How are you coping with the lockdown?

The most challenging part of the lockdown isn’t just about wearing a mask all the time, social distancing, and sanitizing more often to disinfect from the deadly virus. There are many other dangerous factors emanating from information consumption and a total change from our usual way of life. What about the economic chaos and uncertainty? So, how can one stay positive during Covid-19 Pandemic lockdowns?

The Covid-19 Pandemic has changed a whole lot of things regarding our daily routines as humans, there are several questions about our preparedness and government response especially at a time this, to manage stress caused by the quick and sudden change in how we do almost everything and keeping positive during lockdown can appear almost impossible.

What harm has the pandemic caused and what would life post covid look like, will life ever return to normal? We’re beginning to learn a whole lot of new things, gathering remotely and almost everyone seems to be working from home with proper home office settings, many people have embraced distance learning and homeschooling as the best measure to ensure the safety of their kids. I am aware all these can cause a lot of stress and a large number of people are already getting worried about their mental health especially those battling unemployment at this difficult time.

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Despite this year being a trying year, the lockdown, and the economic impact caused by the dreaded virus, there a few crucial things you can do to be very optimistic about the whole stuff. Just as there are a lot of people who learned so many skills during lockdown such as; how to make hand sanitizer, how to make face mask with fabric, and other lucrative skills from home, there are also a large number of people who bitterly complain of been adversely affected. It’s normal to feel worried and have a lot of questions like “when will the Covid-19 pandemic end?”, orbiting your mind but whatsoever the case is, you will find helpful tips to boost your mood and stay positive during this period using this special guide.

7 ways to stay positive through the lockdown

May the following lockdown tips inspire you to embrace the path that will make you feel more relieved and happy during this difficult time.

1. Think about what went well

Always remember to start your day by making a list of things you’re really happy about. Despite your big plans and dreams for 2020 that were hit by the pandemic, I am pretty sure you will discover a bunch of things to be thankful for when you look at everything happening around you with a positive mindset and maintain a healthy routine.

2. Exercise daily

Exercise is a great way to increase your mental health and the feeling of positivity.

I understand it can be fun exercising in a group but since most of the gym and places for your favorite sports activities are closed, it doesn’t mean you should put a stop to keeping fit on your own especially when such sports can keep you healthy and relieved. Derive inspiration from your backyard, and make out a nice space for your favorite type of sport or consider a nature walk while maintaining social distancing.

3. Connect with others

Leverage modern conveniences such as Zoom, Facetime, and Skype to connect with others virtually whether you’re working from home or distant from family members. Different government agencies across the world are taking drastic measures to curtail the spread of coronavirus which has succeeded in discouraging us to travel to see our loved ones who are far away. Several events have also been canceled and we all have uncountably missed birthdays and other supposed ceremonies of our friends and loved ones that may attract a crowd this period. In a bid to maintain the coronavirus top rules to ensure our safety and that of our loved ones, we don’t have to miss out on all the fun hence we can embrace to engage in virtual parties.

4. Reach out to others

This is the best and right time to spread love and kindness. Reach out to people who are feeling very anxious about the coronavirus news, those it has taken a toll on their businesses, and people who feel the same way just as you. Reaching out to them can put a smile on their face, make them feel optimistic and energized. A pandemic inspired gift they will treasure forever, can make them feel more special, loved, and cherished. You will feel more fulfilled because you’re concerned with ways you can help to ease the worries and pains ravaging the society today. Your act of kindness and compassion to both the young and elderly can change the way the whole world thinks and feel about this unprecedented time.

Think about the bus drivers, health care providers, and all other essential workers who are on the frontline. Be thankful for all that they do and show support in a variety of ways that you can. By being grateful for the effort every well-meaning person is applying to make things better, you will be surrounded with a lot of optimism to understand that we are all together in this and that things will get better.

5. Stay safe online

Since the coronavirus outbreak, news about the virus, death rate and the number of recoveries, reopenings, travel ban, and quarantine has maintained a firm position at the top of the news in the US and other parts of the world. Many hoax news and media agencies are using it as an opportunity to build an audience by spreading rumors capable to cause fear and panic. Remember it is the negative news that makes the headline easily, but we care about your mental health and ways to promote your wellbeing to deal with depression and anxiety.

Stay away from negative coronavirus news if you really care about your mental health. Take news only from trusted sources, sometimes stay off social media and engage in a more relaxing hobby offline to reduce stress.

6. Have some fun

Listening to news or trying to always be the first to grab the latest coronavirus updates is highly rewarding but this can be disturbing to persons with mental health challenges. Engage in fun activities during lockdown instead of having your face stuck in every Covid-19 news.

Fortunately, many entertainment industries have offered special packages to show their support for everyone staying indoors to avoid loneliness and getting easily bored at home. You can dance to your favorite songs with your kids, enjoy Disney plus, and Netflix or surf the internet for hilarious Covid-19 memes that will make you burst into laughter and keep a smile on your face for long. A lot of things are happening right now and being happy through positive practices is the best thing everyone should consider.

7. Ask for help

It is brave to seek help when necessary. Don’t die in silence, there’s always someone you can talk to. You can get on the phone to talk with friends, family members, or a specialist and communicate how you feel. This can be all you need right now to feel alright while self-isolating.

Although many support centers for therapy are closed amidst Covid-19 lockdown, fortunately, a lot are working remotely and you can speak to an expert when having a crisis to receive professional advice on essential things to do during pandemic to stay positive.

Honestly, your understanding of what’s going on will help you always filter everything you hear or see on the screen of truth in order to cope during this difficult time. To avoid anxiety, stress, and negative impact on your mental health, disregard the spread of Covid-19 rumors, take note of these Coronavirus fraud alerts, and at least know what the coronavirus symptoms are. You may also want to take a look at a comprehensive list of questions and answers about Covid-19 on the official website of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

You’re not alone, we’re together. Share this post with everyone you care about, to inspire them to stay positive through the Covid-19 pandemic…