3 Things A Woman Wants In A Man

things a woman wants in a man

Getting to know the real person behind the profile is crucial, and before you can determine whether or not to commit to someone, you must first understand what they want in a lover and what they don’t want in a marriage

I’m going to say it regardless of how much I might get scolded for saying it. Whether you’re a guy or a girl, being with someone builds self-esteem.

Whether it’s because of Socrates’ concept of soul mates or simply bias, two people working together as one are a lot effective at handling everything and everyone in their lives, even themselves. 

It’s as if you’re always carrying a mirror with you, reflecting your thoughts, feelings, and deeds. That’s why, if we’re with the right person, when we’re in a relationship, we’re generally friendlier And, while I’m not sure how much I can speak for guys, I can speak for women.

When we agree to be in a relationship with you, these are the minimum requirements. No, it’s not your money; it’s not you staying away from other women, and it has nothing to do with sex… at least not totally. 

Relationships, after all, are more about two people’s spirit and soul ties, and how they are manifested. Again, this isn’t meant to be a complete guide to speaking to women.

Instead, consider this a handbook to building healthy relationships in which women don’t nag or obsess, and men don’t get upset and leave. But before we continue listing what a woman wants from a man have you considered what you can offer to him.

Humility has always been the bedrock of a man’s love. A woman has the humility to put her own wants aside in order to support her lover. This might be as simple as giving him control of the remote or as complex as deciding which car to purchase. She will, of course, have her preferences. She will express her viewpoints. But, in the end, she understands that keeping her partner happy will benefit her and the relationship will thrive.

What a woman wants in a man

Honorable, fair, and ethical men are desired by women. In relation to other people, integrity can aid a man in developing his bond with a woman by regulating his behavior and supporting him in being the perfect partner he can be.

Extra credit if a man’s integrity extends outside of the partnership and he can treat others fairly and with care.

What does a woman seek for in a man first?

Honesty. This is a significant step forward. Older women have a lot of experience from prior relationships and know exactly what they want. They desire emotional honesty from a partner: a willingness to disclose how you’re feeling without leaving them guessing about your degree of commitment and interest.

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3 Things a woman wants in a man

1. A Natural Attraction.

At different periods, being close might signify several things. Physical, emotional, and mental elements all play a part. When all three components are combined, though, you achieve a transcendent level of intimacy. 

To feel that intimacy, you don’t have to be in the same room. When you’re in the adjacent room, however, your aura is strong enough to cause problems for others. In every manner, you want to be near. That’s how near it gets, from admiring her across the room to hugging her tight because you can’t seem to desire anything else. You’re not even close yet she is all you can think about.

2. Clear communication.

Every single one of us is a communicator. We all react in different ways: some of us speak, some observe, and still, others find language to interact without saying anything.

The goal is to get your word over to as many people as possible as rapidly as possible. There’s constantly the risk of acting too late. While scheduling is crucial in social interactions and friendships, it doesn’t take long for that time to pass you by, leaving you saddened over a wasted opportunity

The conversation is what separates ‘What if’ from ‘Hell yeah.’ Before it’s too late, figure out a way to express what you need to say right now.

3. Emotional security. 

She needs to know what your intentions are, or if you don’t have any. What exactly do you want to happen between you two? Is there anything you’re planning for the future?

Do you want to wait and see what happens, or do you want something more specific? Is there a future for you and her, or is it simply something to get you through the day? Whatever it is, she wants to know so that she isn’t wasting her time and energy on someone or something that will never come to fruition. 

For the sheer reason that the two phrases act in direct correlation, certainty and stability are frequently interchanged in a woman’s mind.

Final thoughts

Men aspire to be a woman’s first love, whereas women aspire to be a man’s last passion. It is said that understanding what a woman desires from her boyfriend is tough. 

A woman, however, wishes for her man to adore her forever, as Oscar Wilde phrased it. Whether they’re dating, newlywed, or in their later years, she strives to be the most important person in his life

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