5 Amazing Benefits Of Kissing According To Science

benefits of kissing

Has the passion for kissing in your relationship dwindled? Is there more of a “soul kiss” than the actual kiss?

Has the light of your relationship decreased because of little or fewer kisses? Hey dear, it is time to get the spark burning again…

There are numerous emotional, mental, and physical benefits of kissing which I will unveil in this brief kissing guide.

Health benefits of kissing.

Are there any benefits from kissing? How do your health, emotion, and your being, benefit from the act of kissing? Here are the numerous benefits of kissing.

1. It reduces stress hormones secretion.

During kissing the body produced chemicals that released from the brain to the body making us feel good and happy. These hormones are otherwise called the happy hormones.

The chemical “oxytocin” is called the happy hormone to help in the reduction of stress and enables the feeling of intimacy and bonding in the relationship.

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2. It helps builds the feeling of self-worth.

The production of the cortisol hormone tends to decrease as more kisses happen in the relationship hence increasing and improving the feeling of self-worth within you.

3. It reduces the blood pressure of the individual.

Kissing lowers the blood pressure of an individual due to the dilation of the blood vessel.

The blood vessel has been the number one cause of high blood pressure getting dilated when the couples are involved in kissing hence it is good for heart health.

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4.  It boosts your libido.

The French kiss has often been know as a romantic kiss which often leads is the driving force for an increase in the sex drive of a woman or man. The longer the kiss goes the more the sex hormones are released into the body.

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5.  It helps boost the immune system

During a kiss there is an introduction of a similar colony of bacteria that lives in you and your partner’s body.

However, it makes you strengthened by the new and the same microorganism that can strengthen your immune system.

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Frequently asked questions about the importance of kissing

Many questions are associated with kissing they include:

Is kissing learned or natural? 

This is one of the confusing questions that is asked by literally everyone.

Kisses are hardly learned it is something that comes naturally to the individual especially during an intimate moment.it sprouts out of its own will.

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Why do we kiss on the lips?

Kissing on the lips has been a great way of building sexual intimacy and tension which is possible because it is most times the driving force for a woman or man to have sex.

Does kissing reduce pimples?

Frequently Kissing has been established as one way of reducing stress which is very effective as one of the causes of acne is stress. 

It does kill stress by the mechanism of planting a French kiss on the lips which is quite soothing and a great relaxation method.

Is kissing everyday healthy?

According to a UK-based dentist,” the brush of the lips around your partner’s mouth causes a reasonable increase in the production of the saliva’’. 

The saliva is a fluid that keeps the mouth teeth and gums moisturized hence washing off bacteria from the tooth canal and reducing pathogenic buildup.

Are there any side effects of kissing?

There are so many romantic attachments to kissing. The transmission of germs are often and easily done during French kiss,

These germs are pathogenic causing cold sore and tooth decay. Kissing is a small act but poses a lot of significant risk to your health.

What are the hormones responsible for kissing?

There is a biochemical reaction in the brain caused by kissing. It is often fired up by these hormones called “oxytocin”.

It is often referred to as love or desire hormone because of the deep affection and attachment it brings between two partners. It is responsible for the bonding capabilities of lovers

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In conclusion

Kissing is the good and sweet feeling that helps not only in our mental and emotional maturity.

It also helps in our health functioning capabilities through more strength to bonding and cleaving us to our spouse.

The intimacy and sexual build-up can only be gotten through the kissing especially when mastered well.

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