10 Obvious Signs Your Husband Is No Longer Attracted To You

signs your husband is no longer attracted to you

You went into matrimony knowing that making a lifetime commitment would be difficult. You knew it wouldn’t always be sunshine and flowers, but you were confident that your love for one other would see you through any future storms.

But now that you’re on the other side of the wedding (whether it’s been 3 years or 30), something doesn’t feel quite right, and you’re wondering if love is indeed all that’s required.

If you’re concerned, “Is my hubby attracted to me?”

It’s crucial to realize that if you’re not receiving affection from your husband, it’s not always because he’s lost interest in you. Perhaps he is overworked and isn’t putting up the effort he used to.

Perhaps he’s coping with a hard circumstance at work or a health issue that has forced him to put you on hold. The signals that your husband isn’t interested in you in this scenario could indicate a personal issue with him that could be remedied with a simple talk.

If you’re wondering if your husband isn’t interested in you, read the 10 red flags below to see what you can do to save the relationship.

If you’re thinking to yourself, “Is my hubby attracted to me at all?” If you’re wondering, “How do I know if my spouse is still attracted to me?” or “How do I tell if my husband is still drawn to me?” You’re probably afraid he’s forgotten about you.

Perhaps your spouse isn’t very demonstrative, or you’ve noticed other behaviors that indicate a lack of attraction.

10 possible indicators that your hubby isn’t interested in you and what to do if your husband is not attracted to you:

1. You hardly ever speak.

In any relationship, especially a marriage, communication is essential. When you pass each other in the corridor, you may say “Hello,” but when was the last time you sat down and talked? 

If you can’t recall the last time you had his undivided attention during a conversation, this is a cause for concern and could be one of the signals your husband doesn’t find you attractive. 

What you should do is:

Begin by inquiring about his day. Pay attention to his responses and respond with questions that lead to more discussion. Make direct eye contact with him and express your concern by referring to his experiences.

2. He does not express his requirements.

Is he still telling you what he needs when it comes to talking? Marriage necessitates two individuals learning to look after each other, but if he isn’t telling you what he needs, there’s a problem.

Action to take: 

Inquire! Begin each day by inquiring what he requires of you that day or if there is anything else he needs that you can assist him with. Asking our wives what they need is the greatest approach to find out.

3. He disregards your requirements.

Now that you’ve heard enough about him, how about you? Are you effectively communicating your necessities? Despite this, he refuses to recognize them? Does he answer at all, or do you get the impression that he ignores you?

Being relegated to the back burner or outright neglected could indicate a lack of involvement or a husband’s loss of interest in his wife.

Action to take:

To begin, you must first determine your requirements. It will be tough for him to reply unless you have a clear notion of what you want.

You want to be direct and to the point when expressing your demands. Short, straightforward, and accusatory language is an excellent technique to prevent ambiguity about the core need you’re trying to communicate.

4. He isn’t as affectionate as he used to be.

It’s crucial to understand that not everyone craves affection in the same manner.

If your want for affection is greater than his, you may mistakenly believe he is an uncaring husband when it is simply a matter of expression.

The actual issue is if there is no affection in the relationship, especially if you have previously seen each other as a loving pair. If he never hugs you, holds your hand, kisses your cheek, or gently places his hand on your back, it could indicate that his mind is elsewhere.

Actions to take:

Count your possessions. Do you have a warm heart? When you say goodbye for the day, do you gently touch him or give him a hug? If you think you’re holding back on the affection, start cautiously and watch how he reacts. This is a good method to address the question, “How can I attract my husband?”

5. Sex is no longer relevant.

After the honeymoon phase, it’s usual for any long-term couple to reduce the amount of sex they have, which means that the duration between sexual encounters will likely grow a little longer the longer you’re together.

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However, a lack of sex is a strong indicator that you and your partner are no longer linked. Another huge clue your husband is not attracted to you is if you find yourself thinking, “My husband ignores me sexually.”

Action to take:

Determine what your sexual desire is. Is it more convenient for you to do it once a month or once a week? Do you have any idea how much sex he prefers?

If the situation changes, try to reach a middle ground. It’s never a bad idea to attempt something new in the bedroom to rekindle the flames.

6. He spends his free time with his pals and never invites you to their get-togethers.

He used to take you out and show you around, but now he only has solitary friend time. It’s fine if he spends time with his friends without you there, but if he spends a lot of time with them and you’re no longer invited, you should be concerned. This could be one of the indicators that your husband finds you unattractive.

Action to take:

Ask to accompany him the next time he says he has plans or wants to hang out with his pals. It’s conceivable he’s unaware of your want to spend time with them.

So, make it clear that you’d like to meet up with his friends as well.

7. He spends more time looking at his phone than he does at you.

We’ve grown accustomed to individuals having a device in front of their faces, but if he’s continuously staring down at that screen, he won’t be able to look at you.

There’s nothing wrong with screen time, but if there’s a screen between you and him throughout every discussion, date, or hangout, it could be an indication his interest in you is waning. This can surely make the husband feel unwelcome.

Action to take:

Propose and highlight times when phones are not permitted.

Make it a rule that no phones are allowed at the dinner table, for example.

Making time for each other without being distracted by digital devices might force a dialogue that leads to connection.

8. He doesn’t pay you many compliments

Although physical compliments are wonderful, their absence does not automatically imply that he is no longer interested in you. I’m curious whether he compliments you at all. What are you talking about? Even encouraging words about “funny” things (good job taking out the garbage!) can be beneficial. The goal is that you want him to notice you and respond to you positively in some way.

Action to take:

Begin by complimenting him on his lawn, even if it’s just telling him how nice it looks. Compliments are an excellent approach to break the ice and get to know someone.

If you start to detect symptoms that your husband isn’t interested in you, complimenting him may be a solution.

9. You feel compelled to spend “quality” time together.

Of course, not taking some time for yourself is a problem, but even when you do, it may not be the bonding time you require. Does that time together feel good? Perhaps he just goes out on date nights, or you still have coffee on Weekends.. Or does he seem to be looking forward to the end of it? If it appears like spending time with you is work for him, you may be justified in suspecting that your husband isn’t interested in you.

Actions to take:

If you’ve fallen into a rut, switch things up and try something fresh. If that doesn’t work, concentrate on the environment.

Taking a long stroll together, for example, can provide an opportunity to connect. Even if the talk is dragging, taking a peaceful walk with your partner can help you relax and feel more connected.

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10. He does not share his hobbies or interests with you.

You may believe you know all of his hobbies if you’ve been together for a long time, but do you? Is he open with you about his thoughts, opinions, or ideas? Is there anything he wishes to attempt or learn about that he never mentions?

Has he stated how his preferred team is performing, for example, if he is a sports fan?

It’s an indication he’s separating himself if he no more shares his passions and interests.

Action to take:

You could always ask him, but it’s even great if you can come up with something you can both do together. You may suggest a scary movie marathon if he enjoys them. You may ask him to teach you about real football if he does. 

Show him that you care about him and that you care about him by sharing your experiences with him. You might notice that you’re getting to know each other again.

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