11 Types of Kisses On Different Body Parts And Their Meanings

What kisses on every part of the body means

Kissing is an act that is universally accepted as a formal display of politeness for strangers, as a display of care between family and friends or as an act of intimacy between a couple. The types of kisses and their meaning is a topic most people, especially couples, feel they are very knowledgeable about. However, it is good that you know what kisses in different places mean so that you don’t go around kissing people in places that pass the wrong message.

Also, the knowledge of what a kiss on any body part signifies will let you know what your partner or anybody that kisses you is trying to tell you. For most women, especially those that are in a relationship, the most intimate action to take with their partner is the act of kissing, unlike some men who think that kissing and foreplay as a whole is a ploy by women to elongate the act of coupling.

Of course, kissing is not restricted to only couples or people who have a thing going on for them. It may be shared between family, friends, or even strangers. Now, before you ask me why you should kiss your mum or a stranger, read through this article, you will discover that the part of the body where a kiss I placed can determine who can kiss you and who cannot.

Let’s begin.

What are the different types of kisses and their meanings?

To upgrade your relationship status with people around you, and to be able to know how to kiss well, you seriously need to understand the types of kisses, what they are called, and know what every kiss on any part of your body means.

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1. A kiss on the fingers

A kiss on the fingers can be shared between friends and a couple. It is a sign that the kisser cares about the person that receives the kiss. Between lovers, a kiss on the fingers can be taken as a little gesture that signifies love.

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2. A kiss on the cheek

A kiss on the cheek can either be an air kiss or a kiss where contact is made with the cheek. Both of the two types of kisses on the cheek can be exchanged between family and friends as a form of greeting. The sound “mwah” may be made while exchanging a kiss on the cheek. It can be exchanged as a hello or goodbye kiss and, in some traditions, can be exchanged with a stranger on the first meeting or introduction. So, when you are kissed on the cheek by a stranger, do not panic or feel harassed, it may just be his/her traditional greeting.

3. A kiss on the nose

A kiss on the nose is not commonly heard of, but it still exists. A kiss on the nose is usually exchanged by a couple, although it doesn’t signify that the kisser wants to initiate intimacy, it is given to show love and care. A kiss on the nose can be counted as one of the little gestures that scream, “awwww, you’re so cute, and I love you for that.” When given, a kiss on the nose helps to reaffirm love and dedication to one’s partner so, if you haven’t tried kissing your partner on the nose, spice up your relationship by kissing him/her on the nose.

4. A kiss on the lips:

A kiss on the lips can be divided into a single lip kiss and a French kiss.

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5. Single lip kiss

A single lip kiss is shared between couples. Here one party kisses his/her partner’s upper lip while the other party kisses his/her partner’s lower lip. It is usually done before or during foreplay.

6. French kiss

This is the typical open-mouthed kiss that is shared between a couple. While exchanging a French kiss, the tongue is involved. It is usually known as the most intimate kiss because it heightens sexual tension between a couple. It is advised not to French kiss with your partner in public, it might feel right to the parties involved, but it is not appealing to a stranger or a passerby. Don’t forget that a child might be in the vicinity; we wouldn’t want to mislead them, would we?

5. A kiss on the forehead

A kiss on the forehead is one of the most famous kisses with over 30,000 tags on the most popular social media platform, Instagram. It is a kiss that doesn’t depict any form of intimacy, yet can be shared by a couple or people who are attracted to each other. It shows care, love, and dedication.

It is one of the kisses that a parent can give to his/her child, as a goodbye kiss, a good luck kiss, or a kiss on a special occasion. Therefore, if a friend kisses you on your forehead, then you are more than a friend to him. Never give a forehead kiss to just anyone; you might be passing the wrong information.

6. A kiss on the neck

A kiss on the neck is advised to be saved for one’s partner or for someone you share a deep level of relationship with. It simply means I want you now. The neck is a very sensitive part of the body, especially for a woman. And when a woman is kissed on the neck it makes her very excited.

Therefore, if you want your woman to be on cloud nine before or during intercourse, then you should give her kisses on the neck. On the other hand, if you’re given a kiss on the neck by someone whom you aren’t intimate with or someone whom you have no sexual intentions for, then you should keep your distance, and if he/she continues, call the authority.

7. A kiss on the back

A kiss on the back is similar in purpose with a kiss on the neck and a French kiss on the mouth. The back is a private party of the body; therefore, before someone can kiss you on the back, you must have gone past the introduction stage of intercourse. A kiss on the back is given to heat up the moment and yields the maximum result in a woman.

For partners who are having their first intimacy, a kiss on the back can be the kisser’s way of asking his/her partner for consent to continue with coupling. Therefore, if you are in the middle of intimacy and your partner kisses your back, this is the point where you indicate to your partner to continue, to restrict it to the top or to stop it entirely

8. A kiss on the jaw

A kiss on the jaw can also be called the playful kiss. It is usually shared between a couple. It signifies playfulness and can be used to lighten the tension. It is not usually issued as a sign of intimacy, but who knows, something may lead to another. A kiss on the jaw, when given, creates a calm feeling between a couple. Therefore, if your partner or spouse is feeling tensed up, you could give him kisses on the jaw to ease his/her tension, you can add a nibble if you like. It will surely make him/her laugh.

9. A kiss on the ears or earlobe

The ear and the earlobe are connected to the neck, which has a lot of nerves. Therefore a kiss on the ears and the earlobe is classified under kisses that give off the need for intimacy. It is a part of foreplay that women enjoy because it turns them on.

Usually, it tickles when one breathes near the ear. It becomes exhilaration when a partner talks huskily very close to the ear. It causes goosebumps all over the body, thereby making the body to be overly sensitive. A kiss in the ear or earlobe may involve the tongue and the teeth.

Many women have confessed how exhilarating they feel when the tongue and teeth are included when their ears and earlobe is kissed. You can try it out with your partner.

10. A kiss on the hand

A kiss on the hand is a kiss whose intent is on formality. A kiss on the hand is not out of affection and should not be taken as a signal that the kisser wants intimacy. It can be likened to a kiss on the cheek and can be exchanged between strangers on their first meeting.

In some traditions, a kiss on the hand is a sign of greeting. Therefore, do not panic or feel assaulted when you are kissed on the hand by someone who you don’t share any level of intimacy with. Of course, a kiss on the hand can be shared between couples when they are in a formal gathering.

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11. A kiss on the head or a kiss on the hair

A kiss on the head or the hair is usually given to toddlers or children. Like a kiss on the forehead, it can be used to show that the person who is being kissed is cute or did something the kisser likes. It doesn’t have any intimacy attachment to it and it is not usually shared by a couple. It, however, shows tenderness and helps to build trust.

I’m sure that if you read this article thoroughly, you would now be able to differentiate when you are kissed as a sign of intimacy or as a sign or formality or politeness.

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