Undisputable Reasons You Should Never Get Married

top reasons you should never get married

We’re in an era where different persons have different opinions about marriage.

The marriage tradition isn’t for everyone and it is no one’s business if I decided not to get married.

We see people sign different legal documents for getting married usually on their wedding day, many other people believe marriage should be from the heart and requires no legal documentation to prove it.

Moreso, they’re a bunch of other persons who prefer not to get married.

It baffles me sometimes when I see people getting married because they take marriage to be; an achievement, fulfilment of life purpose or marrying because others are getting married too.

However, if you have ever thought you’re missing out because you’re not married yet, then this post is for you. Maybe you’re drowning in the thinking of what is it like to not get married and live alone.

After going through this post, you will see marriage is otherwise what you hear people say about it.

Additionally, I am afraid you would decide not to marry after reading this, it would interest you to stop here if marriage is your concern.

Top 10 Reasons not to get married to anyone

Marriage is not for everyone and there’s nothing wrong with this.

Marriage entails a lot of things and below are possible factors that can scare you away from getting married:

1. Getting married increases relatives

When you get married to someone, it literally seems you’re married to all the relatives.

Regardless of your status or financial capacity, it is expected of you to show concern or aid whenever the need arises.

The burdens of everyone actually becomes yours that you probably would have a lot of things to think about and cater for, less you don’t care.

2. You want to be free?

When you get married, you will have kids if you want, and start living the marriage lifestyle and the society can accord you some respect as someone who is married.

Furthermore, the above does not contradict the fact that marriage gets you busy and distracted especially if you’re working on a time-consuming project.

Marriage requires a lot of time to show love and care to your spouse and kids, if this is not something you can afford, then you should never get married.

3. You have to believe in marriage

Anyone who doesn’t believe in marriage shouldn’t marry.

If marriage is not part of your philosophy, it’s pretty right for you to shrink your shoulders and say no to marriage.

Marriage is dangerous when you get married to someone who doesn’t believe in it.

Additionally, there’s always a great need to find out if you and the other person believe in marriage before stepping an inch further into the journey of conjugal bliss.

Regardless of how sweet it sounds to get married or being married, the best is finding out what’s your belief about marriage and consider it a no go area if you have no belief in it.

4. You’re not sure about the other person

Don’t ever get married if you’re not sure about the other person.

Most people who get married without knowing the other person ends up living a life of regret and I am pretty sure this is not what you would like to experience.

Regardless of how long or short you expect the marriage to be, it will interest you to make sure you know about the other person knowing things like; their character, mental health, family background, actions and reactions, including their perspective about marriage.

Desist from marrying a stranger, it ruins.

Instead of getting married to a stranger and making your life miserable you could deduce that it is best for you not to get married in the first place.

5. I don’t want to have kids

Having kids is adorable, I certainly have nothing against it but it requires much attention and can make you incur a lot of expenses trying to pay for their medical and school fees.

You wouldn’t want to spend much time trying to bring up your kids and end up spending a lot of funds for their well-being.

Sincerely you shouldn’t consider marrying if you wouldn’t want to bring up kids.

6. You could be prone to divorce

There are several questions online concerning why most marriages end in divorce, and different marriage experts are explaining in their means the possible reasons for divorce in marriages as seen today and how to manage the spread.

However, divorce stories are weird and heartbreaking, most people especially the softhearted or those who have invested a lot in the marriage finds it difficult to cope with divorce.

If you can file a divorce in marriage or unable to stand the effect of divorce, you probably can consider keeping yourself away from marrying anyone.

7. You will lose your friends

Marriage can make you lose a bunch of your friends if not all. Your relationship with other people can be at risk.

Actually, when you get married, you have identified yourself with one person and other people who are found admiring you or always wanting to support you will disappear so suddenly.

Probably because they think you are own and there’s no need for trying to convince you to love them anymore.

I still recall how long the queue used to be at my friend’s mini store before he got married to a town girl.

When he was single, a lot of ladies are seen fighting their way, to order goods from his shop, especially during the romantic seasons.

Eventually, he got attracted to one among those ladies and married her. When all other ladies noticed, they stopped patronizing him. This was how he had greater percentage drop in his business as a result of getting married.

8. You don’t want to feel lonely

Despite being married, you can still be lonely right inside you, marriage can’t be able to cure you of loneliness in entirety.

Here’s the brutal truth, even if you see your partner often, you probably could be feeling lonely inside as the normal routine when you’re still single will be put to stop.

As a single lady or man, you can easily chill out with friends, have someone take you out or you’re free to take someone out without thinking of being caught by your partner.

You will miss those days in college as a single lady or man who was free to interact, chat and take or make calls with anyone at any time you wish to do so.

9. Marriage can make you bankrupt

Wedding is overrated and it is unfortunate that most people are yet to find out.

Marriage can trigger financial problems and people are seen spending a lot of time, days, or even months planning their wedding.

This usually brings in a basket filled with stress and you have got a giant bill to level because you wouldn’t want to receive shame on the day you’re wedding, which is supposed to be the happiest day in your life.

Since you can’t marry for free, less you want to be called a pauper, you only have to go extreme trying to make everyone feel happy on your wedding day, which probably could leave you bankrupt.

10. Afraid of growing old together

Everyone wants to live long, heart and healthy but not truly everyone wants to spend their whole life with one person till old age.

You’re scared that the pretty lady you know could grow old, have wrinkles and appear little or far from being beautiful as she looked when young.

Then you no longer feel happy seeing people address hi/her as your husband/wife, and unfortunately, even when you think you are tired of the other person, it could probably cost you a lot to process a divorce.

In sum up

So long as people think there exist the right reasons to get married, so exist good reasons not to get married. Getting married or not is a product of choice, and everyone has his/her reasons for their options.

This is to say that it is never a must that you get married, no matter how things decide to turn out, the most important thing is to live a happy life as a single man or woman instead of being married and getting hurt.

Above all, it is normal not to want to get married meaning you can’t undertake the issues concerning marriage.

Here you already have a hand filled reasons never to marry that you can always fall back at even when people try convincing you with some good reasons to get married. Always know your stand.

Let’s hear from you in the comment section, feel free to share your opinions with us.

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