12 Signs Your Husband Has A Crush On Another Woman

husband interested in another women

How do you know if your husband is interested in another woman?

Is it your insecurity or has your husband begun acting a bit off? He’s no more kissing you before he leaves for work in the morning? Or has he stopped being lovey-dovey with you as usual? 

You could be suspecting your husband over the cause of your past relationship, where your partner cheated

Marriage is difficult to hold down because of the many challenges that come with it. 

 The romantic man you married who made you feel the butterflies, who often complimented you, then it stopped. And you wonder why? What had happened? 

Then you begin to realize these signs below. It is safe to say, that man has his eyes focused somewhere else, that is not you, not work but another woman. 

12 obvious signs your husband has a crush on another woman.

1. New habit:

Has he begun having a special interest in a tv show he has never watched? He just skips some certain episode to continue at the next, you will be confused about what is going on. 

He has a new music genre, he changed his hairstyle. He looks dapper than usual. The truth is that his newfound likeness of these things is a result of a new person in his life. And you’re sure he didn’t make a new male friend. 

He has a new woman he has a crush on, and anything new is always fascinating.

2. Less romantic:

He becomes Less romantic, shows no affection. He doesn’t try to kiss you, hug you, or cuddle at night. He isn’t giving you full attention. A man who hasn’t started cheating yet, but has his mind on someone else, loses interest in his wife.

Because his mind is occupied by someone outside. He doesn’t kiss you, take you on dates. When you two are in the house, it’s like you’re not together. 

You are trying hard to make it work because you feel he might be losing interest in you. But he is acting nonchalant as though he isn’t seeing your marriage drifting apart. 

When he isn’t being romantic with you anymore, he is doing it for someone else.

3. Comparison sets in: 

Comparison sets in. He now questions your fashion, often giving an example of a certain person who you don’t know. 

He begins to compare your motherly care to someone else, this is because he has seen another woman who he believes is doing everything better than you.

4. Regular absence:

Does he spend an extended time outside your home? He had recently begun staying out late, and all he has to tell you is that work has him busy. 

He might be a go-getter, and that will explain his late-night arrivals, but a man who loves his wife and doesn’t want to create a wrong narrative of his movement, would explain to his spouse about the situation and let her understand.

But if he’s one who gives you a harsh response on his behavior, letting you have dinner alone which you two never had missed having together. He wakes up in the morning and leaves early, only to return late at night when you’ve gone to bed. His reason is that he is avoiding you, and doesn’t want to spend time with you. And also avoid questioning. Does he feign tiredness when you resort to questioning him about his late-night habit? 

He is having a good time outside.

5. He becomes attentive: 

He begins to spend more time with you. Listening to you, buying you gifts out of the blues. He begins to do house chores which you would do. He often sends you texts and calls you. 

He could be trying to hold the marriage strongly by turning to a new leaf or want to please you for misbehaving in the past. 

Or he could be feeling guilty and wants to distract you from noticing what he has going on. 

If your husband is not known for this behavior, then you’re right to suspect him.

6. Skittish: 

He is now skittish around you, acting nervously. He becomes jumpy anytime you talk or walk into him using his phone. 

He became edgy and defensive, when you ask what has gotten into him, or what was wrong with him, he simply calls you paranoid for thinking something was amiss. 

7. Highly sensitive:

He didn’t just become only edgy and defensive, he comes off as being sensitive to a lot of other things. 

He engages in an argument with you, which is so unlike him. But because you’ve begun questioning his behavior, he turns it all around on you and blames you for not being a good wife. There seem to be more wrong things about you than there are right things about you. 

He is emotionally frustrated because he knows what he is doing is wrong and at the same time wouldn’t want to stop and he is scared of you finding out. And so he becomes highly sensitive to everything.

8. Phone cautiousness: 

His phone becomes more personal. He now often holds it close to him, rather than keeping it on the bed, or carelessly laying it on the couch as he would do before. He wouldn’t allow you to take a selfie anymore with his phone. He now has a problem with you touching his phone. He jumps when your hand absent-mindedly brushes on his phone.

He has something hidden from you, he does not want you to see. It could be that he is being cautious of his texts and calls, or maybe an incoming message which you would see and dissect the whole new behavior of his.

You must have had enough and decided to check on his phone but only to find that he had cleared his call history and his messages. Now you know if he had nothing to hide, why would he delete them?

9. Question your loyalty: 

You will wonder why he would do this, but guilt makes him begin questioning your loyalty. 

This is because he knows what he is doing, and he feels you might be doing the same to him.

Once he knows he has betrayed you, he starts to manipulate the situation, blaming you for what he’s guilty of. This is just his technique to feel relieved. Because when he believes you’re doing the same it makes him feel better. 

Most times, he does still be in love with you, but the idea of you being with someone else or doing the same thing as him. Upsets him and so he blames you for not being loyal.

10. He ignores calls in your presence: 

Now, why would he do that? taking calls out of your presence, telling you it’s work. 

I do not believe that. As long as you’re not playing a club song, or banging on the tables. He should take the call right in your presence. 

11. Lies more of working: 

Dishonesty has never been ok. 

He surprisingly tells you that an emergency came up at work. He runs out of the house and stays out late for hours.

He didn’t tell you the truth.

12. Avoids intimacy with you: 

Lack of physical intimacy causes the loss of sexual passions in your marriage. For a marriage to survive, it needs intimacy. 

But now your husband gives you less interest when it comes to lovemaking. If he knows he is breaking his marriage, he will be afraid to let it happen. But if he isn’t, that would be because there’s another woman who has his interest. 

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