120 Excuses That Prevent You From Being Great

excuses that deter you from improving your life

Here’s a list of common excuses that are keeping you from being a great person. These mostly include negative thoughts either self-made or put into your mind by someone. 

There are some common excuses people make, these too many excuses can deter one from improving their life and to get rid of excuses when you are very reluctant about it will be practically impossible as you may further look for what you may consider a good excuse to not do something right now!

Excuses and success does not work together. To be more successful, you really have to learn strategically how to overcome making excuses.

What are some common excuses that are detrimental to self-improvement?

Although we all want to be great, we have to work on our own flaws because at almost every moment we feel like leaving something for later, we all have that good reason to do nothing and such excuses can compound to deter us from achieving greatness in future.

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Go through the list of excuses below and try to relate to yourself, almost everyone can relate to more than 3 of them.

You don’t have enough information

You can’t get the schooling required to attain your goal

You don’t have an idea about the perfect individuals who can assist you 

You don’t have the cash 

You can’t bear to face a challenge at this moment. 

It’s excessively hard. 

You don’t discover that way. 

Another person is as of now doing it. 

You don’t have a clue where to start. 

You’re anxious about what your clients will think. 

You’re apprehensive about what your partners will say. 

No one will purchase if you start selling something

No one will care about you

Preferred to be protected over heartbroken. 

There’s no very sensitive approach to introduce the data. 

Individuals aren’t prepared to hear this. 

You can’t scrutinize the power. 

You haven’t done it previously. 

You’re not excessively acceptable. 

You don’t have anything ideal to say. 

Others are more fortunate. 

You can’t, you were raised unexpectedly. 

Your sex will not let you. 

Your sexual direction will not allow you to do it. 

Your children will not let you. 

Your life partner will not let you. 

Your folks will not let you. 

Your inability will not let you. 

[Industry leader] says it will not work because… 

It’s not monetarily strong. 

There’s no R.O.I 

The economic situations aren’t right. 

You’ll never get the right openness. 

There’s no point. 

It’s not significant enough. 

You’ll get to it later. 

You would prefer not to be exhausting. 

On the off chance that you can’t take care of business the first run-through, what is the point of endeavoring? 

You’re not prepared for that degree of progress. 

If you succeed, individuals’ assumptions will change. 

If you succeed, my obligations will change. 

You don’t care for how achievement dealt with _______ 

You dread what you may turn into. 

Disappointment would annihilate you. 

You’re anxious about being a 1 stunt horse. 

You can’t submit at this moment. 

You have such a large number of things on your plate. 

You can’t submit until you’ve seen every one of the means. 

You’re not a subtleties individual. 

You’re not a higher perspective individual. 

Your best thoughts get away from you. 

You can’t focus on a timetable/calendar/and so forth 

You’re a preferred scholar over a practitioner. 

You’re a preferred practitioner over a scholar. 

You don’t have the certificate/accreditations. 

You’re not imaginative enough. 

An excessive number of deterrents. 

You attempted previously and fizzled. 

Your thought is excessively far somewhat revolutionary. 

You’re excessively innovative and no one gets you. 

You don’t have a site. 

You don’t have a decent site. 

Your clients aren’t on [insert foundation of choice] 

You would prefer not to invest a lot of energy away from the family. 

You can’t until you have _______. 

You don’t have the appropriate reasoning space. 

You need supreme quiet. 

You need more commotion. 

You don’t have the right words. 

You’re excessively worn out. 

On the off chance that you do this, what else do you need to do? 

You can’t quit doing [unproductive habit] 

It simply doesn’t “feel” right. 

You did all that you could. 

Be that as it may, the other person… 

You’re simply not Chris Brogan. 

You’re simply not certain enough. 

You’re not a pioneer. 

You don’t care to be lead. 

You quit once as of now, you couldn’t in any way, shape, or form attempt the same thing once more. 

You don’t have an emotionally supportive network. 

You don’t have an arrangement B. 

You can’t contend with huge names. 

You would prefer not to begin something else you’ll never wrap up. 

It’s excessively egotistical. 

You don’t merit it. 

You don’t have the foggiest idea of what your enthusiasm is. 

You can’t think about a specialty. 

You merit a break. 

You do what’s necessary. 

The “circumstance” isn’t right. 

You don’t function admirably in a group. 

No one gets what you’re attempting to say. 

There’s nothing you can contribute. 

The framework has effectively been consummated. 

You’re not uttering a word new. 

It’s nothing they haven’t heard previously. 

You can’t show something in case it’s good judgment. 

You learned ______ previously, you can’t learn anything unique. 

You’re excessively old. 

You’re excessively youthful. 

You don’t comprehend [insert foundation of the decision here] 

I’m nothing but bad at [ embed foundation of the decision here] 

When I arrive, the business will have changed. 

You’ll never get up to speed. 

You don’t have time.

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