Is it bad for him to go to strip club, why do guys in a relationship go to clubs? These and more are part of the several questions we receive in the inbox particularly “what to do when your boyfriend goes to a bachelor party“.

Just as some ladies are worried about what to wear to a strip bar, some other women, are worried about their men who go to strip club.

I have had my fair share spending some time with teammates at the strip club, and this perhaps presents me in the right position and knowledge to say when it okay for a married man to go to a strip club.

Most of my teammates are married men who like going to strip clubs in California for buffet lunches, and I before now thought they do a lot of dirty things at the strip club and I didn’t feel OKAY about it. Uh! It was just my thoughts, I later joined them to a few other strip clubs in California only to find out they behave themselves and its fun to chill at the stripe club.

However, on this post, I’m not here to argue whether it is right for a married man or a man who’s in a committed relationship to go to strip clubs. I’m here to pinpoint major reasons why married men go to strip clubs.

Why do men love strip clubs?

It is not just only married men who go to strip clubs, even other men in a committed relationship still go to strip clubs and here’s why?

1. For the fun of it

I know some people will argue with me that men who often go to the strip club or attend a private dance, don’t do it JUST FOR FUN, they could be other ulterior motives.

Often, men who go to strip clubs and see pretty women (strippers), keep their hands to themselves (which the clubs usually make them) and save their lust for their women at home.

Thinking too much about a married man going to strip club to cheat, causes a lot of stress, most times, it is usually the opposite of your thought. Until proven otherwise, my husband can attend strip clubs and I don’t have problems with it, this is more of the things I worry less about. Although he does that seldom and I’m always aware of it, he tells me when he wants to go to strip clubs and wants to know if I’m free to join him.

2. Boredom

Men get bored too, most married men after the day-long work gets home and wants a more lively moment. If they couldn’t find it, they move to strip clubs and send boredom to hell.

It’s usually amusing to men to listen to the top ten albums and watch uncovered ladies dance as neon lights splashes on them and the reflections from the pole while they sip their favourite liquor.

He might get a lap dance too if he’s interested. Although there are several cases of divorce over lap dance, it is often better to know what your partner is comfortable or not comfortable with and respect it. Is lap dance cheating to her? Find out how your significant other feels about this and respect it. No matter what could be said in praise of lap dance, it is pertinent to note that it could have a break up over lap dance. If strip club is something you must attend, knowing the kind of woman you have, try keeping your hands to yourself and watch not lustfully. This will probably help protect your marriage/relationship from a horrific crash.

3. Overthinking

When a man is undergoing some stress at work or in his marriage, he sorts to engage in activities that could help him ease tensions and think less about things that could leave him worried all the time, strip clubbing could be of help to him… his mind speaks. He doesn’t want to lay in thoughts of problems without solutions at reach that he could always adjust his tie and think until he feels like his head will explode.

Just as some other married men find interest on activities like; playing of football, going to the gym or playing virtual reality games to reduce tension in men, so do other married persons develop an interest for going to the strip club, watch acrobatic strippers display and enjoy their favourite drinks at the strip bar.

4. Men and their imaginations to go wild

Some of the men who are pleased going to the strip club, want to have their fantasies fulfilled. Their imaginations are hungry to feed their thoughts, it could be that they want to sit and watch two women make out, get close to the pole or have one or more ladies minding their laps on him. What’s it like receiving a hot lap dance from a lady at the strip club? It is true that a man’s wife can do that but most times, men would love to place some limits if they’re with their wives and would feel free to get weird at the stripe club when it’s all about the other ladies. If they’re interested in a lap dance, they don’t mind the cost hence they have got some cash to throw.

5. Craving for more

Most men complain they don’t get enough from their wives and don’t want her to appear like a sex doll, such men can’t resist the exotic imbue of temptress in their acrobatic expressions. It is always a thing they will never find elsewhere, the strip clubs have it all and sometimes men who frequent strip club could do a lot of dirty things in the private room. Sex isn’t an exception here, you can’t just tell what the outcome of the sexy display will be on him.

Questions and answers about men who go to strip clubs

Should my husband be allowed to go to the strip clubs?

Honestly, the best answer to this question comes from you. Will you be happy to see him get wowed when other ladies twerk on the stage or make approaches to give him a lap dance in the club? Even if none of these happens, and you’re just comfortable your husband will be well behaved at the club, then there’s nothing to worry about.

Is it okay for a man in a committed relationship to go to a strip club?

There’s no rule or law that says a man can’t go spend his hard-earned money at the clad of a strange temptress.

Only if your wife or girlfriend is comfortable with it. If she doesn’t want you to go out there and watch the sexiness of strip clubs, respect her for that and engage in other interesting activities that won’t break your relationship with her.

How much does a lap dance cost in strip clubs?

An average lap dance cost $20 up and $50 in VIP rooms, usually depending on the type of strip club and the location. For example, a lap dance cost in Vegas is a minimum of $20 and can cost up to $400 for a bottle of champagne and one hour with a dancer, according to

You could be wondering what’s keeping him long from coming home, he came back and told you how amazing the lap dance was at the club but you ain’t really worried about that, you want to know if he had spent some money for that or he got free lap dance at the strip club? That’s actually what most men are likely to spend on minimum when they receive a lap dance.

In summary

If you have a clear understanding of why men love strip clubs, you would have less or more problems with your man. A no or lesser problem when you trust your man and knows his capabilities, more problems could be when you feel he’s getting along with other women.

As a man, you wouldn’t want to break your relationship or make your woman get so jealous over a $20 pleasure. If she’s not comfortable with it, then see how to fix it. Some women would be more comfortable going with you so you don’t misbehave lol, while some won’t want you near the club. They don’t just want to take chances, and it’s pertinent to understand and respect them for that.

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