of independence and financial stability. Let’s face it; nobody wants to have an asset or, worse still, have a girlfriend as a liability. Therefore, if you’re going to be the best girlfriend ever, get a job, and get busy. After all, it is the only way you can support him by also putting food on the table. It is the only way you can pay for expensive trips and surprise him with mind-blowing dates. Guys love being pampered too, you know. Also, do not be clingy to your men. It is a fact that being in love will make you want to spend all your time with your boyfriend. Although it is a welcomed emotion, you should take note not to act too clingy. That is one of the ways of being a good girlfriend.

6. Accept him the way he is

No one is perfect, neither you nor your boyfriend is perfect. To be the best girlfriend ever, you should learn to accept his flaws. His flaws may include his physical body stature or his attitude. This is not to say that you should not help him to build himself, character-wise; however, you should learn to accept him how he is. Be his best friend, his confidant, and his woman all in one person. 

7. Be natural

Don’t fake your personality when you are with him; this can be done by being free with him, do not accentuate your accent when you are with him, do not wear heavy makeup when you are with him. You don’t always have to wear tight-fitting clothes whenever he is around, be yourself with him, don’t act all good and cute, he will surely know if it is not genuine.

Be humble when you are with him, let him know everything that there is to know about you. Do not hide your feelings, emotions, and problems from him. If he knows what you can and cannot do, it will be easy for him to trust and love you more, thereby making you the best girlfriend to him.

8. Be competent in bed

Of course, you should know that your ability to satisfy your man in bed counts if you want to be a good girlfriend. Therefore, you should make the most out of your stay with him in bed. You can also be useful in bed by improving your skill as a seductress, this, you can do by asking your experienced friends to teach you, learning new moves from the internet, or even plainly asking him to teach you what you can do to make his bed experience with you be the best. Whatever skills you learn, be sure to practice them out, do not be scared of getting it wrong, trust your boyfriend to help you make it right. 

9. Give him space

Remember the saying that absence makes the heart fonder, you can apply it to your relationship. Allow him to hang out with his friends, give him space when he is on his phone, do not go sniffing through his things, and, most notably, do not go through his phone without his knowledge or permission. Do not be too bossy or overbearing to him, leave that role for his mother, just be good at being the woman he loves.

10. Don’t wait too long before making up with him

When you argue or disagree with your boyfriend, being angry at him is usually what you do. It’s alright to be mad at each other, just don’t let pride come in between both of you. It is generally advised not to allow your relationship to grow cold for a day; this is to say that you should make up with your boyfriend before the day runs out. If you let the hurt and anger linger, for every second both of you remain angry with each other, the tendency of a rebound thins out. For instance, if it takes you guys three days to makeup, it might take up to a week to make up when next you argue. You can prevent this from happening by settling your issues as soon as you can. That is one of the traits an excellent girlfriend exhibits.

Finally, being a good girlfriend will need you to put in all your efforts to make your boyfriend happy. And when achieved, you will have a happy and healthy relationship.